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I agree, this is stupid... Even though PC>PS3>XBOX I'm a ps3 owner and i admit pc is better because it is. In the above pictures, pc has most texture and color saturation which is really nice. Also has more detail. Ps3 has a clearer view than xbox and basically pc version, but just lighter.... Easily fixed, just change the light settings. To xbox, plants and stuff are too blury and sure the lighting might be better than ps3 at times, the shadows and all that are a bit TOO strong. Kinda like looking at a picture at negative effect. So id say ps3 wins... xP not a fanboy, i dont really care, just small details could mean a lot, so dear 8 year olds with xboxs, please stop complaining... you annoy everyone. I would get a pc if i could afford a super gaming computer. But i cant, plus i like controllers and my tv, so yeah... Stop argueing xP