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Tetris had infinite gameplay

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Right, I'm still using a Core i5 2500k overclocked at 4.2GHz. My old case has amazing airflow, I don't need flashing lights nor any of the crap. Temperatures stay cool.

I sell my old GPU for wtv I can get and put that money on a new one. 4000-5000$, he said. Clearly someone doesn't know how to build a proper PC. I wouldn't even know where to invest 5000$ on a PC.

The good thing is that you can upgrade things gradually. You get your gpu.

Then later on buy a small SSD to run your games on, that 120GB sweet spot.

Eventually maybe get a decent soundcard. You have a few $ to spare? Why not get a nice pair of sennheiser headphones for a better experience.

Later on, maybe a new mouse with a nice pad to go with it. Have some more money to spare but everything seems to be up to date, put in the "steam sale jar".

My collection of games on Steam is starting to look badass. And I'm not talking about little mediocre games. I'm talking about masterpieces that I got for 10-15$. The Witcher 2 can be found for like 3$, Metro series, Civilizations, Skyrim legendary pack, Dark Demon souls bundle, just recently bought South Park for 11$. Lol Paying 60-70$ for a games is just so silly to me. Unless it's something I really want, or a dev studio that I really want to support.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> PC should have every game because PC is able to handle every game without having to downgrade. If a console can handle it sure, if not, well too bad.

Sure you could play RTS games on consoles if they came with mouse and keyboard. But of course those companies won't include them and sure as hell won't make it as simple as plugging your PC keyboard and mouse.

You gotta get that specific brand keyboard or mouse.

I remember when the first Xbox came out, you couldn't use the controller to play movies, you had to buy the Xbox TV controller in order to play them.

Exclusives are starting to jump ships and more and more games are getting on PC. GTA, MGS.

I'm running two 770 gtx on SLI with a 120hz Gsync monitor. Capping 120 fps, with no screen tearing, no ghosting.

Look if you don't want to invest then don't and leave me alone, let me enjoy proper gaming and you stick to your mediocre console peasant. Go away you pest.

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Top Tier:

-The Witcher is my #1 pick. Pre-ordered it 47$, ty CDPR.

-Zelda because any self respecting gamer that was born in 80s went through Zelda at some point.

-Star Fox because the last one was a travesty. And Star Fox 64 was amazing.

-MGS, not only because of snake but how they are embracing PC now.

Middle Tier:

-No Man's Sky because I'm curious to see if it's going to live up to all the hype the devs are putting on it. Which I have a feeling is going to backfire.

-Uncharted is just a solid series.

-Tomb Raider I liked the reboot a lot.

-Bloodborne because of Souls games, nuff said.

-Star Wars, I enjoyed the old Battlefront a lot back in highschool. I think it's gonna be fun.

These games are all pretty solid. Lol Mighty No.9 xD someone give it a vote!

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Here I was hoping for something set in Feudal Japan.

Samurais, Katanas, Ninjas, Shoguns, Ninjas stars, long spears, tiled rooftops, martial Arts,

Miyamoto Musashi, Toyotomi Hideyoshi(A peasant who became Samurai), the four heavenly kings of Tokugawa. There is so much cultural background.

Why hasn't this happened yet. Maybe they're saving that set for when interest in the franchise starts to drop because they know that everybody's inner child won't resist ninjas.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> They're not bad games. People talk like they're terrible, they're not. Hating on AC and CoD is the cool thing to do.

Yeah Ubi has done shady things but people talk about those games like they're absolutely awful.

But they seriously have optimization problems that is annoying as hell.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Quebec (city) is the capital of Quebec (province).

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Canada, Quebec, Quebec

Quebec is like a 3 hour drive from Mtl.

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Who buys full priced games anymore anyways. Just get coupon codes and voucher codes, they're all over the place.

If it's on Steam sale, I usually get it there. When it's not, e-coupons.

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This one doesn't even look sentient.


Looks like some hyper active super fast animal that is ready to twitch from one place to another.