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Mario has affected the world like no other game, it has given us Joy, anger but also depressions. It all started back in 1981 when Shigeru made his first game starring Mario -known as Donkey Kong. When Mario first appeared on the big screen, he was not even called Mario but "Jumpman". Not only that, he was also a carpenter and not a plumber.

One day when Minoru Arakawa the president of Nintendo of America in New York got to see "Jumpman" he thought that he looked so much like the landlord of their office and his name was Mario Segali. Since Mario Segali also came from italy they thought Mario could as well.When Shigeru made Mario, he wanted him to be a person in your normal life, an "everyday guy" so that the players could identify themselves with him. Because of the limitations of Nintendo’s older systems Mario ended up looking like he do today. That means on the other hand, that if the systems could have handled more, Mario could also have looked much different.

Luigi, Mario’s brother could for the first time be seen in the game "Mario Bros"

Compared to mario he was a little bit different, even though they looked almost the same.

People more commonly prefer Mario over Luigi though he is still more than well welcomed by many. Mario has always taken the hounour while Luigi has been standing in the shadows of his success. Talking about a lesser known fact, Mario’s name is Mario Mario and Luigi’s Luigi Mario. Today it can be seen as sheer stupidity to name a character like that, but back when Mario along with his brother Luigi hit the big screen, it would not make much of a matter. People just did not care about their names, but the sheer fun it offered.

To bring up a character loved but also hated by many, King Koopa also known as "Bowser".

He is Mario’s number one arch enemy, but without him Mario would not have come this far.

Among the fans of the popular Mario games, King Koopa is well known as the tyrant who constantly tries to kidnap Mario’s friends. Most commonly Princess Toadstool, also called "Peach". Mario has many friends but also many enemies, and his enemies tends to end up helping King Koopa on his way to kidnap Mario’s friends and to defeat Mario.

In Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island, the player controlled Yoshi, Mario’s new-found friend fist seen in the Super Mario World. But tis time mario is a baby and as a baby he can not do anything on his own so Yoshi has to take him through some places in order to save him from the evil King Koopa. Luckily not only mario is a baby, so is King Koopa. Be sure that Mario does not get kidnapped, then your adventure is over.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Miyamoto was a student at Kanazawa Munici College of Art and Crafts, at the time he was into music and guitar playing so the school took him 5 years to complete since he only attended half the time. When he was done with school he did not know what to do, but what he did know was that he did not want a boring job. So he asked his father to contact one of his old friends. Shigeru’s father contacted Hiroshi Yamauchi who ran Nintendo and still runs it. Hiroshi agreed but made sure that they only have needs for engineers and not painters.

Two years later after Shigeru’s graduation Hiroshi called for him. When they had their meeting Hiroshi was first skeptical about hiring him but the next meeting when Shigeru showed him some ideas for toys Hiroshi hired him, and as the main artist for the company even if he had made it clear before that they did not need any.

One day in 1980 Shigeru was called to Hiroshis’s office and was told that he wants him to start working as a game designer.

Later that year he got his first project, he was to continue on a poor "shoot ‘em up" game called Radarscope, but he stopped that project and wanted to start working on an other. The first idea he got was to make a Popeye game, but as their name license fell. He decided to work on a "Beauty and the Beast" kind of game. He was looking in an english dictionary for the word "goofy", and he found the word "Donkey"

Since there was a famous film in Japan called, King Kong. The name turned Donkey Kong.

Luckily it became Nintendo’s first real breakthrough. After that Donkey Kong had been released, it was clear that Shigeru had the talent Nintendo wanted. To count his value for Nintendo was as possible as to count how many water drops there is in a sea.

In 1984 Shigeru got his own team refered to as "Entertainment Team", it made him very proud and hounoured. In his times he has made enormous huge hits such as the Zelda’s, Mario’s, Donkey Kong, to bring up a few. Shigeru mainly gets his ideas from books, popular tv series, films but also from his own experiences as a kid, Some would think that he copies the ideas right from where he got them, but that is not the case.

My life playing Mario games.

Mario has showed me what real gaming is, and what a gamer should be looking for in a game.

The game is rather simply in most ways but still it does feel very unique to me and many others. There simply is not many words to describe the emotions Mario has rendered in me and many other people. Back in the early days it was top notch, though there was significantly a number of games that by graphics could beat it. But without talking about graphics, what Mario games offered was not the graphical pleasure but the fun everybody deserves.

What can be seen in the earlier games is that things were much different graphical but the ground is still there in the newer games - they follow the line quite well. Sometimes it can be a problem as since the level of being unique can sink somewhat. However making a game completely unique and different each time would take ages and besides sometime the makers would get empty of ideas. It is simply not possible to release game after game and keep the same fun-factor in each, but Mario games really makes you wonder if it is.

What can be seen today is that game designers mostly use violence, gore and things like that to make the player stunned and impressed by the game’s graphical atmosphere. But when they do. Do not they miss out what the point of making a game is? of course selling millions of copies of a game is their goal. But making a game more impressive by graphics rather than making it fun is like making a cake that looks very fine but that can not be eaten.

For a few years I have been blinded by that kind of games, but the last few months I have been back on my old track again and then I ask myself, what have I been thinking?

What have I been thinking when I believe that a game for its gory atmosphere can in truth beat a game that relies only on gameplay?

After all, I can not blame myself, for the makers behind those kind of games want us to overlook the flaws. Over and out.