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I talked about ALL of you

i have no life.. ENJOY!

789shadow: he's cool.. but i don't see him, that much

amazinglyHXC: banned :cry:

andalore: i don't see him that much

andyboiii: he's cool but i don't see him that much, he's also a laker fan.. i like the lakers but i'm not a laker fun cuz i'm not destructive:P

aryoshi: awsome:)

Ashley_wwe: really cool:)

astrozombie37: she's awsome and can remeber birthdays

AwesomeKenny: don't know where he's at..

Backlash24: cool:) and is really nice

badron11: don't see him to often

BattleTurtles: banned :cry:


bigM10231one of the first people i remeber when joining the site:)

bloomberg23i don't see him that much

cheesyjonreally cool:)

ClearDaggerhe's awesome:)..and he likes ninja gaiden i think

cliffangelreally nice and loves her RPGs:P

Cloud_765one of the first peopl to track me even before i knew that tracking some one ment they wanted to be your friend:)

ColdP1zzareally cool.. but i don't see him that much

ContraQueeni use to be scared to click on her profile cuz she had a really scarry avatar.. but she was nice enogh to track me first:)



Crimsaderi think he left.. i dunno


Daavpukeawesome!!:)..he was one of the first people i remember on this site

Darkman2007slightly jk.. not realy, there's worst than dark man just look atWitIsWisdom:P.. and darkman is really cool

DazedDarknessi accendently tracked him cuz i thought he was someone but he's still cool:)


dog64really cool

DR-ZMBKawesome and has really cool blogs

dragonmaster64i don't see him that much

DraugenCPmakes really nice blogs:).. at first he didn't wanna track me back, untill i told him that works 2/3 time (those are real number by my own experience:P)

DSmonreally cool.. one of the first peopl i remeber in gamespot


E-123Wario54she is one of the coolest users.. but she hasn't loged in in a long time

Emerald_Warriorbefore him i use to think a collecter was a weirdo who though hes was better than everyone else( like comic book guy from the simpsons) he broke that steryotype and now ima collecter too:P

exberreally cool poet

fend_oblivionhe left but now he's back again yey!!

FooFighter92i don't think he's comming back

FreakShow11i don't know who this is.. but i'm sure he's cool

FunRatreally cool:)

gamedude2020i think he was the first person to track me:)

gamefree2really cool:).. and so is his brother that use to use his acount

gamerguru100i like how he always complanes no one reads his blogs but he never reads anyone elses blogs:P.. but he's still cool..

GAMERKID707don't see him that much

garrett_duffmanor him..

GHlegend77really cool:)

ghoklebutterhe's really mean!!:cry: ..jk he's cool too:P

Gmythei dont see him that much


Goobberzzwhooos a goofy goober yea!! were're a goofy goober yea!! GOOFY GOOFY GOFY GOOBER!!

hedden93really cool

Hellfire-1he's awesome and is a really nice person:)


hunter531also cool

IceManAVWAicemans awesome!!

Invidiousnesshe's really cool but i don't see him that much


jazzfan4he's one of the people i remeber when i first joind.. i feel i should have tracked him a long time ago.. but he was nice enogh to track me first.. thanks!!:)

JordanizProhe use to be the nicest person in gamespot.. now he's,jk.. not really he's still awesome!:)


Kasp_Falcohe's cool but i don't see him any more

kevorksalloumlikes star wars but hates jar jar!!:cry:



kittensRjerkshaha!! i like the little kitty

Laserwolf65he makes really good movie reviews

little-kittyheeeree little kitty, little kitty:P

Lunchbucket16cool but i dont see him, anymore

M3tr4nk0really cool:)


mariostar0001really cool:)

MHA2010also really cool!


Msteele48always has really interesting blogs:)

Mtngranekone of the coolest users... but i havn't seen him around

muthsera666has a really cool xBox colection:)


Najlepszy_TAGi don't remeber him..


NarutoFever1he use to be evil but then he became nice:)

Nerd_Manhe corrected my spelling:x.. HOW DARE HE!!! but he's still cool:)

OreoMilkshakedoes really intersting blogs:)

painguy1the firs peson to respond to one of my post ever!.. you can tell he was using wikipedia but it's still nice:)

PaintMiragei think he left or something

Panzer_Zweithe coolest sega fanboy in the site:)..

personeypersonshe's awesome!!

PersonNinjahis username is what makes him cool8)


Pineapple_sodais really cool and shadows brother

Pink_Kikkareally nice and really cool:)






riou7he's really cool and does really cool blogs:)



SaltyMeatballshe/she read my second blog ever:).. back then when i had no comments



Serbinehe has always been nice even though i have completly ignored the sorry:P

shaka_fo00oi only seen him once.. but he's still cool:)


sirmiladi havent talked to him much.. but he's really cool:)

slevenJi think he left or something..

soapman72really cool:)

SonicSpeed360also really cool:)..


sunshine1999welcome friend:)

SupaKoopaTroopareally good artist

supa_badmani like how supa bad man is so bad and uses these bigass words i'm not smart enogh to understand:P.. he's really cool!

superquesomanreally cool:)


TaigaTigeri don't see him that much

Tano218awesome and enjoys old games:)

tequileroreally cool:)


TheFallenDemonhe is a really nice caring person..(lieing doesn't feel good:cry: )

themagicbum9720one of the first people to track me:)


TheTrueMagusX1really cool:)

thud4manawesome!! but i don't see him anymore..


uglypinkmoosehahah. the name is really cool:P.. and so is he:D

valhallaflashawesome.. but i don't see him that much anymore..

Virtual_Pricereally cool:)

warownslifei don't see him that much anymore

wiiruler47really cool:)

WitIsWisdomEXTREAMLY COMPULSIVE.. just look at his games:P..


Xtatic324really cool!


xXRukasuXxthe worst user ever!! jkjkjkjkjkjjkjk.. he's actaully really cool:)

damn that took for ever..