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when will kratos return??

hey everyone, like a lot of you think " when will kratos return with his newest adventure on the ps3.

I myself can't wait for the release of god of war 3.

for those of you who didn't buy gow 2 but want to play gow 3 here I have the ending of gow 2


this is also a part of the beginning(the video above) of god of war 3.

the next video is a kind of "trailer" for god of war 3


the next one is a music video of gow 2.


this was it, and by the way does anybody know when the release date is of gow 3??

this was all.

check this

hey everyone its me again

this time I posted some videos of some of my best games!!

the first video is one of the best platform games there is.

the song is last resort and the game is jak X


this on is god of war with the song breakdown


the next one is devil may cry with blow my away


this was all, hope you injoyed8)

my wish list

this is my top 10 favourite of games for the ps3 that I still wish to ad to my collection.

the first one is my favourite for almost a year!!

this is my list8)

1. God of war 3 (kratos will return)

2. burst limit (I love DBZ)

3. Tom clancy's Endwar

4. Haze

5. Devil may cry 4

6. Tom clancy's H.A.W.X.

7. Rise of the Agronauts

8. This is vegas

9.killzone 2

10. resistance 2

this was the list :P

what is your age??

yesterday I was wondering how old much of the user are on gamespot.

than I decide to ask you in this blog, so if you want to tell it. Just comment.

I myself am 16 years old so I'm in the 4the grade in Belgium :P

feel free to comment 8)

lvl 12!!

finally lvl 12!!

it toke some time to reach this lvl

next goal is lvl 13


PS3 'the best'

I have nothing against the another consoles. I just think that the PS3 is the best.

The graphics are better than does of 360 and the wii. But that doesn't means there bad.

The PS3 has the most exclusive games(GOW, uncharted, DMC). The games on the PS3 have for the moment no limit but on the 360 it takes 80 or 90% of the harddrive.

The wii is great if you play with more people but the single player needs some work.

But the conclusion is that al consoles has there best games.

PS3: army of two, uncharted, GOW,...8)

Xbox 360: halo 3, gears of war,...:D

wii: mariokart wii, wii sports,...:)

What do you think??

over 50 friends!!!

I have 52 friends!!

now I have the icon of 'popular'8)

I do have a question, why is the icon of 'popular' represented with 3 butterfly's

that's all for now8)

finally its mine!!!

today I finally got GTA4:)

After two weeks looking for the game at last I got it.

In the last two weeks I went to 5 different shops but couldn't find it.

but now I can enter Liberty city8)


which PS3 game is the best?

Hey its my again

I want your opinion which game you like best on the ps3:question:

I loved playing uncharted and burnout paradise;)

But I have so high expectation for GTA 4, haze, burst limit and so much more

Can anyone tell my which game I also should ad to my collection8)

oke until next time.

level 10!!! phoenix down

ya oke this is my next blog

I finally a level 10 PHOENIX DOWN!!!8)

now I can finally say that I am now longer a newbie on gamespot;)

because I am a level 10 now I can upload videos:)

oke until next time

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