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Sonic vs. Sonic

which one do you guys like better?

sonic the hedgehog(ps3) or sonic and the secret rings(wii)


Im Sick

not feeling to well folks and wahts worse is taht i have a lot of hw to do tonight

im nauseous im gonna go lie down



theres nothing to write about

i cant wait for the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii baby yeah and the ps33333333

i have school *BEEELCH* tomorrow that was a loud burp i just did. i could taste my dinner ewww.

please start up a conversation


this is a good show so watch it!!!!!!!

in case you didnt know its about superheroes from all over the world.

Minus World, New Banner, and a Fatal Decision :cry:

First off I'd like to say thanks to Candice (Monkies48) for my sexy banner. I love it

Second I skipped level 16 and went straight to 17 (Glitchspot?) I'm dreading the day when I get to level 20.

I'm hoping to go to Halloween Horror Nights with a gang of buds from school like Edward1211 if his mommy will let him :lol:

And last I have made a decision. This really hairy kid in my Bible class convinced me to get the Wii instead of the PS3. The PS3 is still the better system it's just that it's 600 bucks!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to put my family in frickin debt. Another reason is that the wii comes with a game and ps3 doesn't. When I get my ps3 in december 2007 I'm hoping it'll be cheaper and a couple of games will come with it.

That was my langent for the day. Me gusta mucho jugar videojuegos. Y tu tambien?

Jackass: Number Two

ha ha  heh ha heh hahahahahahahaah lol ROFLMFAO.  This movie was hilarious yet gross

I'd have to say everyone in the theater threw up on this one scene

I was close to doing so but i didnt

sorry i havent been on much ive been posting a lot lately


yo yo yo

can someone find me a user icon for the games Bully or Lair?

please and thank you

Wii, Nobunaga's Ambition, Zelda Delayed (Again)

im like totally excited that like nintendo finally gave the wii a price and release date *applause*

In other news i got a level up yay for john

frickin zelda got delayed on gamecube (for the umpteenth time) DANG IT:twisted:. i know it'll be better on wii but im not getting it till december 2007

Any Questions?

Suspension, School, and the Wii

First off i'm back from my suspension and a looooong suspension it was :roll:

but anywho stupid school starts tomorrow which i hate cause its another year of bullying. The only good thing is that my anatomy teacher is black so he and i should get along great :lol:

In other news I've come to decision with a next-gen console. If somehow every store in glendale is sold out of ps3's ill get a wii BUT if the clerk at the store lets me know when theyll be getting a fresh batch then I will wait for the sexy shiny PS3

They still haven't decided on a price or a release date have they?

Oh and the next game i'm getting is twilight princess for gamecube



im trying to upload a video blog here

but it fails

i think it has something to do with saving the video

where should i save it?