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An IRC Rant

Today, I ranted at The_Game21x, and Jechtshot78. To both of you, I am sorry. However, Itwas reccomended I post it in my Blog, thus that I shall do.

It needs another update anyways.

This is the Rant in it's entirety:

Lafigueroa: I reada Starcraft Novel
Lafigueroa: It got me thinking about the story in games, and how rivh most universes are, but their Games never use ant of it
Lafigueroa: Like Halo
Lafigueroa: Do you know why Frank O'Connor had you fighting ad the Arbiter?
Lafigueroa: I'll tell you
Lafigueroa: It was to get something across to you
Lafigueroa: Halo the Universe is a HELL of alot bigger than Master Cheif
Lafigueroa: There's an entire history of battles that are barely mentioned in the Halo Games
Lafigueroa: How much do you know about the Creation of the UNSC?
Lafigueroa: About the rebellions of the 2160s
Lafigueroa: The Rain Forest Wars and the like

Lafigueroa: You never see it appear once in ANY of the Halo Games
Lafigueroa: That's part of what upsets me about alot of games
Lafigueroa: There's such a capability for a great Story to be told, and a Universe to be appreciated
Lafigueroa: And it's lost on Gamers
The_Game21x: Well, sometimes, you can't properly convey these things in games Yes you can
Lafigueroa: There's always a way
Lafigueroa: Look at Half-life
Lafigueroa: That's a remarkable acheivement in Storytelling
Lafigueroa: Why can't games take a few ques from it
Lafigueroa: Alright, rant mostly over
Lafigueroa: All I know is
The_Game21x: you should blog that or something
Lafigueroa: If I ever make my long dreamed trilogy of GUFU Movie projects
Lafigueroa: There are going to reference alot of the events of the actual movie, as well as what happens in the Archives
Lafigueroa: I promise I'lll do my best to make the player feel as though they just aren't a part of GUFU, but a part of E.A.R.T.H., and that there's huge meaning beind that
The_Game21x: that's pretty deep bro
Lafigueroa: My dream is to motivate the player to fight by making him appreciate the sacrifice of those before him

Lafigueroa: Yeah, sorry abou that rant
Lafigueroa: It's that I see what great storiies can be told in games
Lafigueroa: And I'm siting there and saying "COME ON, YOU'RE SO CLOSE"
Lafigueroa: And it always falls through
Lafigueroa: I can't promise that I...
Lafigueroa: I can't promise that I will make you appreciate the brave souls who died to bring Cypheris down, but I can promise I'll try