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It's My Birthday Today.

yeah, i kinda came out of "blog-retirement" to post this, but, yeah, today is my birthday.

my friend, she brought in cupcakes today, in an UGGs box.

I'm 16, if anyone was wondering.

Okay, back to hibernation,
Just kidding,

Im actually on almost everyday at least once, so i stop in to look at some blogs. i havent really had the chance to comment any recently, but that could always change ;):lol:

Okay, thanks for taking the time to read this,


7 New Editorships; Trusted Twice =]

WARNING : Get ready for a LONG blog, full of images ^_^.

Well, technically, it only says 5, but the other 2 haven't shown up yet due to glitches. :P

You're probably wondering what the shows are. Well, here you go (Alphabetically):


Going by scores, the manga looks MUCH better than the anime, but i'll probably end up watching the anime first ^_^.

Gundam X (a.k.a: After War Gundam X)

In all honest, have no intention of watching this show; I do like mecha anime however...

Kino's Journey

This is about a teenage girl named Kino and her talking motorcycle, Hermes, and the adventures they embark on. It looks quite good and it is pretty high on my "To Watch" list.


This show is currently in its 4th season, and every season's reviews have been excellent. I haven't finished adding all of the episodes; hopefully I will get to that sooner rather than later ^_^.

Marmalade Boy

A 76-episode Romance from the mid 1990s. Looks like it has potential. I don't have much interest in watching it now, but that could always change ;)

Paranoia Agent

I love Satoshi Kon's work, so I'll probably give this show a shot in the near future.

and last but not least,


My first non-animation editorship (more will come in the near future ^_^). If you were wondering, yes, this is the cIassic PBS Emmy Award-winning children's show. The guide had 2 retired editors and it was screaming my name, so I claimed it :).


Now for my Trusted Userships...


I recently made my good buddy, Master_M2K, trusted for another KyoAni/Key anime Clannad, so he returned the favor by allowing me to add the American cast for Kanon in order to make me trusted. Arigato, M2K-sempai. ^_^

Maison Ikkoku

Another good friend of mine, danbambridge, made me trusted for this Takahashi Rumiko (who is responsible for InuYasha, Ranma 1/2, and Urusei Yatsura) work. Maison Ikkoku is very high on my "To Watch" list, and I am looking foward to watching and enjoying it ^_^.


I also got this beauty this morning! I am now one of the top 100 users on all of ^_^.


I hope to add a number of new editorships in the future! What are they? You'll just have to wait and see ^_^.

Question of the Blog That You MUST Answer :lol: :

Since I got off from school today due to snow, I am curious, what is the weather like where you live?


Okay, that's about all for now! I hope to talk to you all in the comment section below!

Until Next Time,


It's Been 1 Year, Folks... =]

Wow... 1 year of

hahah It's an odd feeling. Though it doesn't really feel like anything. :P

I'm sorry for not blogging in a while; life has been pretty busy lately.

Though i haven't blogged, I have still signed on and such, just to check up on all of you :D UPDATE: In case you havent noticed, I have been honored with becoming the editor of
Rurouni Kenshin. Old news for some, I know, but new news for others :lol:

ha. there isnt really much for me to say up here; I usually do most of my conversing in the comments section in each of my blogs, but that obviously can't happen if you don't comment, can it? ^_^

Well, it's been a great year full of great memories; I hope the future will be just as spectacular...

To another year of enjoyable times,

Lattmucci516 ^_^

My best work yet!! (you should probably come check this out ^_^)

I re-did my anime list again! and when I say "re-did" I mean "COMPLETELY re-did" hahah

but really, you should take a look: (just click the box below)

BY THE WAY: I was just informed that my list looks weird on Internet Explorer (because IE sucks xP)
so view it on Firefox :D


that's about it really.

the only news-worthy thing is that I finished the first season of sailor moon and have started the second ^_^ haha
it's not bad, but i sure hope it gets better!! :D


ok, until next time-


Gosh, This took a while! (Come and check it out!!) ^_^

you may have noticed that I have a different blog header!

It may look like 1 single image, but it's really 9 :lol:

I spent a good portion of my afternoon doing that. I'm very proud of how it turned out :D

And if you couldn't tell, it's from 20th Century Boys, my all-time favorite manga ^_^


The image
I heartt Domo-kun


I had about 96 subs today alone to a guide for a show that you all probably know, but i'm gonna hold off on telling you until i finish all of the subs i have to make :D.
I would like to thank the editor of that show deeply for dealing with all those subs (you know who you are :D:D)


Latt's Anime "Happenings"

Sailor Moon is happening. I don't know how, but it is.

Here's what happened:

After I dropped Rental Magica and I gave Mushishi a little "time off," I told myself
"OK, this is a great opportunity to watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
As you can see, that is NOT what happened, and to make this story short, I somehow began to watch Sailor Moon. Not sure how, but I am.


I also downloaded ELEVEN more series of manga last week. yes ELEVEN.

Not sure when i'm gonna find the time to read those on top of all the others that I downloaded previously, not to mention keep up-to-date with the THIRTEEN "Currently Airing" shows i am currently watching...

I'll find the time... I hope


--- Lattmucci516

WARNING: Challengers Approaching!

Minami-ke wants to rumble. ^_^

As does Gundam 00


yupyupyup. i have recently added three currently airing shows to my already busy list: Minami-ke, Gundam 00, and Kimikiss~ pure rogue.

Kimikiss is on the borderline of being dropped, but both Minami-ke and Gundam 00 are firmly two of my currently airing favorites.

And incase you didnt know... i dropped Kodomo no Jikan

it was too fanservicey :P


if you haven't seen my Anime List lately, i suggest you check it out!

i totally changed the styIe and fixed how it looks. (Yes, I made it myself from scratch) I must say, i am very pleased with how it turned out ^_^


so that's about it for now.

i guess...

Things to do


... that's it really for now


Uguu~ Latt-chan :P

So, it's been a while since last we met...

wow. it's almost been 3 months since my last blog.

why so long you ask? school. haha it's the obvious answer, but it's completely true.

Life isn't easy when you're taking all honors and AP classes :P


I might not have been blogging but as you can see from my level, I have definitely been keeping up with my guides.


Latt's current anime stuffs

so as most of you know, the fall 2007 season has began, and (for the most part) i am extremely impressed.

From just the Fall 2007 lineup,am currently watching:
Shakugan no Shana II
ef- a tale of memories
Rental Magica
and Kodomo no Jikan.

all of those have the capability of being really good (except maybe Kodomo no Jikan :P), but we'll see how things play out.


Latt's question of the blog

What Fall 2007 anime are you currently watching (if any), and how do youlike them so far?
and if you are not watching any Fall 2007 anime, do any of them seem interesting to you?


ok then, that's my blog for now. comment! let me know how you're all doing! and answer my question if you want!

ok, see ya around

-Latt-dono :P yeah i wish


Not quite...

Nice try though...


In other news: I am leaving for a short time and will be back either August 2nd or 3rd.

So if you wanna sub, I will get to them when I get back.

Then I am leaving the day after I get back, so i'll probably post another blog then.


Do the words "5 Centimeters per Second" mean anything to you?