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Outlaws of the Indigo Frontier

When Earth began it's meddling in the newly renamed Indigo Frontier, it's few native residents were not happy with law and order being imposed on their way of life. Their freedom from government intervention, like the rest of the colonies, had inspired a renegade lifestyle that the locals were not willing to give up. The colonization waves of the 2250s left far more Loyalists than dissenters, however, so the Indigo Frontier remained under Terran Control. Historians, however, credit this renegade culture as being the inspiration for the current generation of criminals designated as "outlaws".

The Terran Security Forces defines outlaws as "threats to the security of the frontier and the United Nations of Mankind". At first, the media disagreed, calling these people "pioneers", "forefathers", and in one notorious case, "freedom fighters". These illusions of glorious revolution ( though no one would dare use the dreaded word after 130 years of bloody war) were shattered when it was revealed that these families were connected to the Jubraak* trade, illegal mutation and mechanical augmentation "body clinics", and the harboring of known fugitives from the war. These crimes against humanity made these individuals enemies of the state, and their capture and sentencing was the purview of the military, not civilian authorities.

There are 4 designations of outlaws – rogue, brigand, pirate, and ghost

Rogues are solo operatives. They include contract assassins, illegal researchers, contract doctors**, and occasionally spies from outside Terran space.

Bandits are group leaders. These groups operate as the bane of frontier life for many, as their actions are wild and outside of the code of most pirate clans. Bandit groups always follow the leaders whim, but generally can be found attacking unarmed transports, raiding colonies for slaves, and kidnapping rich families.

Pirates are your bad boys. These are both solo operatives and group leaders who have affiliated themselves with a well known pirate clan. These clans operate as extended networks, which allow pirates to engage in all manner of crimes, including the trafficking of Jubraak and Regnon, the sale and "harvesting" of slaves, the exchange of illegal weapons and modifications , the research of forbidden areas of science such as ESP and remote brainwashing, the sale of illegal augmentations, the illegal mutation of genetics (both human and animal), assault of government installations, assault of fortified colonies, and (if the worst of the rumors are true) the subjugation and exploitation of intelligent alien life and their technologies.

Ghosts are the newest and most frightening of the outlaw designations. These individuals has taken the extra step of erasing themselves from history before entering their life of crime. Only the missing files, incomplete records, and corrupt data remaining from the whitewash indiciate their prescence. With the exception of the infamous "Fingers of Athena", a group of five inforcers who were caught hacking their way into military black operations information, no ghost has ever been found by the military to public knowledge.

a bit about the Never Ending Armada Universe

In the future, what was the United Nations has been succeeded by a new cross government alliance. Dubbed the Terran Supreme Council, or TSC, it was organized to present humanity's common front for the colonization and occupation of what was initially called "The Colonial zone", which represented more of a political promise than a scientifically determined area. With the passing of the Terran Colonization Act in 2053, the Colonial Zone was split into 7 sectors, each one named after a color of the rainbow.

At first, only private enterprise fueled the colonization efforts due to the neutrality laws prohibiting individual nations from claiming territory in space. This ended with the Terran Security Act of 2114, which ended the individual militaries of it's member nations and formed a united Terran Security Force responsible for the protection of all the members of the Terran Security Council.The act also allowed individual nations to claim territories in space. This act was largely the result of rumors of rebellious militia being allowed in the un-policed colonies, as well as reports of crime, unhappy settlers, and poor oversight by the corporations as to the activities of their employees. The Terran Security Commission was authorised to "fix" the problem by any means necesary.

The "fix" was supposed to be direct military oversight of every colony.

The colonists said no, and they said it with bullets.

The Succession Wars would be fought over a hundred years until the Treaty of Unions was signed in 2249, which left the TSC with control of Earth and the Solar System, The Taurus-Regnon System that served as a gateway between the Red and Orange Sectors (the planet Man Hunter e507 is stationed on is there), and the far flung Indigo Sector. The Indigo Sector would be combined with parts of the Blue and Violet sectors that had been purchased after the Treaty, and reorganized into the Indigo Frontier.

With the war now over and space now free of fighting, the colonial spirit has once again gripped Earth. "Flights to the Frontier" are becoming a right of passage for the new generation, as a war weary and overpopulated Earth looks to the stars to find its destiny.

The origin of Man Hunter e507

I felt obliged this afternoon to explain myself a bit when it comes to my Xbox Live Gamertag

Man Hunter e 507 comes from asci-fi story Iwrote set in the "Never Ending Armada" Universe I built years ago.

Man Hunter e507 is an abreviatedcall sign for the story's main character, who I never named.

Man Hunter is the job title. The job is somewhere between assasination and reconnaissance. Basically, a Man Hunter's primary objective is the elimination of specific, high value militarytargets, usually military leaders. Secondary objectives include obtaining intelligence that the target has access to, denial of strategic assets, and the elimination of any secondary officers that may be present. All activity is expected to be done under total silence and with minimal signs of entry and exit. Man Hunters can also be used for kidnapping purposes also, usually followed by a lengthy interrogation of the target.

e507 stands for "Echo Company, 507th Colonial Defense Unit". Colonial Defense Units are just what the name implies - a fighting unit dedicated to the defense of Earth's extraterrestrial territories.

With most of the TSF's* soldiers, there is a soldier ID used instead of this because there can be more than one, say, Vehicular Specialist in a company. Officers and Man Hunters, however, are allowed to use their abrieviated call sign because their job is specific. Yes, that means there is only one Man Hunter allowed in each company. They report directly to their company commander, and assume the rank of Warrant Officer upon being placed in a company.

*the TSC stands for Terran Security Forces, which is the overall name forall armed forcesserving the Terran Supreme Council.

An IRC Rant

Today, I ranted at The_Game21x, and Jechtshot78. To both of you, I am sorry. However, Itwas reccomended I post it in my Blog, thus that I shall do.

It needs another update anyways.

This is the Rant in it's entirety:

Lafigueroa: I reada Starcraft Novel
Lafigueroa: It got me thinking about the story in games, and how rivh most universes are, but their Games never use ant of it
Lafigueroa: Like Halo
Lafigueroa: Do you know why Frank O'Connor had you fighting ad the Arbiter?
Lafigueroa: I'll tell you
Lafigueroa: It was to get something across to you
Lafigueroa: Halo the Universe is a HELL of alot bigger than Master Cheif
Lafigueroa: There's an entire history of battles that are barely mentioned in the Halo Games
Lafigueroa: How much do you know about the Creation of the UNSC?
Lafigueroa: About the rebellions of the 2160s
Lafigueroa: The Rain Forest Wars and the like

Lafigueroa: You never see it appear once in ANY of the Halo Games
Lafigueroa: That's part of what upsets me about alot of games
Lafigueroa: There's such a capability for a great Story to be told, and a Universe to be appreciated
Lafigueroa: And it's lost on Gamers
The_Game21x: Well, sometimes, you can't properly convey these things in games Yes you can
Lafigueroa: There's always a way
Lafigueroa: Look at Half-life
Lafigueroa: That's a remarkable acheivement in Storytelling
Lafigueroa: Why can't games take a few ques from it
Lafigueroa: Alright, rant mostly over
Lafigueroa: All I know is
The_Game21x: you should blog that or something
Lafigueroa: If I ever make my long dreamed trilogy of GUFU Movie projects
Lafigueroa: There are going to reference alot of the events of the actual movie, as well as what happens in the Archives
Lafigueroa: I promise I'lll do my best to make the player feel as though they just aren't a part of GUFU, but a part of E.A.R.T.H., and that there's huge meaning beind that
The_Game21x: that's pretty deep bro
Lafigueroa: My dream is to motivate the player to fight by making him appreciate the sacrifice of those before him

Lafigueroa: Yeah, sorry abou that rant
Lafigueroa: It's that I see what great storiies can be told in games
Lafigueroa: And I'm siting there and saying "COME ON, YOU'RE SO CLOSE"
Lafigueroa: And it always falls through
Lafigueroa: I can't promise that I...
Lafigueroa: I can't promise that I will make you appreciate the brave souls who died to bring Cypheris down, but I can promise I'll try

The Cheeseburger Bet!

For those on the "A" Team, if Killzone 2 getsbelow 9.0, they must upload a video to Gamespot of them eating a cheeseburger.

For those on the "B" Team, if Killzone 2 getsabove 9.0, they must upload a video to Gamespot of them eating a cheeseburger.

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