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Family Night Out

So yeah since the 17th of September I've been on Leave (thats the Army's word for vacation :P) back home to see my family. On the 26th I rented a minivan for my family (they dont have the funds for a car), took them to see Legend Of The Guardians (which was awesome by the way DO NOT dismiss it because it looks like just another 3D snore fest meant to attract kids), then we ended the night with going to my favorite restaurant Chili's. We had a great time and our server Whitney was very helpful, nice, and prompty even thought there were alot of us. The mean ended up costing like 200 with a 30 dollar suggested tip included in the price (which means the meals were 170 altogether yeah :P) but since she was so good at her job I gave her an extra 10 which means she got a 40 dollar tip in the end. I thought she deserved it and she was very happy to recieve it of course. When walking out the door I told the hostess our server deserved a raise and she said she'd tell the manager. Lol altogether the night ended up costing like 600 bucks. But I didnt mind because it was my family and of course they greatly appreciated it. Ahhh good times.

Well look what the cat dragged in...

My ****ing game that I ordered on March 4th and its only now just arrived! Yes I finally have Gears Of War. Bad thing is since we're moving soon to another base here I had to pack up my 360, tv, and games so I gotta wait till we move to play them again. Still Im glad I finally got it. I was about to complain to because I was wondering what was wrong. Now I gotta finish this one and number 2 since 3 is coming out April of next year. Wish me luck? :P

Back to level 44....again

So yeah because I used the word retarded for a second time (and its apparently against the TOU) I got knocked down to level 44 and 90 percent for the second time in a row. Meaning this will be my 3rd time on Level 45 and 3rd time trying to achieve level 46. When just before my suspension I had just gotten it. *sighs* Oh well guess this teach me to think before I type....maybe.

Just ordered 5 new games!

From that is. :P Its the only way to order since Im overseas and the store doesnt have the games I want.

Anyways the ones I purchased are

Dragon Age Origins

Resonance Of Fate

Gears Of War (no I havent finished this one yet so I gotta get it done then number 2 since 3 is coming out next year)

Mass Effect anddd

Call Of Duty 4

So what you peoples think? Played any of these? Opinions? Thoughts? Concerns?

HD gaming is just amazing

So yeah I did finally get the cord and also an HDMI cord to view my games in High Definition on my brand new tv. And let me tell you...they look amazing! After seeing it in SD then going to HD the difference is astronomical. You will NOT want to go back. Thats how good it looks. All of my games blow me away when playing them for the level of detail I see and interact with. Just wow...Im so sad that I didnt try this sooner. But happy because I finally did! Yay High Definition! WHOOOO!

Well my 360 and most of my games finally arrived..

But when I plugged my system in I burnt the damn cord up. Yup. You see here in Iraq voltage and power outlets are very different. My 360 is like 120 volts or higher and I plugged it into a 220 V plus power strip. So as soon as I plugged it up POOF! I heard the sound smelt the smell and knew something went wrong. So now I sit here and wait for one of the local shops to get a replacement cord in which is honestly taking entirely too long and its pissing me off. I just wanna play my games and get some much needed stress relief. Is that so wrong? *sighs* My luck has been so horrible lately.

Just bought Bayonetta and Forza 3!

Yup! 2 more awesome games to add to my already great library...that still hasnt come in yet or my 360. Lol hopefully itll be here soon though. For now I guess all I can do is stare and marvel at the mint casing and daydream of playing them on the HDTV i'll be getting soon. Sucks. I wanna game NOWWWWW!

Scratch that last blog post lol

I got an even better deal now. A refurbished (yet somehow still new...I dont get that one) Xbox 360 with the Jasper chipset (so it has a better chance of NOT going RROD on me), a wireless adapter for Xbox Live, a year of Xbox Live Gold Membership, an HDMI cable, Capcom Platinum Hits Triple Pack (which includes Dead Rising, Lost Planet Colonies Edition, and Devil May Cry 4 all for like 40 bucks), Project Gotham Racing 4, Burnout Paradise, Halo 3, Final Fantasy 13, Street Fighter 4, AND Assassin's Creed all for 500 bucks. Im proud of me. Arent you all my good chums? I'd say this is a MUCH better deal than all that hard drive space I dont need or will ever be using and just one game. :P Did I mention this 360 comes with 2 wireless controllers as well? Yay me! Thoughts?

New blog time

I was getting bored of seeing the same sue me. :P Anyways I posted this to tell you all that I shall be posting from Iraq (where I am now..yay) for a year as far as I know at the moment. You'll be glad to know that Im in a small safe place that doesnt get bombed or tanked alot so I'll be just fine while Im here as well. Enough about that. Time to talk about something that I havent in awhile since all this started. GAMES! Yup thats right! Now that I have the money and time to I'llbe getting back to that oh so neglected hobby of mine. My room mate has a 360 and I plan to order games online (which is pretty much the only option out here in the middle of nowhere) and play them as soon as they arrive. I'll have internet as well so I can play online too while I keep up with the latest games...even post on here as well. Then when I get back to the states I'll be getting my own 360. So thats about it. The newest and latest update. Cheers yall. Be cool and peace outttt.