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Please Help

OK.. It's been a while since I played with my PSP! Since help choosing a good RPG game for my PSP.

Any suggestion?

will this be the year of RPG?

Since the golden days of RPG on the PS2 every RPG fan had a high hopes for the PS3 in this category. But let be honest here, there wasn't a single game on the PS3 that had an impact effect on the RPG fans. Yes there were couple of decent games like Dragon's Age & Valkyria Chronicles but are they what we were hoping for?

I believe that the days of RPG, although it hurts me to say it, will be never be as it was. Yes FFXIII & Resonance Of Fate have a lot of people waiting for them but with the huge jump in the online gaming, Action Adventure & FPS games that has emerged in the last 5 years I would bet on that these games are now the main games looking forward for around the world.

I hope FFXIII is worth the waiting & it will prove me wrong.

Moving to Chicago,IL

Ok, I just moved to chicago. It more than expensive than I thought. I just got my cable & internet installed in the apartment, so i guess I wont miss much anymore. I honestly didnt believe that Im in much of the internet until I missed it. For God sack I dont even want tv. It felt like the.... I dont know, but it was bad. Dont get me wrong, Im not a net geek, but the feeling that u dont have an internet in ur place is bad. U need it when u want it, that is all.

I think Im gonna like Chicago. My place is in the downtown, I dont need a car coz they have one of the great public transportation on the planet, I believe. But I think its gonna take more time than I thought to get adapted to this city.

I dont have any what so ever gaming device what so ever in my place. I gonna buy a PS3 soon, so I can get Assassin's creed II .

Selling your Car

One of the hardest moment I ever experienced. Maybe coz Im the one who bought it! But you still know that its the right thing to do, coz unfortunatley I NEEDED the money, since Im moving to a different country in couple of days. To whom is reading this blog, I advice not to sell it to a cousin or someone you know. They might rip you off by saying " you could go lower than the price your offreing" or "i'll pay you back later" or even " i thought there is no money issues between family". Dont get me wrong. I didnt sell a someone I know, but that is exactly what happened. Still I think I could have a better offer, but as we all know, its a recession time & I needed the money asap. So I advice any one PLZ sell before moving or for any given reason at least 1-2 months before.

Good luck to All