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@SecretPolice said:


The rektage is off the charts..Poo cows..

lol :P

How are you dealing with the fact 360 lost lemming?

Lol, KingHypocrite still not giving up after all that ownage.

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Pff, I don't know, these loot shooters are ok for some time but I'm burnout on them. Borderlands 1 and its DLC was great though.

Actually loot games have never really interested me much, diablo, etc all rely on these addiction mechanics. Rather play a shorter game with a good story/gameplay hence PS exclusives like GOW.

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@2_Quiet_2_Riot said:
@knight-k said:

Holy fck your meltdown is epic. So now you're hiding behind PC all of a sudden?! LFMAO!

Fact; Playstation destroyed Nintendo 3 fckin gens and made them irrelevant except for 30+ year old neckbeards.

PS is king, PC is nothing more than an indie box where idiots like you are getting ripped of by Gabe and Nvidia.

When was the last time a PC exclusive won GOTY? Oh yeah, LOL

Btw, how's RDR2 on PC? LMFAO! Keep on begging there peasant, you will always be an afterthought. Beggar race.

Meltdown? I didn't start this meltdown living in the past thread to begin with, crybaby. LOL. You don't know me. Have been a PC+Switch+N2DSXL through this gen. Best of both worlds in my opinion. Sorry, a piss poor console peasants like yourself can't afford to build a PC. Go cry to your mommy & daddy and ask for more money.

FACT: It's been relevant for the industry for over 100 years. And appeals to everyone. And has influenced most of what are standards in todays industry. Sony not so much, but instead got obliterated by Apple. Not my problem lonely insecure Cow peasant millennials like yourself are too stupid to appreciate Nintendo and are desperate to be cool by being that annoying crybaby little brother who tags along with the "cool crowd".....but at the end that "cool crowd" don't give a shit about you (if you get what I'm saying)........waaaaahhhh. LOL

PS = King? Nah, FACT= PC is still King - better superior hardware, better graphics, better exclusives that shits all over PoS exclusives. That's why nobody talks about PS exclusives, not even those 90+Million PS4 users. Cry some more GOTY, kid. That's the only thing you can cling to but the truth you can't seem to handle is PC obliterates your Pisstation Poor. LOLOLOL. Again you've given more laughs than laughing gas, keep it up and....

@VERTIGO47 said:

This thread truly absolutely delivered a catastrophic volcanic BUTTHURT from Cows. All because Days Gone Flop.

Last gen sales? Really? Truly pathetic, desperate, sad......I'm lost for words to describe you idiotic Cows.

Holy fck, this thread keeps on giving. You reach levels of butthurt and projection I've never seen before. It's all right little boy, these are only games.

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@kingtito said:
@son-goku7523 said:
@kingtito said:

@son-goku7523: Numbers released within a year vs numbers at the very least 3 years apart. Haha what a clown thinking it's the same

😂 Your own words destroy you. You were okay using MS' official numbers for years ago but now you don't wanna use Sony's updated official numbers because reasons....

Numbers from years that are close not numbers that are a minimum of 3 years apart. Huge difference clown but like I said use those numbers to help you feel better about yourself. It's obvious cows are still feeling the sting of gen 7. 2014 vs 2013 is a lot different than 2014 vs 2017 or later hahah clowns still feeling that sting

Damn you can't stop now can't you hypocrite?

Nobody outside rednecks would even contemplate about buying a 360 in 2014 when PS4 and Xbone were on the market. PS3 won lemming, gtfo out this thread you have been destroyed. You're only digging a deeper grave for yourself

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@kingtito You have been exposed as a hypocrite. It's time to stop posting and save the little honor you have left.

Your new nickname hence forth: KingHypocrite.

In the past: "Bu..bu..only official sales numbers we have now can determine if a system wins a gen or not"



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@son-goku7523 said:
@tormentos said:

Sure your not bro.

@kingtito said:

Sony confirmed 87M in 2017 - fact

MS confirmed 84M in 2014 with NO update since - fact

Do you see a problem with those numbers?

PS3 didn't win cow unless 2nd place is the new 1st. Still a fact is 1 number is from recent updates while the other is 5 years old. You can claim 2nd place or 1st place loser if you like, the FACT remains that beating MS is still speculation. It's cute though that cows are hanging on to this in hopes it makes them feel better. It must suck to know that the PS3 lost the most market share and had the worst versions of games. Let's not even talk about how long it took for it to finally catch up to the 360, a console it was supposed to pass in the 1st couple of months, according to all cows.

Now does THAT sound like a winner to you? It probably does, cows aren't called the clowns of SWs for nothing...let's repeat your motto "we don't love our console, we just hate yours"

@ajstyles@knight-kBenjaminBanklinZero_epyon Once again lets us challenge Kingtito all over the place arguments.

You see the bold part there on that quote up ^^ where he claim one number is from 2017 and the other from 2014 and ask if the person doesn't see the problem.?

@kingtito said:

Again where is the proof cow? Last official sales figures from BOTH companies had the 360 ahead. PS3 finished in 3rd kid, just accept it and move it. I swear I've never seen someone so happy about potentially getting 2nd place. Man cows are such jokes.

Well on this post from 2015 the xbox was 84 millions from 2014 last official number and the PS3 was 80 million from november 2013 and surely enough what kingtuna ask now if people see is what he didn't want to see back then on 2015.

The guy is a joke...hahahahaa

😂😂😂 EXPOSED!!!

So this clown was telling us to go by the official last numbers from Sony and MS 4 years ago and now he's saying Sony's new numbers don't count? What a total hypocrite and a clown!

^ ^ 😂 Wow! What a difference 4 years makes.


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@kingtito said:

@knight-k: Sure I'll accept it as soon as you show MSs up to date sales figures for the 360. Until then it's called speculation no matter how much you want to believe it.

PS I'm not the one claiming victory, I'm saying you can't call something a fact with only half the equation. Until MS provides the other half, it could ONLY be speculation even if that's most likely the case.

You see a difference in what I'm saying and what the clowns of SWs are? Probably not since we seem to be one of those clowns

By the numbers and facts we have today, PS3 won. THAT FCKIN SIMPLE. And untill we get new facts, that won't change.

@Steppy_76 said:

@knight-k: You really are too stupid to not get that you haven't proven anything. Whether the PS3 or 360 sold more I don't care, the only point of contention is that you don't understand the meaning of the word "proof".

We can only go by what we have and again, you really think 360 sold any significant amount after 2014? If so you're delusional.

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@kingtito said:
@knight-k said:
@kingtito said:
@knight-k said:
@kingtito said:

@knight-k: PS winning from the 360 huh? Winning as in lost most market share? As in went from selling 150M to 87M? As in lost the graphics and performance for an overwhelming majority of multiplats? As in took almost 10 years just to catch up and that's with the 360 selling virtually zero in 1 entire region? As in lost almost all of the profits from the previous 2 consoles? So much winning that Sony changed up it's game plan for gen 8? Sure sounds like winning to me /sarcasm

If you want to call winning using sales from 2014 vs 2017 then by all means. It only proves how desperate you cows are over the horrific collapse Sony had in gen 7. It also proves how pathetic cows are to feel better about themselves.

You win cow

Hahahahaha, a year headstart for 360 and MS still fcked it up.

Why can't you guys deal with the fact PS3 sold more than 360? I know, because you guys like to imply 360 was somehow successful? It wasn't.

PS3 won in games and sales. 360 was a failure and will be remembered for RROD, the same garbage tier rehashed exclusives aka halo/forza/gears and kinect setting up their next generation for failure hence Xbone.

But thanks for confirming we won. PS2,3 and 4 did better than all of the Xbox competitors.

Playstation and cows are again kings of SW.

A year head start yet it took 10 years for the PS3 to catch up selling in all 3 regions while the 360 sold in 2 out of the 3. Does that sound like winning to anyone?

Should ask yourself that since it's cows making threads trying to claim 2nd place using updated numbers vs old outdated numers from MS. Better check yo self before you wreck yo self.........wait you already wrecked yo self

Hmm MS had more games, more AAA, AA and A games, better performance and better looking multiplats for an overwhelming majority yet the PS3 some how won? Hahaah can we say delusional....what a clown

Playstation and cows are again clowns of SWs...fixed and confirmed. Thanks for playing but here is something you can continue to repeat "we don't love our console, we just hate yours"

More AAA games, you sure about that lemming? LMFAO!

Halo/forza/gears is nothing to boast about.

As you said earlier, we won. PS3 won, facts don't lie.

Facts don't but you do. 360 had more and that's counting all games not just exclusives as you're trying to do.

Once again 360 had more AAA, AA and A games as well as more overall games. back to your motto "we don't love our console, we just hate yours" and the clowns of SWs continues

Where are the numbers then lemming?

Anyway, 360 lost clown, accept it.