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Well it's Christmas

Yup Christmas day has arrived and I will be taking it easy with the familty having fun. Not much to say I wish all you guys a merry Christmas though. So far I have got $100 and Santa got me Saint's Row and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance but I am expecting lots more once the family comes over. :) I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Well happy Thanksgiving to everyone hope you have a good time I know I sure will. Um....food *goes to eat Turkey* see you later.

Extremely late entry about PS3

I was going to originally make this but didn't I am sitting here bored and decided to make a topic.

Well...my brother was someone able to get a PS3 believe it or not. It kinda confusing on what happened. His friends got there Wednesday morning to camp out and he went at night after work. Thursday he had to work to he had someone hold his spot all day. When I got home from School I took that guys spot from 4:00-7:00. And the next day Friday he took a day off. We still have it sitting here unopened the first eBAY bid no one bought so he is going to sell it again and I mean somehow has to buy it sooner of later.

Now let me tell you about what it what like waiting in the launch line:o. To some people the launch madness was everywhere not here. At Best Buy in Indiana we weren't fighting over our place in line arguing and Best Buy didn't hate us...in fact Best Buy ordered pizza for everyone in line there were at least 14 boxes two which were untouched and one that I took home :P. It sucked though cause we were all hungry and had to think of something to eat so we all threw in some money and someone went to go buy us Donatos with that money but it turned out that ten minutes later Best Buy had got us more... oh well the more the merrier.

One thing I hated about the launch line was how cold it was. People in the West might not have been cold but I was freezing my A** off. I got there with a sweat shirt and a pair of jeans and everyone said I was screwed they were right, luckily someone let me have his coat and then my mom dropped off another coat and even though I didn't have gloves Best Buy gave all us in line at least 30 pairs of Geek Squad shirts (man do they rock) so I used that as a pair of gloves but it didn't really work much at all. My hands were freezing cold and frostbite and my face was pure red with snoot dripping, I had to go in the Best Buy several times for the restroom (I should have stayed there) and then went back outside.

To be honest it was a pretty boring two hours most of the cool stuff happened after I left. It surprised me cause I thought we will would get cussed out by people driving by but we didn't. Some people drove by saying something vulgar which I will not mention then the other 30% asked if we were getting a PS3, the other 30% were all hyped and said WHOOOAAHHHH PLAYSTATION 3, and the other 30% starred at how pathetic some people really are.

There was however one extremely stupid thing happen. See we were standing there at around 6:00 and this group of people about 5 of them came at 6:00 and started setting up their tent I am like WTF? We originally weren't going to tell them they wouldn't get one but ended up doing so. So we went to the end of the line for a quick few seconds and told them they wouldn't get one. They didn't listen and were just like *huh* and stayed in line and didn't get one. Some people I don't get these days I mean 25 at a store yet a 40 people line.

Now when I l left that's a whole nother story. See the Circuit only had 6 PS3's (stupid Sony) and Simon Mall's didn't let you camp. Now there were cops everywhere making sure no one was on the property but some clever people found other ways, hiding behind bushes, hiding in dumpsters, behind trees, etc. Now what I don't get was even with SIX PS3's there were 100+ people trying to get one from there. Let me tell you there were over 30+ cops arresting people for this stuff I mean it madness. My brother and his friends went up there just to take a quick peek at what was happening and the cop yelled that if they crossed the street they would be arrested talk about authority abuse...but anyway it was just a riot.

When they opened the mall it was total chaos. It was a huge stampede of people running to the Circuit City once the doors were opened they instantaneously were practically clogged with people trying to squeeze through the door and only few were victorious in getting one. Luckily we weren't at the Circuit City.

So ya we still have one sitting here about to be sold but I will always remember the day November, 17th, 2006 as a day of madness.

This week will own

With both wii and PS3 launching there will be lots of excitement. There's the wii with the remote and all it's new games. Then there's the PS3 with it's sixaxis and is the most expensive console since the 3DO.

To be honest I am buying neither at launch. Wii I will probably just get for Christmas along with Zelda: TP, Red Steel and a few others, along with the Virtual Console. And as for PS3 I will probably not get for a while. Maybe not at all. I can't really spend $600 on a sinlge machine that just imo isn't worth it and I really don't think that the games look worth it. I mean out of 21 15 games are multiplat. Genji already proved itself with real-time weapon change, and Giant Enemy crabs. Resistance I honestly just don't care for and think that with 30 FPS it just won't do so well. Flaout 2 probably do that well due to the one on 360 flopping. And the others like Gundam I just don't care for. The only game I really want to play is Finaly Fantasy Xlll and MGS4 but I can easily wait.

Even though I am not buying the consoles it will still be an exciting week with lots to see and stuff that already kept be guessing like what scores the PS3 launch titles will get. Seeing if the PS3 will have technical issues which in all honesty I mean almost every game at launch has had it's problems and it's very possible that it could have tech problems. Seeing what will happen with the wii. Watching as PS3 fanboys go store to store for a PS3 in effortless hopes and fail. I remember last year with 360 in Texas somewhere these people wanting a 360 so bad that the all run into the stores having police use pepper spray to keep them away.

I can already picture something big happening and can't wait till the future to reveal itself watching as the game industry changes and seeing who will come out and be victouris in the console wars.

This weeks will no doubt and tons instore with lots of surprises at every second of every minute of every hour. See you next week cheers.

What am I doing+got call of duty 3 and gears of war

I recently just picked up both super awesome games Gears of War and Call of Duty 2 in the past week and have been gaming them to death. I was going to come on here and post some that I got Gears but was too lazy and went to go play it instead.:P I just got done playing some multiplayer then decided to come post this. I guess I will post impressions for both games once I have gotten at least 20 hours into them.

Burning crusader

As some may know gamespot had an 8 hour WoW BC beta test that they aired live. Now some say you had to watch it all 8 hours to get. No true for me it I only watched it a total of 8 minutes and got :P but oh well maybe maybe I am just that lucky. But anyway I am pretty glad I got it it is in my opinion the single coolest looking emblem on gamespot.

Behold the beauty of the burning crusader.

I am up to my eyes in guilty pleasure

I honestly don't know what I am doing. I have rented Dead Rising a total of 3 times now. The first being the no clue what to do rent. The second being the beat the game try to get achievements rent. And the third being the extra content get infinity overtime and all achievements rent.

I honestly was trying to fight the urge not to rent it but somehow feel short of that. I even almost promised myself not to rent it again but too late. What makes it more guilty is that last time I rented it I kept it over 7 days over the due date and had to pay a huge fee but I still rent it. Ughh I really don't know what I am doing right now this is too much.

Upgraded to plus

  I just recently decided to become a gamespot plus for far I think it's pretty cool.

That's what it looks like to anyone who didn't know.

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