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Hello World!

I remember reading something about letting ppl know who i was and i clicked on a link... then i went to cad - comics... forgot about it and came back... now i guess i'm filling out a blogs... yeah.... I'm well me... terrified of magpies (which has due cause coz four attacked me once around a stop sign half a block away from my house), an advocate for most things sony (i say most coz they've disappointed me a little lately), into games, sport, books, pretty much anything i can get my hands on 'cept badminton and croquet. yeah. I'm a final fantasy freak, but you get that i guess... amd well yeah. that's me.
ttfn - trina
ps. btw the title is mostly due to a programming course i took last year and that's the first thing you make... lame... i know. i can't wait to see what they dish up this year... [rolls eyes]