About kkee

In the Beginning...

I've been gaming since my 6th birthday, when my parents gave me a Game Boy with Tetris and Super Mario Land. The iconic grey device, which I still have to this day, proved invaluable to me (and my parents) over the next few years as we travelled back and forth from the UK to south east Asia. The music and simple but difficult to master gameplay kept me busy for hours on long car rides, flights, and even sitting by the pool on holiday.

Best launch title ever?!
Best launch title ever?!
They don't make box art like this any more
They don't make box art like this any more

My first home console was the Sega Mega Drive. Sonic 3, FIFA '95 and Golden Axe were my poison of choice. I never did complete Sonic 3, and I'm current waiting for Sega to give it the proper remastering treatment on consoles so that I can go back and complete some unfinished work.

I eventually received a PlayStation (do all the great gaming platforms come in grey?) with 6 games, including greats such as Tekken 2, Crash Bandicoot and Worms, and some not so greats like Adidas Power Soccer 97. As we all know, the console changed everything forever, especially my enjoyment of games.

A Break from Gaming

In my late teens, I seemed to loose interest in video games. As you would expect there was the usual teenage things going on in my life (and a lot of unexpected events). I still followed the main industry events and logged onto various gaming websites such as GameSpy, eventually landing onto Gamespot in May 2003. SSX 3 was a bright spot during this time, which I picked up in October 2003 as a reward for passing my driving test.

Here and Now

My favourite genre is third person action adventures (everything from shooters to stealth only affairs), arcade racers and platformers. This is why most of my time this generation has been spent playing Burnout Paradise, the Uncharted series, any Metal Gear game I can find, some of the early Assassin's Creed games and many more similar experiences.

The Future

So what does the remainder of 2013 and beyond have in story? Most of this year is being spent trying to complete my backlog of PlayStation 3 and Steam games I've bought on the cheap but haven't actually played. Unfortunately adult life gets in the way most of the time and I'm sure there are many games I'll never get around to playing.

I've preordered a PlayStation 4 (the first console I'll ever pick up on launch day) but haven't decided which bundle to go for yet. I am liking the look of Killzone: Shadow Fall and the range of indie and AAA titles coming next year.

If anyone ever reads this far, be sure so let me know what games you're interested in or add me on PlayStation Network or Steam:

PSN: ObsidianKam

Steam: Obsidianable