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Final Fantasy XIII-2

I am a huge FF fan, and I was kinda impressed they showed up a sequel to FFXIII.

The battle system in this game was way too criticized, I personally didn't had problems with it, I found it ok, but I wouldn't make a sequel without changing the battle system. We've seen in the e3 trailer that they broke that linear storyline, I have to admit that I missed the exploring factor so much,and the new game actually looks nice, but for a formal opinion I have to play it myself.

One of the great factors in FF games was always the story: there's always a lesson and the stories are wonderful.

The main characters are also a big factor: they always try to make them the more heroic. Just like the famous Cloud and Tidus, the hero in FFXIII was Lightning and I loved her :D but this time the main character in XIII-2 is Serah and a new guy called Noel( didn't like him at all ¬¬) but this time we've got some serious additions to the storyline such as Serah does not know that Lightning is dead ( but she actually isn't)(or is she?) and Atlas is back.

How is this games story gonna be? Is Lighting dead? WTF is Noel's pot in the game? Please leave me your opinion in the comments :)

PlayStation Vita

Man just can't wait for this little guy to come out! It's just so amazing, and there are a buch of great games that might come out for it , such as Final Fantasy, Uncharted(already annouced)Little Big Planet( annouced) Street Fighter(looking forward for a fighting game like this one) Need For Speed,Bioshock,God Of War( looking forward too),Kingdom Hearts( the continuation to BBS),Ratchet and Clack,Assasin's Creed and a online multiplayer one such as Monster Hunter or Call of Duty.

I wonder how the new SIXAXIS technology, the touch screen and back touch pad, and the dual analog sticks will change the way we play, and the games will surely inovate and I hope they'll inovate in a positive way

*Ps: Getting the console as soon as I can :D:D:D:D:D)

Zelda Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is a game that no one can miss. I've seen lots of demos of this game, it'll be awesome with great artwork, game play ( with the motion plus) and a great story. I hope this game will bring a happy ending to the wii :)

Wii U

At this years e3 Nintendo really pushed off my limits with the wiiU.Well, I have to say that I hated the name, but it seems to be a really nice console, the wii lacked HD graphics, and the classic kind of play that hardcore gamers really enjoy,and now, the wiiU got graphics and a classic/modern gameplay.And now that tird party developers are supporting the console there are so many great games to come, its clear for me that the wiiU will be even more successful than the wii ;)

Monster Hunter Tri

This game is just awesome. Monster Hunter Tri is the firt game in the Monster Hunter series I've ever played and its just incredible. With very well detailed graphics, and outstanding online multiplayer it will easily get you addicted, the only downside is the single player story, wich basicaly shows nothing but a village wich is hit by an earthquake. But the story won't really bother , its just an excuse for going out there and destroying the enviroment's fauna. Monster Hunter Tri is a really fun for all day long and you'll fall for it. Highly recommend.