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Guitar Hero 4; Dissappointed already

What's going on Neversoft?!? I'm not too impressed with their decision to make a game based just on one band in Guitar Hero:Aerosmith. Now I hear that GH4 will include a drum set and vocals? Why not just call the game Rock Band: The Sequel? The GH series is getting off its successful track and altering its original formula so much that eventually they will ruin the franchise.

Here's an excerpt of the article I read from Wikipedia (I know, not a real reliable source :D):

Guitar Hero IV will build on the existing Gameplay from previous Guitar Hero games. The traditional single player Career Mode has been reworked, following a similar mechanic as Rock Band' Band World Tour mode. A player will encounter gigs during career mode which they can select songs from to play, but are not required to complete all songs to proceed. Furthermore, while the difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert) remain in the game, this Career Mode will allow to drop to a lower difficulty without restarting their career if they have difficulty with one song. The player will also be able to switch to a different instrument during the same Career without having to restart. There are four total instrument career modes within the game: lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and rhythm guitar.

Wow, the difficulty levels will be able to drop if a player has too much difficulty on a song? Way to take away the challenge in the game. Most people wouldn't have too much trouble beating songs anyway if they didnt overchart everything. Neversoft needs to make their own game and stop trying to mimick Rock Band. Maybe they're just jealous that Rock Band outsold Guitar Hero 3, not surprisingly.

THE most underrated guitarist of our time.

Omar at BDO 2004

His name is Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. He played for the band At The Drive-In, currently plays in the band The Mars Volta, and also has a solo project. He write great riffs and solos and plays them just as well. Listen to some of his work, he's great. It's a shame he doesn't get the credit and publicity he deserves. I haven't ever seen him in a top 100 guitarists list or something like that, but he certainly deserves to be in there.

Jimi Hendrix and his Fender Statocaster See a resemblance?

My custom guitar hero songlist V2

This is my second version of the list. I ditched my last idea of picking a bunch of songs from one band in each tier because I wanted more variety. This list will be like usual GH games. There will be 9 tiers of 5 songs (1 encore) from various artists and genres. This list is alot different from the last one.

Regular font is the song name and italics are the band name.

Tier 1 (This is [supposed to be] the easiest tier. Mainly just cool riffs and easy guitar solos. The only thing that may give trouble are the riffs of Free Radicals.)
Scar Tissue; Red Hot Chili Peppers
Day Tripper; The Beatles
Free Radicals; The Flaming Lips
Original Prankster; The Offspring
(Encore) Dashboard; Modest Mouse

Tier 2 (This tier begins to get more into soloing and more difficult riffs. It still shouldn't give much trouble.)
Drive; Incubus
Purple Haze; Jimi Hendrix
Last Nite; The Strokes
Meant to Live; Switchfoot
(Encore) The Dark of the Matinee; Franz Ferdinand

Tier 3 (Getting more difficult. These songs are a bit more lengthly.)
The Sky is Fallin'; Queens of the Stone Age
Paranoid Android; Radiohead
Error Operator; Taking Back Sunday
Thanks A Lot; Third Eye Blind
(Encore) Icky Thump; The White Stripes

Tier 4 (Again, increasing in difficulty. Thin Lizzy is a great band, Tom Sawyer has a tough beat to keep up with, Smooth Criminal's solo will take some time beating, and what can I say about Kiss...)
The Boys are Back in Town; Thin Lizzy
Rock and Roll Band; Boston
Tom Sawyer; Rush
Smooth Criminal; Alien Ant Farm (The original song is by Michael Jackson, and this is the cover by AAF)
(Encore) God Gave Rock and Roll to You; Kiss

Tier 5 (I hope you like ****c rock because you'll need to shred your way through these tough solos and riffs to get to the encore song which might seem like a little relief.)
Reelin in the Years; Steely Dan
25 or 6 to 4; Chicago
Crossfire; Stevie Ray Vaughan
Back in Black; ACDC
(Encore) The Hell Song; Sum 41

Tier 6 (I would like this section 8). All of these songs have great sounding solos and even though they're on the hard side they would be tons of fun. Im surprised Crazy Train wasn't in any GH games yet.)
Know Your Enemy; Rage Against the Machine
Long Road to Ruin; Foo Fighters
Mary Had a Little Lamb; Stevie Ray Vaughan
Two Minutes to Midnight; Iron Maiden
(Encore); Crazy Train; Ozzy Osbourne

Tier 7 (Some great artists and challenging songs. All of these songs except Revelations are on the top 100 guitar solos of all time, and for a good reason.)
Revelations; Audioslave
Stairway to Heaven; Led Zeppelin
White Room; Cream
Geek U.S.A; Smashing Pumpkins
(Encore) All Along the Watchtower; Jimi Hendrix

Tier 8 (Another big jump in difficulty. Turn it again has great riffs and a tough solo, black dog would be winding up and down the GH guitar, roundabout is long, layla is long and tough, and L'Via has great solos plus a good bassline.)
Turn it Again; Red Hot Chili Peppers
Black Dog; Led Zeppelin
Roundabout; Yes
Layla; Eric Clapton
(Encore) L'Via L'Viaquez; The Mars Volta (Heres the deal with this song. The real recording is over 12 minutes long and the radio edit is about 5 and it doesnt include all the guitar parts. If The Mars Volta could record another version of this like a shorter one with all 3 guitar solos that would be awesome.)

Tier 9 (Should be the toughest, and its the last tier for a reason. Surfing with the alien is all shredding, eruption is shorp but sweet, Buckethead is insane, Working Man has great solos, and a great song in Orion to finish it off.)
Surfing with the Alien; Joe Satriani
Eruption; Van Halen
Nottingham Lace; Buckethead
Working Man; Rush
(Encore) Orion; Metallica

*Sigh of relief*. Ahh, number two down. I like this list alot better than the first and I want to see what you think about it too so post a comment. :D


Guitar Hero custom songlist by me.

Well, here's my idea for Guitar Hero in the future. My songlist consists of 10 sections and 5 songs in each section. Each section (besides the final) spotlights an artist (or person) and has five songs by them. The final section is just 5 songs that are both meant for a challenge and also enjoyment :). So before I go on a tangent, here's the songlist:

1. Artist Name
a. song 1 album in which this song appears
b. song 2 " '
c. song 3 " "
d. song 4 " "
ENCORE: (If you ever played GH you know you need to beat the other four songs in the section to unlock this song, and beat this song to advance to the next section. The encore will usually be the toughest song.) Album

1. Modest Mouse (Not real heavy stuff, but some cool riffs. Should give a good warmup for what's to come)
a. Never Ending Math Equation; Building Nothing out of Something
b. Ocean Breathes Salty; Good News for People who Love Bad News
c. I Came as a Rat; The Moon & Antarctica
d. Dramamine; This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about
ENCORE: Dashboard; We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers (A big step in terms of difficulty from Modest Mouse to these guys)
a. Give it away; Blood Sugar Sex Magik
b. Scar Tissue; Californication
c. Higher Ground; Mother's Milk
d. Snow (Hey Oh); Stadium Arcadium
ENCORE: Turn it Again; Stadium Arcadium (picked this because of the solo which would be pretty tough on GH)

3. Incubus (I'm not including any of their early work. They really started to turn into the rock direction with the album "Make Yourself", which is the earliest that will be here.)
a. Anna Molly; Light Grenades
b. Privilege; Make Yourself
c. Drive; Make Yourself
d. Circles; Morning View
ENCORE: Pendulous Threads; Light Grenades

4. Sum 41
a. In Too Deep; All Killer No Filler
b. The Hell Song; Does this look Infected?
c. Still Waiting; Does this look Infected?
d. Under****Hero; Under****Hero
ENCORE: We're all to Blame; Chuck

5. Queens of the Stone Age
a. Little Sister; Lullabies to Paralyze
b. The Sky is Fallin'; Songs for the Deaf
c. Sick, Sick, Sick; Era Vulgaris
d. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret; Rated R
ENCORE: No one Knows; Songs for the Deaf

6. Jimi Hendrix (How come his music was never in any GH games? Well, it would be in mine :))
a. Purple Haze; Are you Experienced
b. The Wind Cries Mary; Are you Experienced (Sorry I don't know the original albums from these songs.)
c. All Along the Watchtower; South Saturn Delta
d. Foxey Lady; Are you Experienced (Again :P)
ENCORE: Fire; Are you Experienced

7. Tom Morello (I decided to mix songs from RATM and Audioslave for all his work.)
a. Be Yourself; Out of Exile (Audioslave)
b. Guerilla Radio; The Battle of Los Angeles (Rage Against the Machine)
c. Testify; The Battle of Los Angeles (Rage Against the Machine)
d. Know Your Enemy; Rage Against the Machine (Rage Against the Machine)
ENCORE: Revelations; Revelations (Audioslave)

8. Led Zeppelin (It's a shame none of their stuff has ever been on GH either)
a. Black Dog; Led Zeppelin IV
b. Good Times, Bad Times; Led Zeppelin
c. Communication Breakdown; Led Zeppelin
d. Stairway to Heaven; Led Zeppelin IV
ENCORE: The Song Remains the Same; Houses of the Holy

9. Joe Satriani (Should be tough because all he does is shred :))
a. Summer Song; The Extremist
b. Crowd Chant; Super Colossal
c. If I Could Fly; Is There Love in Space?
d. Satch Boogie; Surfing with the Alien
ENCORE: Surfing with the Alien; Surfing with the Alien

10. Final Show (The italics next to the song name will be the band, not album. Just for this section.)
a. Icky Thump; The White Stripes
b. The Boys are Back in Town; Thin Lizzy
c. Reelin in the Years; Steely Dan
d. Nottingham Lace; Buckethead
ENCORE: Roundabout; Yes

I might post some bonus songs in a later post. Give me your feedback by commenting! Do you like the setup? Did I pick the right songs/artists. I know I didn't pick a wide variety of music. Also, alot of songs were in previous Guitar Hero games, so I tried my best to pick original songs. Once again, give me some feedback! Tell me what works and what doesn't. If possible, I want to send this in to get published in a game, but I'm obviously VERY far from it.

~Kingamez 8)

Well, its been a while...

If any of you remember me :P. I pretty much stopped using the GS forums and whatnot and just went on this site to look up games. Well, life's been boring lately and I figure this is fun, so I'm back :). First things first I'll update my about me, clean out my unions, etc. Feel free to invite me to any unions, I need to get back in the GS community so I'll be happy to join. Also, I need a new banner and signature. Any decent designer that wants to do a banner, sig, or both let me know. Eh, don't know what else to say so...hello again 8).


I feel terrible >_>

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, but it wasn't anything bad. Then I went to the local pool to hang out for the afternoon. But now I feel like I have a fever, my throat is worse, and I feel so weak and tired...I can barely stay standing and walk for more than 10 secs. I would take my temp. but I'm too tired to walk up the stairs >_>

Kingamez :(

Summer...finally here.

A big sigh of relief...summer is finally here 8) I have alot planned: Baseball, parties :), all that good stuff. My baseball team also made it to the state championships, we have the game tomorrow (Wish me luck :P). Also, have a great summer everyone....I will going into High School next year 8)


Need some help from a designer

I need someone to do a favor for me :) I hope it won't be too much of a hassle...I need someone to resize my avatar to the normal size (It got changed to like 80x80 when I was gone I guess). Thanks to anyone who can do this 8)


PS..R-e-s-c-u-e R-a-n-g-e-r  =]

1.5 percent ??!!!

Only 1.5% till I am through level 20. How long did this take, about half a year ? :lol: It's my fault for not getting online more often before, I'm glad to finally get through this level and start leveling up just a wee bit faster.