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Why we all loved uncharted 2 , is because we had some out of this world creatures , a crazy fancy train scene and the BAD guy wins. and drinks the portion. but when all hope is lost the under dog DRAKE, still beats the bad guy ..

uncharted 3, the biggest thing they were promoting was the airplane and it didn't even last 5 minutes. drake should had got hold of the plane, but the plane would be going down after a little dog fight with some other planes then drake would had to jump off and grab one of the crates in a free sky diving.. Marlowe should have got the treasure and open the box and it should have caused DJINN in her to rise and drake had to beat her.. that would have made that game perfect.

uncharted 4, no more mystical creatures.. and the bad guy doesn't win, drake wins.. no crazy scene like the epic train ...yeah great scenery.. nothing we can SAY was EPIC ... i gave it a 8, its worth playing but not worth playing twice..