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I like it. Stick w/ what works. Get her playing Golden Eye and then move on to other FPS...

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Split screen PvP in Tetris can warm a lot of people up to the idea of gaming. She probably already knows how to play Tetris. She probably thinks she's better at it than you... Not sure what the PS3/4 options are for it but worth a try.

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The one thing you will find on video game forums is a lot of people seem to think they are the old person of the group... The average age of a gamer is 31. Being an adult and playing video games is not weird. I'm 34 and probably half my friends game. Of those who don't, it seems like a lot of them wish they still did. Games, in my opinion, have more to offer me than any other means of entertainment and I plan to continue playing as long as I can.

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I'm on the upper end of this age range, married, own my home, the whole bit. I imagine I play about ten hours per week, including a good couple 2-3 hr sessions in where i can really immerse myself. I play all sorts of different things but feel like most of my gaming has been alternating between big, open world games (Witcher 3, Fallout 4) with a couple indie titles in between to break things up. Last year I sunk some serious time into Rocket League and DayZ as well, playing online with friends. Biggest difference between how I game now and how I used to is now I tend to stick to one game at a time much more so than I used to.

I've been able to make a good amount of time for gaming as of late but when time gets tighter, handhelds help me get some more playtime. I have a lot of friends who are like, "Oh, I wish I had time to game..." and I tell them all to go out and get a 3DS because it makes it super easy to get a half hour of gaming in here or there when you are waiting for the laundry to finish or whatever.

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GBA is my favorite console so I could go on but, here are a few must plays:

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong - My favorite Mario game ever. Great combination of puzzle solving and platforming.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - Never played the first one but this is an awesome strategy RPG.

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Just about as good as any of the top down Zelda games. This one is definitely the best for GBA and, yes, I include the A Link to the Past remake.

Klonoa / Klonoa 2 - Another great couple of puzzle platformers. I actually like these much better than the ones for PlayStation.

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The first console I ever got was a NES and I still have it. Never play it and it only kinda works, to be honest. Earliest system still in very good working condition is an original pea-green Game boy. Oldest system I play w/ any regularity is a GBA.

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Yep, GBA SP is the best. Backlit ones preferred. You can tell which ones are backlit by the color. They are both smaller and more portable and have a better screen w/o being much more expensive. Plus you can play GBA games, of course.

Of the original GB/GBC models, I guess I would go w/ GBC just because there are more games and it's smaller. I prefer the weird green screen of the original Game Boy for Game Boy games but it comes at the compromise of being significantly larger and needing more batteries. For either, if you are taking a bus to school while it's still dark out, you will need to get a worm light or something to play as the screens generate no light on their own.

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What I love about 3DS and handhelds generally these days is how easy it is to start and stop gaming. Just snap the lid closed, can be in the middle of cut scene or boss battle. No big deal.

Anyway, you've already got two of my favorite titles. For straight RPGs I might also suggest Xenogears 3D. It's kind of an epic/slow paced game but I have been digging it. As far as more strategy oriented titles, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is a solid game and probably dirt cheap right now. You should also check out the SMT: Devil Survivor games which are more SRPGs, like Fire Emblem. There is also the other SMT and Atlus RPGs. My favorites have been Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennial Girl.

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@Renegade_Fury said:

I think playing Diablo on the PC was my first real online experience, but I honestly don't remember.

This for me too. Well, that or Starcraft. Can't remember what I bought/played first but I played enormous amounts of both.

First console was 3DS. Just really didn't have much interest in online gaming for a long time.

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I just bought this Dell:


I am happy with it for eight hundred bucks but have only had it for a week or so. It's got a decent SSD, discreet graphics and a decent processor which is about all you can hope for in the price range. There's space for an extra HDD/SSD and more RAM if you want to upgrade later. Only game I've been running is Rocket League and I can max that for what it's worth. Nvidia provides settings for the Witcher 3 on the 960M so I am assuming you can run it in some fashion but naturally there will be some compromises. I am seeing you tube videos of people getting 20-30 fps so not great but you can probably drop some settings to get it to stay up above 30 at least.