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Say hello to my little friend...

So yeah, there's this thing called Twitter. It's a cold and inhospitable place where people "tweet" about sandwiches and stuff. If you're down with the Twitter, then I've got a friend or two for you!

So say hello to @gamespot, the official Twitter account of GameSpot, and follow it if you want to read about those fancy video electronics things so you have something to do while eating sandwiches or waiting for them to be made.

And if you're into like, downloading things like PC mods or patches from the 'tubes, you might be interested in meeting @gamespotfiles.

Finally, if you'd like to read me discussing (mostly the "cussing" part) games and vaguely-game-related things you can follow me here.

UPDATE: As an American, I often forget that there are other countries out there besides my own (wait...there are?). So yeah, if you're on that island over there -> somewhere (I think it's called London? Or Albion? Or something?) you can also check out @gamespotuk for updates.