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old friends

over the past two weeks ive been reluctant to play r6v2, not because i dont like the game, but because it seems like everyone i get into a game with is a 12 year old achievement whore or an adult who is just a complete arse to everyone. i cant seem to have an intelligent conversation with anyone on that game, so im fed up. i started playing tiger 08 again, determined to finish it. im done with the tiger challenge and have now moved into the actual pga tour season. its almost not fair because my stats are all the way up. ive also started playing a couple of games that i will never EVER get rid of. halo 3 and call of duty 4. i love them both. so many people like to compare them and say, oh cod is too run and gun, or halo is just for kids and people who like to grenade chuck and bunny hop. why dont we just play both?! im practically alternating between the two. ive found a happy medium and i dont think im gonna put either of them back in the rack anytime soon.


i loved this first game. i played it for hours and hours on my roommates 360. i cant say that im disappointed by the second either. the single player is better than the first, and the ACES system is lightyears ahead of any other ranking system ive ever played. the only problem i have with this game is that its sooooo much like the first. thats not a bad thing though. if you love the first one, youll really like this, but were probably expecting more. if you never played the first, then youll freakin love it.

games....everywhere is a game

i really like turok. i got it for valentine's day and its pretty cool. its very eerie how satisfying a knife kill is. kinda reminds me of a sawin' somebody in gears. gotta love it. speaking of that, gears 2. all i can say is w00t. ive been going back through and playing on insane. the weird part is, the corpser battle....(or should i say "battle") has been the easiest part!! i thought it was a boss....instead it was a b!tch. im very excited about two games coming up. vegas 2 is gonna be the bomb of course. first day pick up for me, but im also quite intrigued by army of two. i wasnt when EA first said it was coming out, but after the push back of the release and seeing what i have now, i might have to pick that up too. im going shooter crazy i think. i think assassin's creed has been the only non-shooter game ive played in months....well besides uno...