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off-topic is so boring..

O im sorry its not off-topic.. its O.Teeeeeeeeeeeee.... only lameO's say off-topic.. all the cool people say OT.


in other news i have also gotten over my fear of playing millipede :D.. i got a really high score on this game(i made it all the way to level 32) and i have been scared to play this game because i might not get a high score like that again.. i played it again and i died on level 15 :P (yay)

introduce yourself : )

i have seen other people do it.. why not me..

i have a lot of people tracking me now so you should introduce yourself:)

fill in the blanks..



favorite system:

favorite game:

favorite TV show:

what game are you currenty addicted to:

and anything else you wana add:)


ill go first

Name: David


favorite system: i dont have one.. i like them all:)

favorite game: a tie bettween kirbys nightmare in dreamland/wario ware inc(both GBA)

favorite TV show: the Siiiiiimpsoooonss..

what game are you currenty addicted to: fire emblem,freaky flyghers, ninja turtles NES, super mario world, mario all stars(but the battery is dead:( ), panzer dragoon, and donkey kong country..

something else i wana add:. in a few years im going to go crazy for having to many games..


i know some people dont like saying their age or real name so feel free to skip one if you dont wana say it..:)

i need to restart that not buying a game thing..

so i went to vist my brother only for a day(it wasnt that bad:P) but i still wanted to avoid him so i told one of my aunts to take me to the pawn shop to look for games:cry:..

i got like 3 snes games:cry:

but im not giving up:D.. i know i can do it!!

only two weeks..

but im not doing it right now.. ima buy some more games.. then start over..

the reason i did this in the first place is because i spent all my money on games.. but that was because i got gamecube games.. i usally buy a few cartrige games a week and its usally like 8$ or something so its not to bad.. but since im not use to geting just one game anymore i got a lot of gamecube games and ran out of money:(.. so im not going to buy so many gamecube games at one time any more..

i know some day ill have enough games to go compleatly insane.. but thats not any time soon:D


and dont forget to join Our Comic Heroes union


i have to visit my brother :(

i really dont like my brother.. ever since i was litle he always put me down and made me feel bad about my self... its gonna suck:P


also... i dont think that thing about not buying a game is going to last long..


maybe you remeber.. but on another blog i said i have to stop buying so many games...i think im addicted to buying retro games!!!:cry: i need to stop!! for real this time... so now i am going to stop buying games compleatly for 2 weeks( i was planing to do a month.. but thats impossoble for me:lol: )

its going to be realy hard.. especialy because i just got a dreamcast and a game boy advance and i dont have any games for them!!..

i love my GBA:).. i have turned it on and off like 20 times now just to hear the little noise it makes:).. i have been depresed ever since i was like 8, 9 or 10 or somtin like that.. and my GBA is what i used to escape back then:).. i want games for it so badly!!:cry:

i also want dreamcast games because right now its all very cheap.. and later they might get expenive like saturn games.. my saturn games are without a case to save money.. and i want all my dreamcast games to have a case..

i also go to much to the trift store looking for old games LOL.. the people at the thrift store already know me..:P.. their like "your geting more games?.. you got a bunch of the the last time.."

so if you see me add any more games to my ownd games list.. PM ME AN TELL ME TO STOP!! just for 2 weeks... i can do that:D.. i think :?

Dam game genie!!

so the other day i got my NES game genie for 5$(yay)

and i have been trying to pass the first super mario brothers for a wile now.. i have been geting good at it:).. i used to die all the time on 1-2(i know i suck:P) but after playing it a lot i got good enogh to get all the way to 6-3:D .. so i thought i could use the game genie to see the ending of the game... then i beat the game like nuthing.. and their was no fun in the game at all:o.. this thing is evil!! it takes the fun out of the games:cry:.. and now im scared i might do the same thing with zelda NES:o!! i guess this makes me a bad person:cry:

the only time a game genie should be okay is for a game that is impossible to pass..:P


i also got panzer dragoon.. this game is a great game.. i actualy think its beter then star fox..

but the thing about sega saturn games is that i can only use ebay for them..:(

sega saturn game are hard to find.. so that is my only way for me to get saturn game..

i dont like this site.. especialy when some one outbids rude!! lol


i also saw a taging the other day that said "OMG":lol:

were i live theirs tons of grafiiti every were.. but OMG?...

and that wasnt at school i saw that when i was walking..

watch out for those bad ass 12 year old girls:o

should i change my avatar

i really like the screaming rabidds.. but latlely i have been playing more retro games then wii..

so i was thinking maybe i should change my avatar..

which do you like the best..:)


the first choise:


i honestly dont know who he is but that would be AWESOME!!:lol:

second choise:



the saturn is an awesome console..

third choise:


the reason i would have michel jakson as my avatar is that it would make people think that i am crazy and it would also give me an excuse to be a troll and a spamer:) .. a free pass :D

fourth choise:


Edward cullen (man whore) just kiding no freeken way:lol:

fifth choise:


who doesnt love micky mouse:P

sixth choise:


barny gumbel.. this would be awesome..


seventh choise:


bugs bunny8)

eith choise:



nineth choise:


i really like this three stooges NES game..

tenth choise:

would be to keep the avatar i have now:)

which do you like?..

i went retro game hunting yesterday..(thats right hunting)

i went to pawn shops, thrift stores and yard sales.. i didnt do the flee markets because their closed here saturday.. flee markets are good.. but sometimes they want more for games..

the mistake i made is that i went at 2 pm :P i shouldnt had been so lazy..

anyways i found this bevis and butthead game for the SNES for 5$(not the best deal but okay)..


this game is the best ever:lol:

if you have a SNES you must have it!!

i also got like 5 game gear games at the thrift store.. wich made me realize that i have to get up early next time .. their was this guy who took most of the game gear games :x.. i was a few seconds late:cry: its awesome to know that i am not the only retro gamer but he is a enemy and i must beat the next time:P

the best place to find your retro games would probably be the second hand thrift stores and yard sales.. pawn shops can be expensive.. and they usally have more current games.. some one in game spot told me that the best pawn shops are in the ghetto.. so i whent and the pawn shop was expensive.. were i live its ghetto.. but people spend money... its not ghetto ghetto... so i whent to a pawn shop in the ghetto ghetto and they did have better things.. exept it was still expensive:):( they wanted like 10$ for a NES game..:shock: he tried to convice me "their rare and they dont make em any more" their not rare this guy is crazy and a NES game is only worth 2$..

so this time i didnt have the most luck:P

but maybe next time.. happy huntings!!