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#1 Posted by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -

Right, right, I know that it looks like just like I bitch about every idea and I really don't want to apologize for it again. I'll make the thing more specific instead.

I'm looking for a game in which people make small servers for small amounts of players and on these play together. It can't be uber-tedious MMO, in which doing anything takes years. I can't use voice chat and I really would preffer it to be more legit than a game like Roblox / Garry's Mod.

I don't know. Maybe there's some single-player-centered game with multiplayer that functions like that? There must be.

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#2 Posted by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -


Garry's Mod doesn't have any basic game mode from what I know. It's either about matches or playing random, meh-quality maps made by people.

And to be honest - I have a friend that plays MMO game and I'm trying to play it too but I just feel like an animal in cage. Limitations are everywhere, for everything you need max level that takes months to grind with boring "Collect 25 items from enemy corpses" quests, accomplishing one, seemingly easy and simple task likes to take about 6 hours and carries nearly no reward, you are very often stuck with wrong choices that you have made for the rest of the infinite game without possibility to correct them and it just takes all of your customization away. You are stuck with painfully ugly gear for weeks when everywhere you see level 999 players with shiny cr*ap on them and flaming swords and s*it. You have killed thousands of foes but new shirt is too expensive for you.

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#3 Edited by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -


Hey, easy. I don't want to be rude or ungrateful. I appreciate the suggestion. But there are still two things:

1 - Getting the game and things needed for it to work will be a pain in ***

2 - Even if it'll somehow work perfectly - I'm 16 years old and I'm from Poland. If you think that people will understand my bitchy, somewhat-English voice - I dare to say that you're mistaken. And avoiding conversations is not what I want to do since I want to play with someone, not alone.

edit: Sorry, didn't see the mention Roblox. From what I know - it's basically overrun by kids and centered for generally younger audience. I usually make friends with people older than me and have rather adult sense of humor. Not that I ever tried it but I doubt that I would enjoy it in any way other than making fun out of other players.

I have heard of "Second Life" and it's basically advertising itself everywhere but that seems to be more like some sort of somewhat-cringy-social-media than a game. But I can't say that I wasn't thinking about trying it. Not too hard though.

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#4 Posted by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -


I would have to uninstall my OS, buy Windows 10, install windows 10, buy game for over 25 dollars and it still has probability of not working.

I would pass on that one, really. Also a lot of people seems to be consistent about this game being buggy, lacking content and having pretty much every modern game problem ever. I also don't like the idea of voice chat. I strongly prefer typing.

I know that this might seem just like the game that I'm looking for but buying that just seems to be a giant risk for me. I wouldn't believe if you would say that this is the only game that meets my preferences. There must be something else.

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#8 Edited by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -


I can try that but it's very expensive and while I as I mentioned that I have good specs - release date of 2018 kinda scares me.

I would aim into lower-quality games but as I said - I can try it. It's just a bit risky and I'm not used to paying much for games too.

PS - Sorry for response mess, something weird happened to my internet and I thought that it didn't make any.

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#9 Posted by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -


I'm not really into strategies. I was thinking of something more like sandbox or rpg maybe.

Also - I maybe shouldn't say anything because I don't know this game at all but it seems very MMO from what I see when I browse for it right now.

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#10 Posted by LollipopofFury (19 posts) -

I'm rather asocial person and it's a good change for me if once in an eternity I have someone to talk with. Even if it's only a video game.

Sure, there are lots of MMO-s or match-based games like CS-GO or League that I could play but that's not quite, what I look for.

MMORPG-s have the habit of throwing really slow leveling at player + the fact that they are designed for big amounts of people makes them very limited in content and very, very repetitive. Also the big community itself makes them actually more separated than united. Everyone sorta' treats others like random npc-s. Games of this type tend to frequently take most of customization from you or make it only for high-level players or even better - you must pay for every little s*it that changes your look in any way while starter gear looks like some sort of sick porn-related fetish suit.

Match-based games simply aren't my type. I hate every form of rivalry, especially the one with teams and stuff just because it just stresses me out way too much. Also - the connection between players is more about winning the game and picking right strategy than normal, loose talk.

I'm looking for something similar to how you play on these small Minecraft servers with average of like 6 people at once. You just find someone that wants to talk to you and you just play calmly doing relaxing stuff and talk about random things in meantime. Limitations like level or game being made for tremendous amounts of players just don't get in the way, chat is rather clear and people care more about playing than achieving something or competing with someone.

After Minecraft's last update - game became just literally unplayable on my PC no matter how I tweak it. That's kind of weird because I have quite good laptop and it was very fluid with lots of shaders last time but now it just doesn't work and I'm already sick of trying to fix it.

I was trying to find games alike but it's very hard to describe in few tags, what am I looking for and that's why I decided to post this topic here. I have rather good specs as I mentioned and I have no problems with playing old games with graphics that some people describe as "Absolutely awful".

If you know any, even the game that is overally very bad and hard to enjoy but has described treats, please, tell me about it anyway. Thanks for any information or search!!

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