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leaving gamespot.. sorta

the thing is that this site really isn't for me.. i have the urge to open up my ps1 and put a chip in it.. you know.. like a potato chip. hehehe well not really.. i'm not doing this to get moderated.. i just feel i need to give you guys an explanation of why i'm not going to be so active any more.. and becase people have respect for the law here ( i know isn't that dumb) i can't talk about that stuff here.. i'm not leaving 100% but i am done blogging... and you won't see much of me anymore.. i will miss you guys (i really wanna cry :cry: ).. i'm going to start posting in racketboy a little more often from now on.. and if you see username DAAAAAAA!! over there.. that's me goodbye:) kingdavid562

i put games in my pc!!

i found my old centipede and frogger game and i thought it would be cool to play it again..

they're actually really but i also put "the movies" in it.. and i was surprised to see that it runs fine at the highest quality.. i always thought that my pc was really crappy.. but i guess it's not that bad..

i also wanna put the oddworld games on it.. they look cool..

I'm not sure if my computer would be capable of running the newer hi definition games

it would be cool because my only newer system i have is my wii..

but i doubt it..

anyways what other games should i get?:D

what game should i review?

i just updated my games list on game spot ( i added about 100 games:P).. so take a look at my games and tell me which one you would like me to review:).. keep in mind that i get an average of like 10 comments a blog so that means i'm gonna have to review like 10 games.. so it might take a while..

I talked about ALL of you

i have no life.. ENJOY!

789shadow: he's cool.. but i don't see him, that much

amazinglyHXC: banned :cry:

andalore: i don't see him that much

andyboiii: he's cool but i don't see him that much, he's also a laker fan.. i like the lakers but i'm not a laker fun cuz i'm not destructive:P

aryoshi: awsome:)

Ashley_wwe: really cool:)

astrozombie37: she's awsome and can remeber birthdays

AwesomeKenny: don't know where he's at..

Backlash24: cool:) and is really nice

badron11: don't see him to often

BattleTurtles: banned :cry:


bigM10231one of the first people i remeber when joining the site:)

bloomberg23i don't see him that much

cheesyjonreally cool:)

ClearDaggerhe's awesome:)..and he likes ninja gaiden i think

cliffangelreally nice and loves her RPGs:P

Cloud_765one of the first peopl to track me even before i knew that tracking some one ment they wanted to be your friend:)

ColdP1zzareally cool.. but i don't see him that much

ContraQueeni use to be scared to click on her profile cuz she had a really scarry avatar.. but she was nice enogh to track me first:)



Crimsaderi think he left.. i dunno


Daavpukeawesome!!:)..he was one of the first people i remember on this site

Darkman2007slightly jk.. not realy, there's worst than dark man just look atWitIsWisdom:P.. and darkman is really cool

DazedDarknessi accendently tracked him cuz i thought he was someone but he's still cool:)


dog64really cool

DR-ZMBKawesome and has really cool blogs

dragonmaster64i don't see him that much

DraugenCPmakes really nice blogs:).. at first he didn't wanna track me back, untill i told him that works 2/3 time (those are real number by my own experience:P)

DSmonreally cool.. one of the first peopl i remeber in gamespot


E-123Wario54she is one of the coolest users.. but she hasn't loged in in a long time

Emerald_Warriorbefore him i use to think a collecter was a weirdo who though hes was better than everyone else( like comic book guy from the simpsons) he broke that steryotype and now ima collecter too:P

exberreally cool poet

fend_oblivionhe left but now he's back again yey!!

FooFighter92i don't think he's comming back

FreakShow11i don't know who this is.. but i'm sure he's cool

FunRatreally cool:)

gamedude2020i think he was the first person to track me:)

gamefree2really cool:).. and so is his brother that use to use his acount

gamerguru100i like how he always complanes no one reads his blogs but he never reads anyone elses blogs:P.. but he's still cool..

GAMERKID707don't see him that much

garrett_duffmanor him..

GHlegend77really cool:)

ghoklebutterhe's really mean!!:cry: ..jk he's cool too:P

Gmythei dont see him that much


Goobberzzwhooos a goofy goober yea!! were're a goofy goober yea!! GOOFY GOOFY GOFY GOOBER!!

hedden93really cool

Hellfire-1he's awesome and is a really nice person:)


hunter531also cool

IceManAVWAicemans awesome!!

Invidiousnesshe's really cool but i don't see him that much


jazzfan4he's one of the people i remeber when i first joind.. i feel i should have tracked him a long time ago.. but he was nice enogh to track me first.. thanks!!:)

JordanizProhe use to be the nicest person in gamespot.. now he's,jk.. not really he's still awesome!:)


Kasp_Falcohe's cool but i don't see him any more

kevorksalloumlikes star wars but hates jar jar!!:cry:



kittensRjerkshaha!! i like the little kitty

Laserwolf65he makes really good movie reviews

little-kittyheeeree little kitty, little kitty:P

Lunchbucket16cool but i dont see him, anymore

M3tr4nk0really cool:)


mariostar0001really cool:)

MHA2010also really cool!


Msteele48always has really interesting blogs:)

Mtngranekone of the coolest users... but i havn't seen him around

muthsera666has a really cool xBox colection:)


Najlepszy_TAGi don't remeber him..


NarutoFever1he use to be evil but then he became nice:)

Nerd_Manhe corrected my spelling:x.. HOW DARE HE!!! but he's still cool:)

OreoMilkshakedoes really intersting blogs:)

painguy1the firs peson to respond to one of my post ever!.. you can tell he was using wikipedia but it's still nice:)

PaintMiragei think he left or something

Panzer_Zweithe coolest sega fanboy in the site:)..

personeypersonshe's awesome!!

PersonNinjahis username is what makes him cool8)


Pineapple_sodais really cool and shadows brother

Pink_Kikkareally nice and really cool:)






riou7he's really cool and does really cool blogs:)



SaltyMeatballshe/she read my second blog ever:).. back then when i had no comments



Serbinehe has always been nice even though i have completly ignored the sorry:P

shaka_fo00oi only seen him once.. but he's still cool:)


sirmiladi havent talked to him much.. but he's really cool:)

slevenJi think he left or something..

soapman72really cool:)

SonicSpeed360also really cool:)..


sunshine1999welcome friend:)

SupaKoopaTroopareally good artist

supa_badmani like how supa bad man is so bad and uses these bigass words i'm not smart enogh to understand:P.. he's really cool!

superquesomanreally cool:)


TaigaTigeri don't see him that much

Tano218awesome and enjoys old games:)

tequileroreally cool:)


TheFallenDemonhe is a really nice caring person..(lieing doesn't feel good:cry: )

themagicbum9720one of the first people to track me:)


TheTrueMagusX1really cool:)

thud4manawesome!! but i don't see him anymore..


uglypinkmoosehahah. the name is really cool:P.. and so is he:D

valhallaflashawesome.. but i don't see him that much anymore..

Virtual_Pricereally cool:)

warownslifei don't see him that much anymore

wiiruler47really cool:)

WitIsWisdomEXTREAMLY COMPULSIVE.. just look at his games:P..


Xtatic324really cool!


xXRukasuXxthe worst user ever!! jkjkjkjkjkjjkjk.. he's actaully really cool:)

damn that took for ever..

Holy crap i beat ikaruga on easy!!

i never thought i would be able to do it and i did : D

what i think is so great about this game is that it's 100% memorization and requires no skill at all.. so anyone can beat it:)

but it's still hard though..

imma try it on normal next:)


rate how often i read your blogs

i like it when people read my blogs

so i like to do the same for others:)

but i cant read every single one..

and i do notice that i usually skip over the same peoples blogs, and that's kinda messed

so from a scale of 1-10 tell me how often i read your blogs:).. 1 is i never read your blogs and 10 is i always read them..

be honest...

zippity do-daa! zipity yay.. my-oh-my, what a wonderful day!!

i'm so happy right now:)

i went to a good will looking for crap and i found a ps2 with no cables for $15 yay!!

i got it because i could just use the ps1 cables and it works!!.. can't wait to play star ocean:D

i also went to a salvation army thrift store and i found a sega genesis.. i already had one but it was broken.. so this was a replacement.. and it works too!!.. yay!!

but the best part is that i found something really cool.

donkey kong coleco thingy

a little mini arcade machine of donky kong made by colleco in 1982.. Ooooooo..

the sticker in the front is missing and it probably doesn't work, but i'm still happy:)..

i have never had this much luck in one day:)


i also had a prophetical dream.. i dreamt that i found a virtual boy and a sega master system for $26.92 for both.. wouldn't it be creepy if i did find them .. O_o

i need a life..

i usually like to read everyones blogs I'm tracking.. but i need a life, and i need to spend less time in the computer.. so yea.. me having a life is more important than me reading your blogs.. so this means i wont be able to read your blogs that often any more.. i also need to do that blog about that other thing i said... I'll do it later