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Weekly Wrap Up (11/26)

I changed the name of this so it's a bit more descriptive.

Last week was cut short because of the Thanksgiving holiday that we Americans celebrate. Nothing quite like celebrating avian holocaust and the pillaging of the country's indigenous peoples by eating pumpkin pie and shopping, huh?

On the mod front, Rock 24 came out last week for Half-Life 2, and you should totally play it. It's really fun, even though you will hate every insipid thing the dude you escort says. Just make sure not to hit any switches through doors, even though you can sometimes, cause it breaks things :(

One thing I'm trying to do is catch up on putting up some of the major Neverwinter Nights modules while people work on churning out Neverwinter 2 stuff, and that's where Darkness Over Daggerford comes from. Sure, it's old news, but if you haven't played it and you like your NWN, you should look into it.

Weekly Wrap Up (11/19)

Haven't you heard? 8.8 is the new black. It's the latest meme to propagate through the intrawebs.

In case you live under a rock, our own Jeff Gerstmann shook the beehive that is the home of the Nintendo fanboys by giving Zelda an 8.8. Shocked at how their lord and master could possibly have scored such a low(!) score, they did the internet equivalent of a riot and stooped to making personal attacks against Jeff in an effort to validate their own existances, despite the fact that they hadn't played the game themselves.

Where do I stand on Zelda? It sure as hell doesn't deserve a 10, though maybe a little bit higher than 8.8 was called for. But hey, guess what, I'm not Jeff and his review for it completely validates his opinion. I would refer you to this article that discusses the overarching problem with opinion and the Internet in general for more of what I think.

On the PC front, the coolest mod I saw for the week was DoomEd for Half-Life 2, which combines learning and first-person shooter action for an interesting mix. The puzzles in it were some of the most unique I've seen, and it was an entirely refreshing experience. I'd highly recommend it.

And that's a wrap for this week. I'm gonna make this a weekly thing, if anyone's interested in the cool stuff I find. Also, I'm working on an article examining .hack//G.U. as a social commentary about the state of the Internet and MMORPG's in general. Oh, and I still need to write about Phoenix Wright 2.

Wow, It's Like I'm Famous

I appeared on C|NET TV's Gaming channel, wiiiiiiiiii!  If you go to the site and click on the gaming link on the left and load the clip from 11/11/06 (currently the latest) you'll see me pop up at about 2:47 attacking Sony's weak spot (their price point) for massive damage.  This is, of course, before they attack my wallet for even massiver damage.

First Post!!1

Wow, my first blog post here, awesome.

Working at GameSpot is pretty cool. I sit next to Matt Rorie, so in the last week alone (my first week!), I've got to watch him play Neverwinter Nights 2 and Gears of War, both games I want to pick up. But that's cool, he may get to play all the super awesome games and write about them all day, but I get to scan all of the vast internets all day long for new and exciting demos, patches, and best of all, mods.

Anyways, it's a blast working here and whenever I see one of my blurbs appear on the homepage or check to see how many people have downloaded the files I've put up, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Sometime later on I'll make a post on Phoenix Wright: Justice For All.  I just got my copy from a future called Japan, and it's just as good as the original.