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which game would be better halo 4 or assasins creed 3?

I've been thinking about getting asassins creed 3 around the time they released the first trailer (seasonal changes, more space to explore, time period/enemies) and had my eyes on that. But once halo 4s information was released all I could think of was updated missions for co-op and I basically like the campaign co-op. I know that there two different games but looking at different websites their compairisons weren't worth looking at and the two games are almost released.

Terminal from modern warfare 2 to be avalible on Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 2 Map 'Terminal' might be making its way to into Modern Warfare 3 as a free download, according to Mark Rubin, Developer at Infinity Ward. Mark Rubin said via Twitter that the previous leak of the maps was unfortunate and that Terminal and Shipbreaker were included as preparation for upcoming DLC maps. Rubin went on to say Terminal is still on the fence but we are ready if we can launch that one. We will have to wait a while for Terminal, even if it does make its way off the production line, with Rubin saying, Still weeks of work to get in on the map.

Lebron James to comeback to Cleveland?

LeBron James doesn't like Pat Riley's heavy-handed rule over the Heat, according to a report by Fox Sports Ohio. LeBron James is "less-than-thrilled with certain aspects of the Heat organization," and will consider opting out of his contract after the 2013-14 season if Pat Riley remains president of the organization, Fox Sports Ohio reports. While James likes playing with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he "doesn't particularly care for the heavy-handed and disciplined ****" of Riley, according to Fox Sports.Should James take the free agency route in '14, he'd have his eyes on returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, sources tell Fox Sports. A Cavs exec implied the team may not even be interested in bringing James back, telling the site that the organization wants to "build things the right way," and create a culture similar to those in San Antonio or Oklahoma City, where the focus is on the team more than the superstar.We're not sure exactly how to take that. It's obvious that the Cavs organization still holds a grudge against James, so that would be a reason while they wouldn't be interested. But to suggest the Spurs and Thunder have built their teams sans stars? Tim Duncan and Kevin Durant fit will within the definition of "star."

-- Sporting News Staff Report

Earlier this week, Brian Windhorst, who covers the Heat for said, "I'm not saying it's happening in 2014, but before it's all over, LeBron will play [for] Cleveland. He will get a statue; they just built a statue for Jim Thome and he stiffed Cleveland just as much as LeBron." LeBron James: Would you welcome him back to the Cleveland Cavaliers some day?

Good grades equals my uncle giving me his paycheck.

Me and my uncles very compettitive making us dependable but when i sent him a glimpsof four grades he put money on the table $25 for each A & B. I showed him four and acouple seconds later he smacked $100 bucks on the table the only thing about the school im going to is they place everything turned in on the paper and all it spelled was BAAABAABBAAAB $25 each equals me laughing to the bank with a $50 gamestop gift card on the way from somewhere else equals a gaming spree. And with a IT job on the way not even finished with college (Major Graphic Designs "Associates Degree & Network Security "Bachlors Degree") later down the road im buying 2 swimming pools filled with pudding and jello then throwing a party.

Hope this made you laugh like it did for me!

GTA SA Memories Reborn.

I let someone use my 360 to watch a movie with someone and took the ps2 and saw san andreas and had to play it right after i left my house the cops were after me but the only thing wrong was the brightness is to low and my tv doesnt have that feature. One of the ways you can tell san andreas is better than known games thats out is if you go all the way to the bottom and san andreas is still a top game with one of the best soundtracks to date. Im just sitting in one spot listening to songs in a safe spot so i wont get jacked or arrested (Behind big smokes house). the only thing gta games are missing or overall games with radio stations like this is calling the station and requesting a song instead of saving or sitting there hoping that/those songs play but you always catch it in the middle and hearing gun shots in the background

NFS: Hot Pursiut Online & in Genral Info

I bought need for speed about 3 days ago because i got it for ps2 unlocked cars in both modes pursuit and racing then erased my file for memory card space, and did the same continuously. i played the demo and the controls felt stiff unlike the ps2 version and wanted 2 know if theres a sensitivity open. and with my online question is there alot of clippers or ppl that use the P.I.T manuver (the ppl that know there gonna lose). i didnt open it just yet 2 built up the moment for christmas im still going 2 play it though

you post any answers i'd appreciate it

What would be a better game to buy AC: Brotherhood or Call of Duty Black Ops?

After looking at multiplayer gameplay for Assasins Creed Brotherhood it caught my eye and the campaign missions look attractive. I said i never played the previous assasins creeds and ppl thumbed me down but who ever really played the first game in a continued series.

Black Ops looks nice and the multiplayer is good with the bonus online game modes the only thing stopping me is the hackers and campers. Can anyone tell me if they ran into any? The MW2 campaign gets old and unreplayable and it makes me fall back on online but my connection gets choppy sometimes thats what i really want to know about the two games.

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