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Hello Rapczak,

I would like to say I enjoy the game you brought to us and can't wait to see more of your content.

About my concerns for ark, I have always wondered if there are any plans to get private games more improved to allow futher player distances instead of being close to the host?

Little history, I have been playing with friends for a long time in multiplayer pvp servers on xbox, but friends of mine find it exhausting worrying about being raided day after day keeping us playing the game for hours on end. After complete annoyance from this issue, we decided to transition to pve severs but were only annoyed to see pillars across miles of land, allowing no base building. This is where we decided to do private, but we were even more annoyed to know we had to keep at a close distance to the host at all times.

I would love to see more improvements to private games to allow bigger player bases and futher base building at futher distances.