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Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!

Last night as i was going to bed i noticed something flying around upstairs, i just thought it was another bird again like the last time, so i just went to bed anyway cause i was so tired and maybe it'd find it' s way out by itself, but i couldn't sleep thinking about some crazy bird pooping on stuff. So i went up there but couldn't find it and thought it had left but i looked around for it anyhow and good thing i did cause i could still hear it flapping around some where around the window, it was the window with the air conditioner sitting in, so i looked inside the AC itself not expecting that it would actually be inside there but there it was peeking out at me quickly from behind the grill, it was dark so it was kinda disturbing to see, like a tiny little demon was hiding there or something. I stuck my hand in there to spook it out and there it was a moment later, it flew out at me and i screamed, i laughed at myself right after. After i calmed down a little while the little bat was flying back and forth i threw a blanket over it and brought it outside, it flew away in a way that only a bat knows how and i went to sleep.

Meow quotes #1

Meow is not meow. Meow must meow the meow, the meow - but not meow meow meow. Meow is meow meow pliable, meow yielding.

-Daniel Striped Tiger

New avatar

All i need now is a new sig to go with it, haven't made a new one for myself in a long time, i've just been reusing old ones which isn't bad at all but i love new things. Also, i noticed my username's color is stuck, can't change it anymore.

Boom boom kachoom

Had an urge to make a blog thingy but didn't know what to write about, could talk about Giant Bomb or Gamespots redesign and how the two sites forums have had their share of people **** about the other but everybody knows all that already so i won't bother. I have been using Lastfm for the past week, using it's recommendations part of it mostly and so far its been a lot better than Pandora which i used for a little less than a week last year sometime, most of the songs Pandora recommended i hated which was weird.