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Chillpill U Left Me Up

Pass Day I Didn't Felt Good I Was Kinda Down 2 Day Play Some Brawl With A Friend We Went 2 Ur Stage Brilliant Btw I Didn't Thought I Nothing Bad Till We Got Stuck Lmfao Thxs

The Return

.....It Back I've Made It

Another Month Goes by Hopes This Month Goes Good

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WTF Wtf *Update*

2 Day I Went Online Sorta When I Check My Friends List More Than Half I Dont Know Who It Like Who The Hell Is R(is It Rrr3 Or Something) I'm Tell U The Rest Later Update Mario-Who Would Call Them Selfs That>_> Kband-Dont Get Me Started Sgc-Is This A Codename Wwant-I Think Is Fullmetal Dman-:lol: Sure Twink-Funny

Finallly..............It Over And The Great Eagle

....................It Over I'm So Happy

2 Day I WWent On Line with my Two Friends Cuz We Wanted 2 Face Some 1 :lol: Funny Thing It Turns Out Some 1 Join But I Didnt notice Who It Was But I knew It Was Some 1 From Gs So I had 2 Fight Extra Hard First Match We FIght In Snake Place No Mrtal Gear Still havent Came Out 0-100 (how Many times We Played That Stage) Anyways My I Was Lucario My Friend Was Snake And MetalKnight And The Other Person Was Ike Didnt Know Who It Was We Played Stock 10 Lives All Items Kinda laggy Fun Tho Snake Came In Last:lol: Then Ike Afther That Me And My Friend Was Playing Around LOL But I End Up Winning Him Next Round 2 We Played In Links Stage With The Falling Middle Part LOL My Friend Got Stuck Under There :lol:AnyWays I Stayed With Lucario Carlos Stayed With snake Yadir Change 2 Sonic(he Got Stuck) Unknown Person Change 2 falco This Time They faught Harder Got The Smash Ball Like4-5 Times Idk It End Up Me And Falco Fighting 2 The Very End I Had 3 Lives Falco Had 1 Then He Just Kill Me But Then I Came Back And Won Yea But We Had 2 Leave Online My Brother Wanted 2 Play 2 So We Left :P He Comes The Crazy Part The Person I Fight Was[spoiler] Soaring Eagle Cuz I Came On Gs She Told Me She Is My Greatest Rival Cuz When I Usually Play With My Friends I Still Stay With Like 7 Lives And That match I WEnt All The Way Down 2 Three She My greatest Rival And Her Brother played There Good Ya Should Play Her [/spoiler]

Enough Is Enough

I'm Boread With 2 Mins Online In Fighting Anyone Dum Runawayers Great Job Here I Wish I Can Customize It My Smash Number Anyways5327 0593 2980 Sorry Soaring I Havent Fight U Yet I'm Try Later


Brawl Awesome,My custom Stage I Cant Use online

My Stage Is Kinda Good Lots Of Spikes :twisted: Tryed Out My Self Best Part R The Fools Who Jump 2 Get TheSmash Ball Stright 4 The spikes SweetI Wish I Can Play Em Online And It A Drag I Cant Play Co-op With My Peeps Fighting Anyone

Happy brawling

Gone................ Answers

1- Neo_ike IkeIKEkimimaro fighting narutoNaruto Fighting Itachi

2- SoaringEagle88 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
3-Major_SnakeVsWiitendo64VsRegiNightmareVs Me Solid Snake kills MarioFighting KirbyMarth FS Yeah!!!brawl
4- nintendofreak_2 fightanime fightfight
5- bak1234567890 fight!!FF FightsoccerSLASH

If Wanna Know What I'm Taling About Just Ask Away FTW

Here Sum Aninmation I Want Ya 2 Rate


Disappearance Brawl 9.5 Gamespot

..............Fading Away FTW

6- RHF123 Cloud Fightinglucasloser Great Leader Lets Me Put Up Pixs But Not 2 The Extrme Thxs

7- NK_Nighthawk Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAnime My Number 1 Victim In The UnionsBut He Taking A Break 4 A While Cant Wait Till He's Back
8-BrunoBRS IsaacRun IsaacFighting Animation Learned The Way I Say Things:lol: Love Tourteing Him:twisted:

9- DJ-Lafleur A Great Fight Oways Keeps Me On My Toes And Stay Messing With Him :twisted: That y i Gave Him A Cool Pix

10- Fire_EmblemFan cool anime Fire Emblem Is Really Full Of Awesomeness One Of Bestes Friends In Unions

Fear The Wait FTW

.................Waiting is Such A Drag I'm So ready 2 Buy It I Want A memory Card So When I Create Stages 2 Save And Send 2 People S Be Warned My Stages Going 2 Be Crazy And People Who Didnt Made It Sorry But I'm Still Gonna Fight You So Be Scared This Is Not A Test This Is Crazy Man Run For Cover DBZ Movie Got Delay FTW

11- murat8 Samus

12- darkblackshadow

13- MELITO1 Link Link

14- Wii60_Link_Fan Link

15- chillpill100Star Fox

16- alljoemama92 wario wario

17- Alaska_Gamer Super Sonic

18- KingBowser1Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

19-Rasengan_X question.gif Red Question Mark image by mythong2

20-wanderingbladePhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket