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Outlaws of the Indigo Frontier

When Earth began it's meddling in the newly renamed Indigo Frontier, it's few native residents were not happy with law and order being imposed on their way of life. Their freedom from government intervention, like the rest of the colonies, had inspired a renegade lifestyle that the locals were not willing to give up. The colonization waves of the 2250s left far more Loyalists than dissenters, however, so the Indigo Frontier remained under Terran Control. Historians, however, credit this renegade culture as being the inspiration for the current generation of criminals designated as "outlaws".

The Terran Security Forces defines outlaws as "threats to the security of the frontier and the United Nations of Mankind". At first, the media disagreed, calling these people "pioneers", "forefathers", and in one notorious case, "freedom fighters". These illusions of glorious revolution ( though no one would dare use the dreaded word after 130 years of bloody war) were shattered when it was revealed that these families were connected to the Jubraak* trade, illegal mutation and mechanical augmentation "body clinics", and the harboring of known fugitives from the war. These crimes against humanity made these individuals enemies of the state, and their capture and sentencing was the purview of the military, not civilian authorities.

There are 4 designations of outlaws – rogue, brigand, pirate, and ghost

Rogues are solo operatives. They include contract assassins, illegal researchers, contract doctors**, and occasionally spies from outside Terran space.

Bandits are group leaders. These groups operate as the bane of frontier life for many, as their actions are wild and outside of the code of most pirate clans. Bandit groups always follow the leaders whim, but generally can be found attacking unarmed transports, raiding colonies for slaves, and kidnapping rich families.

Pirates are your bad boys. These are both solo operatives and group leaders who have affiliated themselves with a well known pirate clan. These clans operate as extended networks, which allow pirates to engage in all manner of crimes, including the trafficking of Jubraak and Regnon, the sale and "harvesting" of slaves, the exchange of illegal weapons and modifications , the research of forbidden areas of science such as ESP and remote brainwashing, the sale of illegal augmentations, the illegal mutation of genetics (both human and animal), assault of government installations, assault of fortified colonies, and (if the worst of the rumors are true) the subjugation and exploitation of intelligent alien life and their technologies.

Ghosts are the newest and most frightening of the outlaw designations. These individuals has taken the extra step of erasing themselves from history before entering their life of crime. Only the missing files, incomplete records, and corrupt data remaining from the whitewash indiciate their prescence. With the exception of the infamous "Fingers of Athena", a group of five inforcers who were caught hacking their way into military black operations information, no ghost has ever been found by the military to public knowledge.