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Great MOD called Hardcore Mode , for those who fear screw ups to MODs with patch updates!

- Hardcore Mode ON -

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. based. Hunger, thirst and sleepless limits depends on player stats and dynamically calculating. Strength and Luck enhance hunger limit. Endurance and Luck enhance thirst limit. Intelligence and Perception enhance sleepless limit. Stats given by chems and items are taken into account. Why use Luck? Because if every one equal around you died from starvation and thirst and you're still alive, then you definitely luckier than they are.

Four stages of deprivation. Hunger, thirst and sleepless has four stages of deprivation (penalties): minor, advanced, critical and lethal. Each decrease some player stats. For example thirst will decrease strength, and note that decreasing strength in its turn will decrease hunger limit, means you will face first signs of starvation sooner. Exceeding limit will result your death! So... BEWARE!

Time scale independence. No matter what time scale you using, vanilla 1:20, some 1:5 or even 1:1, everything will auto scale with it! Script do not relay on real time, in formulas used only game time.

Individual penalty thresholds. As limits of hunger, thirst and sleepless are dynamic the thresholds is also are. The higher your overall limit is the longer time it needs before you will get first stage of starvation, dehydration or sleep deprivation.

Weather influence. Clean and sunny weather considered as warm and and thirst accumulates faster, while moist and rainy weather slow it down.

Activity influence. Sprinting will force hunger, thirst and sleepless level grow faster. Siting or sneaking will slow it down.

Time of day influence. In night you thirst accumulates slower. Night time considered from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Combat mobilisation. When you enter in combat you feel adrenaline push and your metabolism speeds up. In combat hunger, thirst and sleepless grow much faster. Combat considered as begined when your sneaking state changes to [DANGER] and over when it becomes [HIDDEN].

Penalty leniency. While in combat new penalties will not be applied no matter how far you will exceed threshold. But once combat is over you will feel everything.

Metabolism slowing on sleep. When you sleeping your hunger and thirst accumulation is halved.

Cumulative growth rate. Weather, activity, combat and sleep influences is all multiplicative. Means if you will sleep at night at rainy weather your metabolism stats will grow very slow. At the same time if you will fight in clear sunny weather and moving with sprint your metabolism stats will grow very fast.

Sound effects. When you hungry you will hear your stomach rumbles. When you thirsty you will cough. When you sleepy you will yawn (currently very quiet sound).

Visual effects. When you get sleepy your vision will be blurry, and also you get spontaneous DoF problems.

Ingestibles common sense. Some food will restore more of your hunger, some less. More than that, some food will restore your thirst, but some will drain it. Alcohol restore some portion of thirst, but after some time thirst will strike back! All chems considered as psycho stimulators and restore sleepless, but you can't all the time on high, sleepless level will return after some time.

Reasonable consumption. Food, drinks and chems has minimum restore value and restore percent. Whichever is higher will be applied. Means you will not end up after five days of starvation eating five brahmin and drinking cistern of water.

Food spoilage. Some food will spoil fast, some slow, and some not at all. When food item is spoiled in player inventory will be added stale analog of item.

Recycle. You can recycle spoiled food into fertilizer at chem lab. recipes will shown under UTILITY category and only if you have some spoiled food, so your utility category will not be bloated.


Aside from SkyRiM I'm really unsure of Bethseda , New Vegas was unnecessarily quirky and weird, Great idea but the Vanilla version is really really poor , needs MODs