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Last month i turned 3 years since i'm a member

That's right people,with this blog post i want 2 say that i'm proud to be a member here,i made few friends join some forums but most important :GAMES- this is the main thing that keeps me coming here.

With time i saw some great reviews made by users & Gamespot moderators do a terrific job reviewing a game and giving a proper mark.Good job everyone keep on doing what you know BEST.


Sometimes in life you have to give up to some things to save or to manage to have another.I sell-ed my  collection of games to pay my rent.:( yup i have only one game left the Mk Trilogy.But now i'm raising money for Ps3 and i'll hope to have it  sooner possible.Until then i'll stay and check on gamespot latest articles of this disease called "video game"

Waiting for a new gta

This game certainly is controversed.A idea that became reality in '97 i guess but first gta's doesnt interest me but when i saw gtaIII the whole thing changed hundreds of hours spend in front of pc&ps2 playing the best game ever.I said that and i say now the next gta can become the best game because it is everything you need,everything you want besides the graphics or some annoying bugs.

Ehh i'm gonna buy a N64 again

This was a big week for me.Was so bored that i was searchin' deeper in the site 'til i found some old favorite Snes and N64 old but great games.Now i'm playin' home again The DkC series again.My room mate laughs at me hehe.But i grow up with them it's a good feeling playin' this classics make u feel like aaaa i don't know but certanly happy it is :).

Oldies but Goldies

Gta SanAndreas my oppion

The big series of gta is back this time in San Andreas ,the game looks even better than before new vehicles added and even cooler missions makes gta san andreas the coolest game on ps2 from my oppinion.There are tons of new things to do like pimpin' 8) or jumpin witha parachute damn dats cool and tha city even bigger no comments 'bout the ost absolutely great.Those rockstar guys did da work well as we expected each time :)).

The game has awsome more violence more guns more vehciles more action some new things added to the game is you dont drown you can swim, you can steal bmx bikes lowriders and mountain bikes you can also have girlfriends.Man i love this series yaya expectin' next 1