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New Gaming PC, PS3 collecting Dust

So I bought a good pc for gaming last weekend and am having a blast. Ive been playing the hell out of Fallout NV and Skyrim, and I filled both games with mods.

Now I do have both of these games for my PS3 but it is a completely different experience playing these on the pc with mods and console commands to liven up the experience. But with this new pc I havn't touched my PS3 in a while except for netflicks and I'm seriously considering selling it and becoming a full fledged pc gamer. I do have a PSVita and a 3DS that I can play if I ever get board of the PC.

I guess I still have to think a little more about selling the PS3. I mean I can play all the same games I play on PS3 on PC expect for a few exclusives so it should be allright. The only reason that I only want to sell the PS3 so that I can help pay for a few upgrades and accessories for my pc.

Anyone else ever get in this kind of situation? Would you sell the system?

Sooo, whats next???

So PSN is slowly phasing back on nearly a month after it went down. I am reeallly anticipating finally being able to play Portal 2, MS:A and AC: Brotherhood online. BTW Halo Reach has been my saving grace through this outage. :D

But I'm really curious as to who's gonna be hacked next?

I know that if Anon or who ever is behind all of this isnt brought to justice then they will continue their old ways. Hopefully they will think that Sony has had enough and leave them alone, but who knows? PSN could be up a day and then be brought right back down by these cyber criminals. Maybe they will show MS a little love and bring down LIVE? :P Just kidding lol. But we will just never know until it happens. We can only hope that the government agencies that are on this case will bring the culprits down.


Looks like PSN is back down. I think that they were just teasing us, Sony just showing us what we are missing and then BAM!!! back down. I think that im gonna go playDragon Age 2 and pretend that there is no online.:cry:

***Update 2.0***

Nevermind I guess...PSN is back up!:) Im still going to go play dragon age though ;)

Corupt Save Data? FML

So after I pull an allnighter on Borderlands finishing up the story and starting the DLC i thought it was time to take a quick nap, recharge my batterys a little bit. But that nap ended up costing me my save cause when I logged back in it said that my save was corupted. I was reeeeally pissed lol. I just spent all night on that and now its gone. Uhhhg

So does anyone with a high lvl character wanna help power lvl me so that I can get back to my previous lvl? lol

PSN: Arch_o_Blood

Sony always seems to bring me back in.

SO i havnt done a blog in a looooong time so i was thinking and thought i would talk a little bit about my gaming history. My first consoles were a gameboy pocket and a SNES. I would only play pokemon and mario bros. on eather console. The next sytem was a PS1 that my father bought for me. I would play the weirdest and most random games on that. The only game that i really remember was the spyro games. I kept the PS1 for a while but both my SNES and my GBP gave out. I upgraded to a GBA and also received a xbox as a chrismas gift later that year. I fell in love with my xbox and sold my PS1 to a friend, wishing sony goodbye forever (or so i thought). I later bought a gamecube of my own which i enjoyed because it was cheap. Later on that year my father bought me a PS2 because my xbox had supposedly cought on fire while he was playing it and i was gone. With that i said hello to sony yet again. (BTW i also upgraded to a NDS for a portable) Well next up i decided to trade in my PS2 to help pay for a new Xbox 360. I loved the feeling of having an xbox again. I thought that i was going to be a 360 fan for life but then my brother gave me his old Wii. Then i got that itch to own sony again so i traded my ds and got a PSP. And now we come to the past couple of weeks. In that time I have sold my PSP and Wii in to get my self a PS3. I dont know what it is about sony but i just keep gettin sucked back into their consoles. DAMN YOU SONY!!!!

Repetitiveness is Games

I thought it was time for me to make another blog and I have been wandering what to talk about until I stumbled into the Batman: Arkham Asylum 360 forum.

There was a user that stated how the new demo for the game was realy repetitive and that got me to thinking, Every game is repetitive and thats how they are ment to be. Correct me if I am wrong but yes every game is repetitive. Think about it.

In every racing game all you do is pick a car and runaround a track or predetermined course.

In every shooting game you will run around and shoot enamys that pop up, maybe picking up new guns along the way.

In every RPG you go and battle monsters or people and gain money and exp. trying to raise your skills to fight the next boss.

And for the most repetitive of all. SPORTS games. In every sport game you choose a team and play the sport weather it be baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, ect.. Example: Every time you play a game of baseball in MLB '09, or whatever other baseball game, the game will play generally the same.

SO I know that I probably left out a couple game catagory but I typed thin in a hurry because I didn't want to forget and I thought that I would be a good blog.

Thanks for reading.


My New Gamespot Avatar

So I hate to change my Gamespot Avatar cause then the people that knew me by my pic wouldn't recognize me. But I thought that the fallout 3 one was a little played out. So what the Hell. Now my pic is a cool Sephiroth one.

Hope people think it's cool. I do.


Ya know what I think is funny?

My gamerscore. I only have like 340 points and I look around and everyone else has thousands in points. Keep in mind though that I only have 2 games and have only had my 360 for about a month.

IDK. I know that after a year or so my library will grow along with my gamerscore but until then I am happy with my 340 GS.


UPDATE- My gamerscore had grown great own time and now is in the uper 6,000's.


I just had something weird happen. I had got some userbars for my sig saying 360 owner, Wii owner, DS owner, and a GTA4 one and they were cool but I had just went back into one the forums that I had posted in and it was changed into some weird blinking black and read bar that said something in some other language and then advertised the site I got them from. I first thought WTF!, But then I went into my prefs and took those bars out of my sig.

Well heck now I am going to go and try some new ones, if anyone knows a good site for finding then can you p.m. it to me. Thanks.

Until later. See ya.

first bord blog topic: 360

Hey whats up I was bord so finally decided to start a blog. I had got my 360 not to long ago.Got it used from Gamestop. I had traded in my old PS2 and original XBOX with most of the games. The only game I had kept was Halo 2. I must of had a lot of games because the 360 was free and all I had to pay for was the to games I got with it. I had bought GTA4 and Quake 4(Only because it was like $7). Now I am addicted to both of them. Later I had went and bought Gears of War witch I would highly recommend to anyone. I am still debating over if I should get Live or not. I know it would be awsome and it is only like $50 a year or something I know I can't run an ethernet cable to my room from my living room because its on opposite sides of my house and I don't feel like dropping another $100 on a wireless connector for my modem. Well heck I have to go, until next time that I get bord see ya!