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Damn, I am tired of seeing scruffy gun toting men in over half of the good games out there. I'm getting so burt on that crap. Devs are so freaking afraid of trying something new that it kills me. But its just as much the consumers fault for buying this same recycled stuff over and over again and not buying the new truely creative stuff. The scruffy male is even more worn out than mario and his friends. Then there are the rehashed sports games.

Lets look at what sells right now. The 360 has 36 million sellers, only 8 of them aren't shooters or sports games (counting racing games as sports I'm not counting Marvel:UA because it was a packin for a while). and of those 8 games I only see 2 that are really creative new ideas, dead rising and viva pinata. I can't believe people are still playing the same damn stuff over and over again.

You know what games I want? I want Zack and Wiki, I want Papaton, I want Echochrome, I want Spore, I want No More Heroes, I want Trauma Center. even SMG did something new. I think you get my drift. Those games that are new experiences. I want something creative.

Totally weak

Well GS just erased all of my game ratings. That's a pain in the butt considering I had about 100 games rated. at least they werent actual reviews. GS has been nothing but glitchy lately.

Great SMG trick/chalange.

I just figured this out while playing SMG with a friend. You know how there is a coop option. well it works like this. they second player has a pointer on screen to help (or hinder) the first player. The second player can press A to make mario jump when his pointer is on mario (this works with all jumps including the long jump and back flip) and can make him do the spin attack if mario is in the air. The second player can also press A when pointing at ememies to stop their movement. The

The challenge is this. See how many levels you can beat without using the first player wiimote and using the second player wiimote instead. In some levels it is impossible due to you having to do something with the pointer on the first players wiimote. I've just beaten the super sweet galaxy (or whatever its called) side level. I havent tried any others. what do you guys think of this idea? Good luck to those of you that try it and tell us how it goes for you.

Changing all of my game ratings

I dont like the new rating system but I'm changing all of my games anyway so that they match up with the new system and my future game ratings. A few games will get a 10 that werent quite a 10 but to good to be just 9.5 stupid new review system.