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So ya see the nice custom rig I just built? The one listed below. I'm selling it and getting a laptop. Getting too old to care about games. There are some I still like, but I'm done with it for the most part.

Happy gaming to everyone else!

Update n such

Well I haven't written one of these blogs in a while, so here's an update (if anyone actually cares to read). I'm going to be a junior at Notre Dame College this upcoming fall, I now work at Micro Center instead of delivering pizza (although driving around town was fun and easy), and I'm single once again. I'm now more focused on what type of girl I want to find, whereas I tended to simply settle in the past. I've been getting back into skating now that it's summer, and I found a better skatepark. I've come to realize I'm a compulsive spender and quite the procrastinator. I started taking jazz drum lessons in january because I felt I was at a stand still and I want to get better. I've definitely been getting better, but now I have a new teacher already, so we'll see how that goes. Aside from that, I think I've also been growing in my faith, which I'm really happy with. I hope to continue to grow.

Going back to my compulsive spending habits, I decided to build my first rig. Everything I've had up to this point was prebuilt, and not meant for gaming at all. This one should do much better than my dell dimension b110:P. Below are links to what I've bought so far. I'll take pictures n such once I've bought and built everything. I know it's not much, but I'm pretty much broke... Anyway, I should have it finished by July 11th (my birthday). That's when I should be getting the processor (the final piece).

Sound Card

These are the major components. I added an ethernet card just to improve frames per second a bit, as well as another case fan to improve ventilation, but that's it. Picture coming soon...


so i'm transfering to notre dame college (the place i should've gone in the first place) after this first semester at mount union.  i was accepted for the term i'm currently in, but i kinda had to reapply for the spring semester 2007.  i'm pretty confident i'll get in again.  maybe the coach will offer me a soccer scholarship again.  i hope so, because they're a good team and i need the money. 


i'll be able to see briana much more, it'll cost less, i'll have a job (it's impossible to find one here), and i'll be playing soccer again!!! and i'll be able to snowboard with briana in the winter.  i got her into it and it'll be her first season.  i'm so amped to get out on the slopes again!!  well, if you can even call them that.  its a little place called boston mills/brandywine.  fun nevertheless.

life will be good :D

Ugh....just ugh....

Well I moved in on the 20th.  I hate being away from Briana this much, but we both know we can make it.  I'm only an hour and fifteen minutes away (when traffic runs smoothly), so I'm going to come home on the weekends to see her....holidays also.  Some say I'll miss out on some of my college experience that way, I say I don't care.  I have one life and this is how I want to live it right now.

Other than that my roommate is a pretty nice guy.  The only thing I really don't like is he talks in his sleep every night and sleepwalks sometimes (only once so far). 

I recently got my computer and I'll finally have one in my dorm this week, instead of going to the computer lab everytime.

I'm planning on switching to another school next year.  I'm currently at Mount Union but I want to be at Notre Dame College in Cleveland.  It'll cost less, it's a better soccer team, and I'll be commuting.

Anyway I just hate being away from Briana so much.  This sucks bigtime......

Leaving for college in a few days seems to be coming too fast.  i'm so used to living at home and now i'll be away from it...for the most part anyway.  i'll be home on as many weekends as i can (and of course holidays) mainly to see briana.  yes we're staying together.  i'll be an hour and a half away.

anyway i haven't even started packing.  i think i have plenty of time.  i just need to wash some clothes and throw everything else in a bag or something.  this whole college thing has me excited but ready to puke.

So here's a long-awaited update I'm sure nobody cares about lol

Well I have an amazing girlfriend named Briana.  We've been dating for 3 months.  Warped tour in Pittsburgh was awesome.  I FINALLY got to see Rise Against live.  I also got to see Zebrahead.  I bought their latest cd Broadcast to the World.  Good should check it out.  Basically just having a fun summer :D

Peace out kids!

Big Happy's today

Went to Big Happy's indoor skatepark today.  Lots of fun.  SOOOO much better than the one near me.  I think I'll go back over Thanksgiving break.

It's all over folks

Well yesterday was the last day of high school soccer for me.  Our team lost in the first round of the playoffs to a team we beat a couple weeks ago.  I might play indoor, but this just feels so weird right now.  I'm actually done with high school soccer.  I don't know exactly what college I want to play for, or what clubs.  I might play hockey in the winter because the coach needs players pretty bad.  Other than that, snowboarding is next :D.

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