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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Hi to all, I gotta rush this as the plane leaves in 4 hrs, I'll be going on holiday for 2 & half months so to all friends this is wished earlier than normal:

*see title*

Be safe!! And be gamey during the holidays :D

Halo 4 Confirmed

Unfortunately by me :P

But hey don't worry I'll tell you why:

Good ideas do not come about very often and for something to sell 170 million on release means that it's gotta be a continuation. It's not exactly like the guys at bungie and microsoft are stupid, if they know it makesthat muchthen hey why not continue the line and laugh it off whilst rubbing your head and saying: "oops I guess it's not a trilogy after all" aha aha aha

And thats exactly what they meant: "a trilogy" , dear friends and ppl I don't yet know in my friends list "A TRILOGY!!!"


That's exactly the point! (I'm not going crazy) Halo is finished! It's destroyed, all the remaining rings are completely erased from this fictional world, the characters are dead including Mr you know what luckily all you gotta do is wait till after the credits instead of weeping! And so for all intents and purposes Halo is now completely finished, and thats where the trilogy comes in: "Halo 3 will be the end of what has been a trilogy"

And now heres the good part, for those who have completed the game via legendary mode (or just on youtube)will have no doubt seen the extra part after what most of us saw after heroic, MC has now gone into hibalation sleep after cortana says: "I'll send a beacon but it'll probably take them months to find us, even years" which in truth Mr you know what actually goes for 228 years of time frozen sleep which is when the screen goes black for a few seconds before the extra cutscene kicks in: they are now arriving on what appears as a planet.

And that my friends is exactly whats gonna happen in "whatever they call it for the fourth game" Halo is over, it's time to clean up the mess in some other related tale to Halo's. Which also proves what bungie very cheekily said: "halo is a trilogy and halo 3 will be the end of it"

Some of us achievement goers on our xbox 360's and we all know that there were terminals linked to a achievement called marathon man, this achievement let us in on some information about the forerunners and how a huge threat brought them to an end, that doesn't mean that they couldn't have spread and got away.

Now seeing that they went through a portal, what seemed like an instant could have been years, or maybe not. But we know that half of the ship carrying the MC got separated. Now knowing that he is drifting towards a planet, it could possible be a planet of the forerunners or a planet where marathon takes place.

Don't forget master chief goes into a cryo sleep at the end of the game meaning he went on to sleep for these 228 years, and he awakes: Halo is finished, the tagline "finish the fight" is appropriate, because you do, but it seems a new one is at hand regardless of what Master Chief finds.

Most importantly, his final words are "wake me when you need me..." now if they are drifting towards a planet, cortana is going to have to let him in on this, so this shows that he will be waked at some point and need to be shown where he has ended up.

And that my friends is exactly what went through the head of the developement team when they spoke out about after halo 3: "halo 3 has ended, it's time for another completely different but related sequel"

If nothing else hopefully I've sparked some interest, now we can only... hope


With less than 5 days and 12 hrs to go I'm gonna write something about it all.

If you are one of those people who are still sane after all this promotion, ads, bottle coverings, museum of histories, friend's rants then you must be one of those people who secretly humming the mjoinder's mix whilst walking to school. You could be one of those people who hide a plush doll of the famous Mr MC under your bed, heck you might even bring him out everyday and worship him. You must then also be one of those people who lay lazily with your head on the desk during class drawing heart shapes on your notebook and writing the words: Mr MC and ME, hey you might even go: "aaah *blush* sigh" and giggle..

But if you are not one of those people then you must be insane

But hey I won't hold it against you, nope not at all. A lot of people are going to the midnight release day but hey I'm not, no I will be safely laying on bed, sweating all over and humming the mjoinder's mix to sleep knowing I'll be getting it couriered to my doorstep first thing in the morning.

Theres just one thing whilst all this is going on: What if it all turns out to be a real sucky disappointment? What if the single player doesn't go out in a bang? What if Mr MC can't aim straight? Or worse what if Mr MC shows his real face?

But hey I do know one thing: That we'll all be getting our legendary ed, and that no guy or gal will be attending class on that OH YES! YES! YEEES!! day..

Mr MC and ME will see you all online.

Most Memorable Moments (MMM)

Hiye :) first of all I would just like to say BEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSEEEEEEEEEEERK!!!!!!!!!! GUTS!!!!!!!!!! PUCK!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!!

Now, I would like to list games I've played which gave me the most memorable moments, name urs or make comments regarding mine.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent Drifting down on the skyscraper part in Shanghai, snapping Moss' neck and saving the only girl in the game, don't know about you but I tried everything to save her incl blowing up the ship and killing hundreds :roll:

Resident Evil 4 Just about everything about this game is memorable, from the first guanado, finding Ashley, getting infected, the boss fights, the available upgrades, the tossing around don't know which item to chuck away when the cache is maxed. Unbelivable.

Metal Gear Solid 3 I didn't really know what was going on for the first ten hrs or so of gameplay :D till the ending, crying at around 11pm in the night and staying up still thinking about it.

Kingdom Hearts Everything about this game, the Opening Song OMG that hit me like a thunderbolt when I was drenched! I was small back then and easily attached to the characters, the world and the like like relationship between the two main characters, especially the ending, unlocking the secret movie, everything can be summed up in one big big size 8 word: Magical

Final Fantasy X I jogged around awhile before finally deciding to get this, hey I was short on money back then since I was only 13. What struck me was the story though, I couldn't sleep without playing this game, I used to miss eating times, stuffed the game underneath my pillow etc etc. All of this can also be summed up in one big big big size 8 word: Magical

Final Fantasy X-2 Just the song "Thousand Words," saw it at around 5am after couldn't go to sleep watching a vampire movie (accident), repeating it again, :D one of my fav.

God of War From the very start, the brutality of it, the not giving a damn about anything else feel, the boss fight at the beginning, jumping up and down at the excitement of the hydra, but whats really memorable is not the scale of it all but simply the puzzles, they are truly incredibly unbelievable.

God of War II Just two, first slamming the door repeatedly against the hero on the huge four horses stage (just before reaching the island of the sisters), hehehe hilarious that and second I felt really unique was the stage called entrance to ---- something, anyway it was the part where you had to jump from one pillar to the other, hell of an entrance.

Half-Life 2 From the very start I was astounded by the whole movie like feel,being really attached to all the characters you meetand as the game continued I couldn't stop shaking my head knowing that this was simply one of the best games ever. Ravenholm was equally unbelievable if not unnerving.

Halo Pretty much my first FPS, the storming of thebeach close to the start and dropping landing defending whats rest of the marines, but what was memorable was the assault rifle, burst fire oohhhhh love that spread! Luckily we are bringing it back in Halo 3!

Halo 2 Delta Halo, Arbiter's first lv, playing the game on legendary, simply one of my most played games. Kicking my friends again and again and again (this is primarily because all three were newbs and one of them can't even be considered a newb :roll: , but it felt good repeatedly getting three times their no. of kills and getting shouted atanyway hehe :D ).

Hitman: Blood Money The executions were really something else! Especially during the lv in the morgue I really felt then that the uniqueness of the game sprang out.

Oblivion Uh.. everything? lol

Doom 3 Bought the game, stayed on the shelf collecting dust for two yrs (scaaared) before finally playing and finishing it just the beginning of this year.

Dead or Alive 4 2 players!! Especially with my parents and gfconvinced to give it a try. Great fun, not so much when played alone :cry:

Call of Duty 2 Had to be taking a sniper's position, but there was this one time on live when I felt my level of exp (and it's very low) was the same as others there were 10 we keeped playing on different maps, sniper styled, on one map (the african town setting one) I found myself on a higher spot, killed one player then found out that others spawned right there!! It was an alleyway, needless to say I took five in ten sec before having to reload and getting the same treatment (they had to aim up).

Memorable games do not need to be high rated games, name yours andI'll see you all soon on Halo 3!

The Best Games of All Time

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I just had my first semester exams like three weeks ago, but I needed to relax till now, went skiing and a wholeloada stuff, and I've got only one more week of break left (it's okay, I've already cried). I wish I had a year off or something :roll: (but then again, it'll prob just go like tht snap).

But anyways I'm back with a brand new computer! Yes I was supposed to get this asap and come back but I lied, I'm sorry. It's not actually a laptop as I originally planned and this was due to only one reason:


I mean the best I could get is like a 7950 from Alienware and thats like 5 grand!! When I could just simply get a desktop with all that jazz for a mere $25 (thats like 25 hundred and not the price for two movie tickets) and for that I even get free LOGITECH SPEAKERS!!! YUP 5.1 only I'm afraid but it's all good. But the only reason I got this instead of the laptop is because of one reason:


It's actually not white, it's black, anyways I got this and then I found out 2hrs 350mls later that the nineth series is coming out in november!!!!!! And that was like supposed to be twice as powerful as the powerful thing I got right now is supposed to be!!

I feel like I've just been cheated or something, but it's okay I can live (I can't actually) and the point was I got a lot of pc games to go with it!! All the latest and some old ones to finally bring my total games to a count of 162. Okay enough on with the main point of the blog:


The following is a list of what I thought in all my collections and none collections the best games I have ever played (personal opinion only, any thoughts by the public, please please feel free to email me later so I canblock you)

  • Age of Empires II Gold Ed (PC)
  • The elder sc.. blah OBLIVION! :D (xbox360)
  • Final Fantasy X (PS2)
  • Gears of War (xbox360)
  • God of War (PS2)
  • Half-Life 2 (xbox)
  • Halo: Combat Evolved (xbox)
  • Halo 2 (xbox)
  • Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC)
  • Kingdom Hearts (PS2)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2)
  • Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
  • Starcraft (PC)
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (PC)

And there You have it!! There were a few more that could have made it to the list but what you have in front of you is simply the best of the best, of the bester of the bestest according to one kingdomarbiter!

I'm still trying to get used to this vista thing and I'll be spending sometime on msn hopefully so add me add me add me:

Oh yeah and also add me on xbox live toooooooooooo please, I would like to game with a lotta yous (you know who you are!).

Marka NZ (Gamercard and PS3 account opposite)

This was a crazy thing actually. I never knew about MGC (if you didn't too I'm glad).Well actually I did but I only checked once when I first bought the white box ageeeeeeeeeeeees ago, anywaysI logged on two days ago, updated my gamerscore from 0 to 30310 and found out that I'm actually currently writing ranked 15 in the country!!!!!!!! And thats like 5500 something around the world. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Oh and I had a weird az dream last week, I dreamt I found these two huge marshmallows, I was real happy, ate em all and then I woke up and found that my two pillows were gone.

Anyone had the same dream?


Nothing to write except three words:


Thats four words, hahahahahhahahahaha

Okay.. I'll be back in about three weeks when I get a new updated laptop, so see ya then!

BE SAFE......






I'll be back in two weeks after the parties over


How are you?

How is everybody? Sorry exams coming up (most important of my life) so I don't have time to go around checking everybody's blogs.

Give me a brief update of yourselves okay?

Oh yeah got xbox live, show u'al the card next blog (after the exams and partying, last exam 29th calculus)

GOW 9.6? WoW

Noooooo!! Don't Press That!! We Musn't!!! Aaaaaaah...

:P Hello *waves*

I meant:


hahahahaha :lol: okay.. :roll:

Anyway :P this month's blog! (oh yeah to make it quick, exams for upcoming university entrance in two weeks, yup now don't mention it to me again or I'll get real :evil: and :cry: )

First off! Anime recommendations!! These are the best I've read in the past month:


This guy is THE MAN!! seriously this series is outrageously funny, of course it's all unreal since the guy hits just about everything, enjoying life at all comers

He even goes around all day introducing himself: Hi My name is Onizuka, 22 years old, still a V (ya know), but there is something pulling him since hes so tough, use to come from a bike gang you see.. (hes outta this world)

Watch it if you can, I'm getting the series on DVD asa I can.

Nothing like shouting GTO out loud!!!

Oh yeah watchers gotta be over 15 though cause of you know what..

As said a few months ago, this series IS A++++++++++!!

It is a dark anime though but there are hope and blah blah blah ya know all that light talk and stuff.

You might not recognize this series, the names Kazan, absolutely awesome stuff, again it's got a real sad mood to it but it is awe inspiring (btw in case you were thinking, the girl is just jumping thats all :roll::lol: okay)

Maison Ikkoku really really old but nevertheless so real life like!! And highly addicting, OH YEAH

I don't know how famous this is, but it is the original 2000 page manga epic and it ROCKS! So hard to tear away, the action is suspense and real, you can actually feel yourself in the manga like a movie!

I also had a brief flirt with this, yeah it's pretty famous now but I did Vol: 1, 4 and 5 and it's alright.. lets just leave it at that (no one throw bricks at me)

That's it for anime recommendations, I've been doing too much of these things (WHAT?? JUST BEFORE THE EXAMS??? SHUT UP!!!!!)

Gaming recommendations now:

First off I finished this:

Last night, in just over 28 hours, so not as long as I thought and I managed to clock half the worlds with mickey signs on em and I was lv52, what can I say? The game is good but somehow I felt the first one more attractive :D

Good, but not great, I definitely liked Hitman: Blood Money better but this is also probably because this game was waaaaay too short.

What really sparked me was this game, a 5.9 on gs and not much ppl trying it out (even I only give it a 7.7)

N3 or Ninety Nine Nights on the 360, the scores might be low but it is really awesome, probably because the female cast is just as awesome but :lol: yeah.. really good game, try it out if you can. It's long as well

One last one of the PSP:

If you have a PSP then you gotta get this game, it IS OFF THE ROOF! I MEAN CHAIN!!

Because we all know that Tekken is the best fighting game out there, street fighter was the first but it never adapted to 3D

Now for something depressing:


9.0???? WTH?

The spot light for XII is this as said by Mr Kasavin himself:

This long-awaited chapter in one of the world's most popular role-playing series features an inspired look, boldly redesigned strategic combat, and a long, engaging story.

X again by Mr Kasavin himself:

If you've been waiting for the definitive role-playing game for the PlayStation 2, here it is.

The review done by XII was 2 pages!!! 2 PAGES FOR A 60 HR GAME!!! X was 5!!!! And the video review was a special 10 mins one I guess X is just de best :P few games come close to the good story. Oh well..



I love it when he goes:

Stupid guy :lol: : Be afraid! Sparta will burn to the ground.

Stupid guy take two: This is blasphemy, it's madness!

King Leonidas: Madness?


And when he says:


Awesome stuff, oh yeah I drew up a shopping list of games that I'm gonna go and get on the 8th of Dec (straight after the exams and 2 months break!! oh YAY!! Also the next day of Wii Launch)


  • F.E.A.R.
  • COD3
  • Gears of you know what
  • Xtreme 2


  • Dirge of Cerberus


  • 40K Dark Crusade
  • Mark of Chaos
  • Medieval 2


  • GTO Boxed Set

And the best of em all is THE


Since the PS3 is late again for the launch till next year, this will gotta do, I look forward to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, OOT is still by far the highest rating done by me so this should be good.

A friend of mine finally got himself a 360, of all the ppl I know who have one is 3!! THREE!!!! TROIS!!! And thats including me!! OMOgosh so I better get the Wii or what I'm I gonna do?

Ending it with a song recommendation: Gomenasai (I'm sorry) by TATU

P.S newborn kittens are such a nuisance :P I've recently just gotten 4 new ones and they can't stop yapping, GOSH! Anyone know whats wrong?

Till next time:

Thinking about you..


Try it:

Take d date u born,





+month u born,




+last 2 digit of d year u born,


Notice anything?

Dont del.

Its interesting.

Almost done with KH2, lv41 and ooooooo I've gotten 3000gamerpoints for the 360!! YAY!!

P.S Nxt blog will contain me trying to find and come up with all sorts of curses about how the PS3 won't be released here till next yr.

:D (smiling right now is just trying to stop myself from jumping)