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Level 30- Wicked Sick! + Merry Christmas

Hey everyone!

I finally made it to level 30, I thought it was Paramecium, but I think I was mistaken and that might be level 33. Wicked Sick! is a cool rank though, I assume it is from Unreal Tournament, which is a great game. I think I have made my longest streak of posts without a moderation in my most recent posting revival on gamespot, which is something I am happy about, although I am not sure whether it shows my maturity, or that I am just less of an idiot than before.

It's Christmas Eve (9.25pm!) and I think the rest of my night will consist of watching The Fast and the Furious on Channel Ten, I have not seen the movie, but I really enjoyed 2 Fast 2 Furious, and this has both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in it too.

When I ordered the phone I want for Christmas (by far the cheapest option was to get it from the internet) they told me they had stock, then they rang me on Monday of last week to tell me they didn't have stock and had no idea when it was getting in. Thanks to Australian Air Express it arrived today! Just in the nick of time, so I am getting my major present on Christmas Day after all. It will be nice to have my second phone ever, I have had my current one for nearly four years, and I need a change. I won't get much else from my mum, but I don't know what my sister has bought for me, and that will be interesting for me to find out- I will post a picture of my haul tomorrow and give an impression of the phone. Too bad i'll probably have to charge it for 8 hours first tomorrow.

In conclusion, thank you very much for reading my ramblings, I expect more than two comments :P

Merry Christmas, have a happy, safe and bounty filled holiday.

Radiant Silvergun- Level 29

I have been on this level for ages, and I am nearly passed it now (94%), I never found out what it was from, but I always liked the name, now I have been posting a bit more lately 30 isn't far off.

From memory level 30 is Paramecium I think.

Hope you are all well, Merry Christmas!

EDIT: As of 11pm today, I am now at 98%, posting does hardly count doesn't it :P

I'm Back+ Recent happenings

I have been away from the while, got a bit burnt out by forums and the like I think. So here is what I've been upto lately as far as gaming is concerned.

1) Got Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction on PS3

2) Got Component cables for PS3 to run on HDTV

3) Purchased WipEout HD from the PSN

Level 28: Bionic Commando and an update in my PS3 quest!

Well just a few minutes ago I ticked over to Gamespot level 28, Bionic Commando. I lost a massive percentage of the level from a points loss moderation, but I have been posting alot lately and having a great time! Cool! I especially enjoy posting with some great Aussies like Whicker and freek, top people the both of them! I am enjoying OT of late particularly, its really interesting and I am happy with how the board is heading.

I have also beenposting a bit on the Gamespot AU forums, good place and it is nice to have some discussion where you don't have to say "I am Australian" to make contextual sense to others! :)

In other news, I picked up a second hand 60gb NTSC PS3 from a few days ago, for the princely sum of US$555 posted, that is about $580 Australian Dollars. I just heard this evening that it has just cleared Sydney Customs! I will order my Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection very soon, cannot wait to get into these games!

Comment, tag and message me anytime :) Have a good day team!

A Change of Plans...

Well I have given up on the 60gb PS3 plan, they are becoming scarce that they are selling for exorbitant prices.

I have decided to use to import a Japanese Playstation 3 40gb Console, it looks great and only costs AU$485! (The 40gb retails for ~AU$700 here). Any suggestions on what game to get with it? Other than GTA, CoD4 or Oblivion. I am leaning towards Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

I am really excited about it, it looks to be a great console, my only problem is the lack of included component cables (I run at 720p) but otherwise I am pretty damned happy! I plan on getting a NTSC PS2 for dirt cheap off of eBay soon to fulfil my PS2 needs, still works out ALOT cheaper than a 60gb NTSC PS3.

As usual, comment, tag and have a great time on Gamespot.

The Hunt for the Playstation 3 begins and other news.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to get a PS3 as soon as I can.

I finally have enough money to seriously start searching, (I have about AU$650) I need to find a good 60gb NTSC version on eBay.

I am really excited about this, the only problem will be having no games to play, but I am sure I could "borrow" a game from my friend, although he only seems to own A-AA reviewed games lol.

I went for a job interview yesterday at Coles (one of the two big supermarket chains in Australia) for Nightfill work, I think it went fairly well, although I am not sure if I get the job, which would be great as I could afford all the great PS3 games I want.

I find out whether I get it soon, so wish me luck.

Comment, tag, track me! Thanks for reading, and in the words of William Murderface. "Have a GREAT day".

Grand Theft Auto IV 10/10

Before I say this, let me state one thing: I have never owned a GTA game, nor played one for more than 1 hour at a time, I found the games enjoyable, but not compelling at all, I ignored the hype for GTA IV, assuming that this game would just get 9.0 or something and be good, but nothing that would compel me to buy it ASAP.

I was so wrong.

This game looks amazing, and I give massive kudos to R*, to create a game that is universally acclaimed (in the PS3 versions case, it has a 100% rating on gamerankings) in this day and age of high expectations is truly an achievement worth talking about.

I have been saving for a PS3 for a few months now, I can nearly afford to import a NTSC 60gb consoles from the US.My decision was made with games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, White Knight Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII, Rock Band and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction amongst others. I also wanted to play the PS2 games that I never got to try, God of War, God of War II, Final Fantasy XII etc. (I never owned a Playstation 2).

I now plan on purchasing Grand Theft Auto IV first with my PS3, it seems to be a marvellous gaming experience, the closest game to a 10 that I have ever played is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I hope this changes with GTA IV. (I have played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but not for long enough IMO)

Thanks for reading, leave a comment :)

Level 27, and a request to you!

So I got to Lvl 27, Sheng Long, pretty cool, I am getting dangerously close to level 30. Although I have very few forum posts :O

I would just like to make a friendly request, I have many more people tracking me than I am tracking, so if you are tracking me and I have not got you tracked back, please please please comment this blog post or message me, and I will track you back.

If anyones ever bored, add me on MSN/WLM (address is in my info).

Happy gamespotting!

Level 23

Sometime overnight when the thing reset I advanced to level 23, yeah..thats pretty much it.


I must spend alot of time on the site because I am higher lvl than alot of people who have 10k posts or more, so I suppose posting doesn't contribute alot of exp towards levels.

Anyway, bye

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