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The origin of Man Hunter e507

I felt obliged this afternoon to explain myself a bit when it comes to my Xbox Live Gamertag

Man Hunter e 507 comes from asci-fi story Iwrote set in the "Never Ending Armada" Universe I built years ago.

Man Hunter e507 is an abreviatedcall sign for the story's main character, who I never named.

Man Hunter is the job title. The job is somewhere between assasination and reconnaissance. Basically, a Man Hunter's primary objective is the elimination of specific, high value militarytargets, usually military leaders. Secondary objectives include obtaining intelligence that the target has access to, denial of strategic assets, and the elimination of any secondary officers that may be present. All activity is expected to be done under total silence and with minimal signs of entry and exit. Man Hunters can also be used for kidnapping purposes also, usually followed by a lengthy interrogation of the target.

e507 stands for "Echo Company, 507th Colonial Defense Unit". Colonial Defense Units are just what the name implies - a fighting unit dedicated to the defense of Earth's extraterrestrial territories.

With most of the TSF's* soldiers, there is a soldier ID used instead of this because there can be more than one, say, Vehicular Specialist in a company. Officers and Man Hunters, however, are allowed to use their abrieviated call sign because their job is specific. Yes, that means there is only one Man Hunter allowed in each company. They report directly to their company commander, and assume the rank of Warrant Officer upon being placed in a company.

*the TSC stands for Terran Security Forces, which is the overall name forall armed forcesserving the Terran Supreme Council.