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The Death of the Horror/Survival Game.

I recently fixed my Xbox 360 (THANK YOU JESUS!) And after I did I did a little browsing in my favorite genre. Survival horror games. Now many claim that this genre isn't dead, dying or even close to dying. But I disagree. Since the Silent Hill 4 nothing has satisfied my taste for horror. Some say "Kyle it's just cause your standards are too high." or "Dude the horror game industry is at it's peak." and even "Shut it queer Now as a gamer I can appretiate opinion (Though mine is the only one that matters.) So I was only offended by that last one. And the most common defense from these dicks is 'Just look at Resident Evil.' I agree RE is a titan in the gaming industry. But I would say a titan in the action game industry. Some might claim that I'm a total hypocrite because of my last blog about DR2. Again I say that Dead Rising is more of an action game than a horror game. I'm not afraid to go to sleep after a few hours of Dead Rising. I'm more afraid of Dino Crisis than that game (No disrespect to Dino Crisis that game is kick ass.) I just think that the industry of survival horror is coming to a close. And pray for Alan Wake to prove me wrong. Until next time this is Kyle signing off.

Dead Rising 2 combo system.

Well first off let me say I love gruesome games. I love them from Fallout 3's bloody mess perk to the Enviro-death fatalities in MK. And when I first saw Dead Rising 2 I immediately clicked on it. It was a video on the combo weapon system. Now I thought of the most bizzar combos imaginable. First of chainsaw and wheel chair. The video showed him catching zombies with the wheel chair so why not throw a chainsaw in there for good measure? How about pistol-knife? Too many zombies blocking my aim so stab through one and shoot the other. And a saw-bow? Why not, attatch the saw blade to a bow and arrow and watch a gory combo! How would that work you ask? Well how the hell should I know how does a helicopter toy support a machete? And who's to say you can't combo the combo? Toss a flamethrower on a giant teddy bear and see Freedom Bear's bastard brother Liberty Bear. And how about that d!ldo mean massager, what gruesome fun we could have together...killing zombies of course I mean I would never insert that anywhere (this is the part where I look frantically around.) And that broadsword could be great fun as well. Just put that car battery on there and BAM! Electric sword. How much fun would that be? Seeing this new info is two things. It's riveting gruesome and it makes me tingle down south. But is also daunting and oh so cruel that we should be forced to wait until august! However I can always hope that there will be an early release a demo or a boot leg copy for me to look at googily eyed like a school girl at the football captain. Until than this is Kyle signing off.