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Nindendo DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS?

I'm really confused!!! I need to choose a DS to buy. I really like the desighn of the DSi and how it is so cheap. Plus, the colours are so much better! I like the DSi XL because it has big screeen but thats all. I like the 3DS because it produces 3D effects and you can play 3D games but I don't know if I really want to spend $250. I can't wait untill it comes down in price! I'm getting one of them by the end of april! Also, I'm upgrading because I have a DS lite which is awesome but I want to upgrade. I also have a PSP 3000 so if enough people tell me, should I just wait till the PSP NGP comes out???

:0 I'm so confused!!! Please help!!!

Digimon on PS3?

I saw new Digimon images but I want to know if they will ever make Digimon games on the PS3? If they do, I want them to put alot of effort into it so it doesn't turn out like the one on the PS2. :p Thanks