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    Yay!! Lisa on gamespot! Looking forward to seeing more Analog
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    Great work on Analog! Thanks!
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    Always admired your ability to sneak in an "F" word without it ever seeming vulgar or gratuitous. Welcome to Gamespot Lisa!
  • iambatman7986 posted a message in the forum topic Which failure is bigger; Kinect or Wii U. on the System Wars board

    @NathanDrakeSwag: As one of the 4 million idiots, I'll admit, this move kills Kinect. This splits the userbase which history show, unless a peripheral is standard, 3rd parties don't support it becaus...

  • El_Zo1212o posted a message in the forum topic North Korea releases list of U.S. ‘human rights abuses. on the Off-Topic Discussion board

    @PannicAtack: Okay, but what we're talking about here isn't someone going around and filming a documentary style video and editing together all the juicy bits so it sounds like what he wants it to sou...

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    Hey Lisa,watched you for years at the escaptist, glad that you got another show, wish you the best! (your shows are always the best)
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    Hello Lisa. I Will watch your videos
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