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New Banner!!!

hello everyone this is the 2nd blog i post since i came back and the reason this time is to show u guys my banner i had a really long time without practicing so i forgot a lot of effects and stuff i´ve learned in the past , i started it yesterday around 6 pm and i just finished , in two sittings overall i think it ook me 4 hrs i know its a long time but like i said before i feel like when i made my 1st banner like knw nothing! lol

i chose bayonetta since i think its the best new character in gaming and cause i want to play the game so much i didn´t even had the chance to play the demo since i couldn´t find it in playstation store , but hopefully i´ll buy it soon!

i want tou guy tell me what you think of the banner and please rate it , be honest because from your opinions i´ll try to correct further work.

c ya in your blogs and thnaks for reading!

Hello Everyone remember me?

hello guys i´m back !

sorry if you havent heard,, well read anything about me the past 15 months , i´ve been really busy with stuff and now i have a couple of days to tke a break and check out what´s up with GS , i don´t know if the blog thing is still being used like it was in last year cause i´ve seen that some people have dissapeared from GS but i´m planning to stay here at GS for a long time! lol

so for those who still have me added in their friends lists thanks! i´ll try to catch up with your blogs and post comments at least once in a while.

in cool news finally thnk GOD i have my Playstation 3 that i´ve always wanted i dont´ lcd screen so i´m playing with a regular old fat tv lol. and still have no games at ll except fot the PES 2011 brd that i dont like but my brother is playing it and the thophies are for my ps network account. my ps id is fredromero if u want to add me and , leave me yours so i can add u too

well i have in mind to buy GOW 3 and bayonetta for start but i cant get them until february i guess , if u have plyed them let me know what you think of them .

so that s all for today and thanks for reading c ya in your blogs!

rescue ranger....finally!!

after how long...... let me see forever im finally level 21 its been really hard to level up since i barely spend time on gs cause of college , sorry i havent visit any of your unions at all cause all i do is check my personal messages .

about gaming ive done nothing .. im out of money and time and i really wanna play something new my last game was dmc3!

right now im the middle of a rush i college but hopefully ill be on vacation in a month i guess.

thanks for reading see ya in your blogs not unions ok:oops:

and happy day of the dead !

New banner+header!

hello everyone this is a new blog post just to say its been a long time not doing anything about designing so i took a while to remeber some stuff and i though my banner is really old so decided to make something about that. notice and remember im not so good as other around here on gs so i hope everyone likes my new banner and header im big fan of dmc specially nero so i used him again! rate so i can now how good or bad am iok

i had trouble with photobucketbut not anymore! thanks to everyone who posted suggestions on my last blog they helped a lot and now my profile looks different and back to normal.

if i miss a blog or something i apologize cause im really busy with college and i barely have time to check a little how things are going here on gs.

see ya in your blogs and thanks for reading!:D:oops:

photo problem help!

hello everyone ! hope everything s ok.

as you may see my profile is ruined ! all my images are hosted by photobucket free account and they say i have exceeded some badwith:evil: i want to fix this problem but dont know how so my question is

do you know any other website were you can upload unlimited or a good number of images with url img html stuff that doesnt have this bandwith problem?

thanks for reading and see you guys in your blogs(cause i dont have time to check the unions sorry):D

got dmc 3 and what happened here?!

hello everyone as in my last blog i asked for your opinions on dmc 3and so far i guess youre right so i bought the game on special edition and costed 40$ really expensive cause this is a 2005 game!.

but i started palying it and im lovin it! its really awesome and lot crazier than dmc 1 but still dmc 1 is a ps2 jewel.

so nothing else to say but that im busy studying and i can only play the game for couple of hours just to test it until vacation .

i really got surprised by gs new look it looks wonderful and a lot organized but i remember i saw it last week on gs en español so this look isnt so new but still great .

well see you guys in your blogs and thanks for reading and for your recommendations about dmc 3


dmc3 wich one?

ive found dmc 3 special edition 40$ but my question is what s the difference between regular and sp edition?

ive played dmc1 and i liked it but it was short so how long is this one=?

finally on a break!

after a very long time im finally having a rest so no studying no reading no early wake-ups my eyes dont hurt!!
but i have to admit i love being home but i miss my friends too!

all i can say is THANK GOD i passed with great grades and im leveling my career up and things are getting even harder but this is my dream and im really happy!

im trying to take my brushes back to my hands but now i have no idea of the hell im doing i already sucked before and now its even worst i lost my little xperience i had in designing and i have to start practicying again and i dont tink i have that much of patience to do this so maybe i leave this thing of graphic designing cause its no longer fun and a little easy as it used to be back in december 2007 ...still ill give it a try only 1!

and what did i miss including your blogs?

my personal killer 7 review!!!!!

the good:

Outstanding graphics that sucks you in the game- amazing sound fx s and voice acting-complex but interesting plot-story--

bloody and gory just the way i like it!!-- impressive to look at.-having 7 (8) personas that can be switched anytime anywhere its great!.-great cutscenes with anime looking like graphics.

The bad

i still im missing a target but i almost clear it and in somehow its kind of short.. 1st couple of hours you may have problems with the rail and junction system but when get used to it its all awesome!.

graphics: 9

sound fx and soundtrack:9.5




i recommend it to everyone who has a special taste for brutal and odd games .

Killer 7 My first impressions!

hey eveyone! how s is it going?

well im still busy with classes and stuff but i gave me the chance to buy a game in my last blog i asked about killer 7 cause here you dont rent YOU BUY ! so i thought a lot of this game cause is 35 $$ and i had use it right!

so i bought the game and played a couple of hours yesterday cause i cant today:cry: and well im not fan of anime at all cause i only saw DB and DBZ DBGT. and that was it but this game has cutscenes anime-looking-like and is really good the graphics when playing are great ive never played something like this the gameplay is weird but once you can handle it is fun . having 7 different character options anytime is awesome! my fav one so far is Dan Smith and Con Smith.

the story is complex so far i dont understad it much but i focus more on gameplay than story(although prince of persia s story man it was awesome i felt like i was playing in a movie specially in T2T) .

anyway i think Killer 7 is a great game and hoping to have time to play it and yes is a game i recommend too!

thanks for reading and see ya all! in your blogs