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zippity do-daa! zipity yay.. my-oh-my, what a wonderful day!!

i'm so happy right now:)

i went to a good will looking for crap and i found a ps2 with no cables for $15 yay!!

i got it because i could just use the ps1 cables and it works!!.. can't wait to play star ocean:D

i also went to a salvation army thrift store and i found a sega genesis.. i already had one but it was broken.. so this was a replacement.. and it works too!!.. yay!!

but the best part is that i found something really cool.

donkey kong coleco thingy

a little mini arcade machine of donky kong made by colleco in 1982.. Ooooooo..

the sticker in the front is missing and it probably doesn't work, but i'm still happy:)..

i have never had this much luck in one day:)


i also had a prophetical dream.. i dreamt that i found a virtual boy and a sega master system for $26.92 for both.. wouldn't it be creepy if i did find them .. O_o