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i gamble too much with my games..

sometimes i buy games out of random just because there cheap.. sometimes i hit the jackpot and get a awesome game for really cheap or i might have a game i only played once and i never played it again.. and then their are times were i get tired of buying so many crappy games that i just pay more to get a game i know is going to be good.. any one else do this?.. --- i also need a job!!! i started looking for a job about a year ago.. and no one wants to give me a job:cry: both my brothers got a job at my age after turning in like 2 applications and i have turned in like 12 and not one person has called me:cry: at least im still not 18.. so i should be good... for now.. --- i also have no idea what i am going to do after 12 grade.. im just about to enter 12 grade and i have no idea what am i going to do afterwards... so if you have any ideas PLEASE let me know... even if you know nothing about me give me some ideas!!!. would really help:)

i need to spend less time in the computer..

my eyes are going to get bad:cry:

really.. i spend way to much time here..

and my eye docter is going to ask me if i spend alot of time on the computer.. and if i say yes he is going to give me special contacts for the computer.. i imagine there more expensive and i dont have money.. so i guess i just need to spend less time on the computer..



i actualy passed a NES game!!!:D

NES games are hard.. but i did it...

i even reviewed the game..



i also need to buy less games..

my mom is kinda mad i have gotten so many game..

when i joind game spot in febuary i had like 15 games and now i have like 50..


also my family is going to visit my grandmother and aunts and uncles..

but i dont want to go..

my family has always treated me badly knowing i have depretion..

and whenever all my family gets together.. i feel worst and more depressed.

and last year i refused to go and they said i was a ingrate for not wanting to vist my grandmother..

i dont mine spending time with my grandmother with alzimers..

its the rest of the family that makes me feel bad..

so i really dont wana go but i think this time im going to have to..

I FIXED MY WORN OUT SUPER NINTENDO CONTROLLER!!! i didnt think i was so smart..

so i got this original SNES controler made by nintendo because the controller that came with my famiclone sucked..

the only problem with the original SNES controller was that it was old and the buttons are worn out:|

but then i fixed it:D

here is how..


if you somehow get your self killed trying this it is not my fault!! so dont come back from the dead and haunt me telling me its my fault because i have a butterfly net in my room and i am not afraid to use it!!!!:x


first of all i got both of the controllers and unsrewed them so that i can open them..

the famiclone was very easy to unscrew.. but the SNES controller was really stuck!! i mean this thing was made 2 years before i was born.. and then because it was so stuck i messed up the screw and i had smack the screw diver in to get a grip.. it took me 2 hours to unscsrew this thing!!!!!!:cry: i lost hope at one point but the i regaind the hope of fixing my controller:D.. and finaly got it open.


once you get it open this is how it looks like..


then you remove the wooden thingy..

you see the gray thing to the left... that is the strechy thingy that makes the buttons bounce back...


the black one on the left is the one from the 3rd party controller and the right one is the worn out one from the original controller..


i also learned why the 3rd party controller sucked so much..

i doesnt have a D-pad!!! the one on the top is the 3rd party one and the bottom one is is the original...

you can see that the the top one has 4 buttons(up,down,left,right) and the bottom one has a real D-pad..


then you swich the strechy thingys...

i know their not inside the holes in the pic but make sure they are in the holes so they wont move..


then you close it back up..


Waaaaaaaaahh??!!! i had no idea their was a US 2$ bill??


i got one the other day and i had no idea thy existed...:o

and today i whent to a yard sell and got a N64 with 2 controlls, rugrats:scavanger hunt, crusin USA, mario party2, and donkey kong64 all for 15$:D

i already had a N64 but i got it for the games and controlers... i think im gona give that N64 away or something... im not sure..


and thanx to E123-warior for giving me the idea to put the pictures:D

yesterday was awesome!! / the amazing NES..

yesterday was awesome!!

i saw this kid fall of his bike and it was awesome!!:lol:

and their was this crazy man dancing in the middle of the street and skipping in front if the cars.. he was probably on drugs:lol:


im not sure if im the only one but i feel like if every NES game is good...

its a awesome system and every game for it is very diffrent from modern games..

i actualy like NES better than the super nintendo..


i also started reviewing NES games... thiswas my fist review and the one person who actualy read it didnt like it:cry:

i hope that person likes my new review here:D

do things seem funnier in school?/my mom thinks im crazy!!

like in school i was takeing a test

and it said..

where does the latin root of geometry come from?? meshure the earth

B.crazy people who do too much math

C. Geo's going metro

D. Nome's digging for Geo's

and i thout it was hillarious at the moment:lol:but now that i think about it its not funny at all:|

maybe becase skool is so boring and this is funny for school...

does this happen to any one else?...


and also i am going to graduate next year and my mom asked me what i whant for my graduation..

my parents dont have money to buy me a car so i said a atari2600 or 7200..

and word for word she said"como quieres que te encontre una cochinada que ni va servir!! mejor pideme algo nuevo.. estas loco!!

that translated word for word means" how do you want me to find you a old peace of crap that isnt even going to work!! ask me for something new insted!! your crazy!!":cry:

she thinks the old games i buy are dumb...


what happen in full metal alcamist!!!???

i saw all the episode of the first part :D
but i had NO idea their was this other thing : /

untill this saturday... so can some one tell me what happed in the show and show me a site were i can whach the episodes i missed??

and how much did i miss???

why do all my fishys like dieing???

so about 2-3 years ago i got a ten gallon fish tank..

i set up everything correctly.. and got and got a guppy and a few other fish..


my favorite was my guppy :) it was like this one but orange..

the next morning i woke up his tail was stuck to the filter and he was dead!!

and my fish tank smelled like a deli:cry:


and one of my other fishis died for no reason

he was black


i also had 2 female bettas that died



so i thot i would get a african dwarf frog next


his foot got stuck in the filter.. he was dead!!


i had three plocosumus (in three difrent ocations)


they all died because their was no alge in the tank!!


then.. my brother(not the one from the last blog) said we should get a salt water lobster..

so i gave all the fish to my freind (which all died at his house)

and got the lobster..

the lobster was like big.. and the tank was only 10 gallons..

so he splashed water everywere and i started to screem:cry:

he didnt like his new home... so we ate him


it was freeken nasty as hell..


anyways then i got a type of fish called cichlids(three of them)


they lived a long time... like 6 months..

then the fiter broke and they died!!:cry:


all my fish are dead!!

and thos are just the ones i remeber:cry:

i remeber i could count 20 dead fish!!


so now the tank has been empty for a year..

what should i put in it next?:D