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Well... They Announced it

Yep, the Wii's successor has been confirmed.

Here's the Gamespot news link:;img;1

No further details have yet to be announced, but Game Informer suggested that it will be HD enabled.

I was going to make a blog about something else...But i'll get to that in a little bit ;)

In another gamespot news article (written by Tor Thorsen) Tor writes, "according toa translation by Japanese gaming blog Andria Sang, is that the platform won't arrive in any territory during Nintendo's current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2012."

So, its not coming out until after April 2012. :(

It is also unlikely for the Wii 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) to support 3D.

This is said to be because 3D TV's have yet to receive a wide adaptation rate.

Well, that's about it on Wii 2



The ending is the best anyone could expect!

Ok, it's getting late here I'll talk more about portal 2 in my next blog!


Easter+2011 VGC's

Happy Easter sunday everyone!

And if its no longer Easter where you live, happy Monday!


I'm going to the 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championships!!!

We so exited!!!

That song is TERRIBLE!!!!!

I'm not sure about my team right now but right now I have:


HP 243/Att 226/Def 180/Sp. Atk 200/Sp. Def 109

-Razor Shell A good move that does a surprisinglylot of damage due to Samurott's high Attack

-Swords Dance

-Hydro Pump for STAB (which zwgiantsfan taughtme about ;))



HP 194/Atk 157/Def 237/Sp Atk 98/ Sp Def 182

-Curse (I'm going to change this but I need a good Grass type Attack move to replace it)

-Explosion (I'm going to change this but i'm not sure what i'll replace it with)

-Flash Cannon

-Power Whip


Att 134/Def 124/ Sp Atk 234/ Sp Def 182

-Fire Blast

-Quiver Dance

-Heat Wave This move is excellent, it does a high amount of damage and attacks both of the opponent's Pokemon (It's Double Battle Format)

Bug Buzz


HP 224/Atk 239/Def 183/Sp Atk 128/Sp Def 136

-Superpower So I can cover it's ice weakness

-Outrage for STAB


-Dragon Claw for STAB


Right now his stats are low and he doesn't have very good moves because I just caught him but I have it covered.


HP 180/Atk 110/Def 153/Sp Atk 146/Sp Def 180

-Heal Block



-Future Sight

(I'm going to switch Flatter with Focus Blast)

So, what should I change and what should I keep?

If anyone else here is going, good luck and I hope to see you in the finals! 8)

Epic Blog!

First off, I have been in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania for the past 2 days.

Its was really fun!


LucasFilms has announced that they will be re-releasing all 6 Star Wars films in Stereoscopic 3D!

The first one is coming to theaters February 12, 2012.

Which one is first? Phantom Freaking Menace!

Oh well, I'm such a huge Star Wars fan I'll probably see it anyway.

I haven't seen Episode 1 in a while, BECAUSE IT WAS THE WORST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!


Entertainment Weekly released a picture of the new Red Skull Costume for the upcoming movie; Captain America: The First Avenger.

Looks pretty cool! I have to see this movie!


And Finally, in 2013 Austin Powers 4 will be released.

The movie is currently unrated, and will be entirely from Dr. Evil's perspective.

Now I have to watch the first 3! 8)


The Germany manufactured app Tiny Wings surpassed Angry Birds in total amount of sales.

I absolutelyhave no idea what this app is about, but if its more addicting than Angry Birds it should be good.


Wii 2 Time!

At this point anything about the Wii 2 or any upcoming Nintendo console is completely speculation! It is quite possible no new console will be announced at E3 this year!

I really hope there is no Wii 2 announced at E3.

The 3DS just came out and I'd hate to see Nintendo stop advertising it so quickly.

And the rumors bout the touch screen controller? Hopefully all fake.

I can only see this being used as a menu function in-game.

It'd be too bulky and cost too much for it only being used as a menu!

Nintendo would try and sell it at around $55, which would be waaaaay too much!


I guess that's it!

2 Great Games!

I spent all day yesterday playing Mortal Kombat and Portal 2.

I am stuck on Chapter 4 in Portal 2 but, I have to say its SUPER FUUUN!!!!!!!

I've already spent about 3 hours and its just getting started!

Its also much more hilarious than the original (And the original was pretty funny 8))

I haven't gotten to play Co-op yet, but when I get to it i'll blog.

Right now Portal 2 is a 9.5/10


Mortal Kombat is also great!

So far its the best fighting game of the year!

I beat Arcade with Scorpion and Cyrax.

Online i have 4 Wins 2 Losses.

Story mode is lengthy and fun!

Right now Mortal Kombat is a 9.0/10


If you want to Fight or play co-op in portal send me an invite!

For those of you that don't know my PSN is kittygus1

Number 1!

It's 11:30 at night here, so i'm gonna make the blog quick.

I got my first Platinum today!!!

It was Sly 1 in the sly collection!

Next up, either Sly 2 or Terminator Salvation!

I started Terminator on hard, and i'm stuck on the part with the three T-900's in Chapter 3.

Die Already!

Well, I guess that's it see you when Portal 2 rolls around.

Platinum Patrol

I took a little time off from ME2.

You may not know this, but about a year ago my original PSN account, kittygus, was somehow deleted.

I still have no idea how it happened, and I tried really hard to recover it.

But, it was gone :cry:

I was level 6 trophy hunter which was good for only having a PS3 for a short time.

And, I lost tons of trophies from games like infamous (52%), LBP (63%), and Terminator Salvation (81%)

I created my new account, kittygus1, which I use today.

I'd be somewhere around level 12 and have about 800 something trophies.

But, now I will avenge my original account and reach level 12!!!!

I am going to Platinum all three Sly Cooper Games and terminator salvation.

And when Portal 2 comes out I have my fingers crossed that i'll platinum that too ;)

Which Game Should I Get?

I'm playing Mass Effect 2 and it's really fun!

i'm not very far into it, but i'm already addicted :o

Next week I'll be busy playing Portal 2, it's going to be AWESOOOMEEEE!!!!!

After that i'll have MK from Easter and i'll play that for a while.

Oh, btw I'll have a review up for all these games once I get them.

There's not many games coming out in May, besides L.A. Noire.

I'll probably get either Heavy Rain or Bioshock 1 or 2.

Which one should I get?

Another short blog........track takes a lot out of me :roll:

New Infamous Interview

Portal Investment Opportunities: Boots


Yesterday, I stopped by my local gamestop.

I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but I ended up with a game!

I was either going to get;

a new copy of Mass Effect for PS3 at full retail price,

a used copy of Bioshock for Xbox 360 at a cheap price of $9.99,

or a used copy of Heavy Rain for $29.99

I've been wanting to play all three for a while so I came across a hard decision.

I don't really trust used Xbox games because the discs scratch really easily,

and I was looking for a little more action...

So i got Mass Effect 2!!!!!


I counted up my money, and i don't have enough for Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat!!!!

I'm thinking i'll get Portal 2 and ask for MK for Easter!

also YAY!

so i guess that's it, bye!

EDIT: I just entered the Bioshock "Name In the Game" Contest!

Read more about that here

and Twisted Metal has a release date of October 4th!

Weird Day

Today was messed up :o

At track, we were running around the school and one of the coaches told us to get in the school.

I still don't know what exactly happened but there was talk of a guy with a gun.

We were all quarantinedin the school and our parents had to show ID to pick us up :o

Really weird.

That's all i know right now.

The week of the 17th is going to be AWESOOOOME!!!

Monday the 18th Portal 2 comes out and the 19th Mortal Kombat comes out!!!!!!

I'm getting them both for PS3 :)

YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! :P

Portal 2 Investment opportunity #3: Turrets

Sorry for the short blog, folks!


The Talk About Nintendo Union is starting a Gym battle challenge! There are still a few Gym leader positions available so check out this link for the rules and sign up!

I am the Water Gym leader! I am currently making my team, when I'm done I will be unstoppable! :twisted:

If you want to battle me outside of that my Black Friend Code is: all of my pokemon are around level 70 so just PM me with the details.

So i guess that's all I need to blog about today 8)

My shiny Scolipede (His name is "shiny")

Portal 2 wait song!

APril is gonna be awesome! :D