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MGS4 vs Halo3 reviews by

First lets start with Halo3





And now MGS4

Story=8.7...WTF?! Game know for its story gets only 8.7?!But Halo3 lame a$$ alien take over the world story gets 9.5!!

Design=9.0...Again WTF?!?! I chosse MGS4 next gen graphics over Halo 1 graphics used in Halo3 anyday.

Gameplay=8.9...Are GT high?!?! MGS4 has one of the best controls ever!!!!!!

Presentation=9.8...Ooooo, WTF GT?!?! Where is 8.5????

Ok, you do the math.

The question is, Can we trust GT now??

Anyway, there are pics of GT reviews in my images, look and say what you think.

Why xbots thinks that MGS4 will be on 360?

Why 360 fanboys thin that MGS4 will be on 360? No really, why?

Its a PS3 exclusiv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deal with that.

I guess they just want tha game sooooo bad!!! :P

P.S. It will never come to 360 and its poor dvd 9gb(hahahaha).

MGS4 will ROCK!!!!!

MGS4 will be great game indeed, maybe even better than the 1st part, but i guess we'll see.

Man, can't wait my PS3(buying this month), and cant wait next year for MGS4.

MGS4, Demo!! It looks like an perfect game...

:shock:OMG, just saw a nem MGS4 Demo at the , and i could not believe my eyes. You should check it out too.

This game is Perfect game, and it looks so good, no even unreal good, no even better than the super good.

I'm getting is as soon it comes out.:D

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