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I'm leaving Gamespot forever, as this will be my final blog.

Due to many things going on, here and such.  I've decided to leave Gamespot after being a member since 2003 so that's pretty much nearly 10 years on Gamespot.  I just feel I haven't been respected much lately in my former union, the Wrestling & Off Topic Union for everything I've done there for the past 7-8 as I've been the leader there, and overall with the numerous people on Gamespot especially in Off Topic & System Wars (as they are some of the worst people/trolls I've ever seen in my life, except my actual friends that do post there).

Overall I feel this is a fresh, new start for me and I want to thank everyone on here for being on his journey with me, and I hope to cya guys somewhere else online or such, thanks and take care.

I've made a UCB for the BWMD Clan on Playstation 3!

So I've just created a UCB for the "BWMD" (Black Wolf Mercenary Division) clan for PS3.  We play Uncharted 3, Black Ops 2, and anything else for that matter.  So far the clan is only on PS3, but maybe we can extend, but we'll see in the future.  If you are in the clan or would like to join the clan, please click on this link and we can have you join the clan.  Hope to cya there soon and hope this makes it easy to schedule gamenights now.

I got to the max level in Uncharted 3 online!

So after nearly over 2 years of playing the online, I have finally maxed leveled an online game that I enjoyed playing in Uncharted 3, there are 5 Legacys (which is like a prestige in COD or anything like that) and max level is 75 per prestige, and I just made it to Legacy 5, Level 75 also I got a silver star next to my rank which means I beat all the co-op levels on Crushing difficulty (the toughest difficulty setting to put on) and there were 5 levels to beat, each tougher than the next.

So since I've already gotten the max rank for Uncharted 3, I guess I can go back to playing Black Ops 2 and level up there or maybe just wait to play the new Tomb Raider multiplayer or even The Last of Us (which will have multiplayer as well). so looking forward to those games as well.

Here is my ranking stats for Uncharted 3 if you wanna check it out.












I have a deep cut on my hand!

Well today I was doing dishes, and the plate I was washing slipped out of my hand, and as a reaction, I tried to catch it, and the plate cracked in half in the sink, but that's not the bad news, I then cut my left hand deep because of the plate cracking in half, and also made a small cut on my thumb on my right hand. The cut on my left hand was deep enough that it was gushing out blood so my mom put ointment on it, and wrapped gauze around it to put pressure on it, and seal it tight. So I will have to go to work starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week with my injured left hand because I can't call out, but we'll see maybe it won't be so bad, but right now even typing with my left hand isn't all that easy either. Can't wait til this injury is healed fully.

Update: All the pain from my cut, now transferred to my left pinky, so it hurts like absolute hell when touched

What's going on in my life right now?

Well it's been awhile since my last blog (because I'm just not into writing blogs much anyway), but I'm still on Gamespot spending most of my time running my union, the "Wrestling & Off Topic Union" (please join to help me out, we've got a huge OT thread in there, even other threads like TV, Movie, Videogames, Music, and other non-wrestling threads as well, so wrestling & non-wrestling fans can be a part of that union).

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my mom was tested for breast cancer. She had a tumor in her breast and it was removed for examination. After examination, it was benign, so she doesn't have any cancer which is a huge relief for me because no one wants any of their family members (especially someone like their mother) having cancer.

Also, I just got a letter from my college saying that I got accepted into my medical school program, so I can finally start that this Fall 2012. After many years of working toward getting into that program, I've finally accomplished that, so I'm very happy about that. Since I am in that program now, starting Fall, I will be very busy doing school work for my medical school program, so until then, I better enjoy life because come late August, the fun and games will be over.

My vacation to Las Vegas!

I came back from my vacation to Las Vegas some weeks ago, but I got lazy and didn't write the blog until now. Anyway my family and I stayed in a nice timeshare hotel (the Marriott hotel near MGM Grand), and it was a total of 9 of us; my family of 4, my aunt, her husband, and their two little daughters (ages 5 & 7), and my aunt who lives in Canada. Day 1 we headed out on the strip and took pictures everywhere which was a lot of fun, but it was hot, it was like over 110 degrees, so anytime we could head to a shopping area or a hotel, we did. Day 2 we watched the V: Variety Show, it was really funny and they had great performers as well (its like a mix of comedy, magic, and talented acrobats). Day 3 I also went to the Stratosphere hotel to try out their insane rides where are on top of the tower, here are some of the rides; Big Shot (the tallest thrill ride ever) , X Scream, and the most insane ride I've ever been on in my life, Insanity. I was terrified on Insanity looking down at cars driving underneath me, though I ended up spitting from the ride, so if it hit a car, I'm pretty sure it did some type of damage from traveling that distance all the way to the ground. Day 4, I went to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and I hate heights (even though I was on Insanity), so this was a crazy for me. Also hit some video arcades on the strip, and a Roller Coaster on New York, New York. Overall, I had a very fun trip, I didn't do much gambling, cause I wanted to play Texas Hold'em, but I didn't find the time to do that, and slot machines are too boring for me.

Ranked #8 on the RB3 leaderboards for Linkin Park's Waiting for the End vocals

So on Rock Band 3, one of my favorite DLC songs on that game "Waiting for the End" by Linkin Park, I played on Expert Vocals solo (cause there's Harmonies as well), and I just got to Rank 8 on the leaderboards for the PS3 version. By the way, I've sang numerous LP songs in RB3 at a party, and many people said I sound a lot like the lead singer, Chester Bennington, so that was very nice to hear. Anyway, I found a great spot to use my Overdrive, and that helped me get a bunch of extra points. Seeing the fact that there's like way over 100 people on that leaderboard as well, being at #8 is pretty good if i do say so myself. Hopefully I'll get that same luck on Linkin Park's "Numb" song as well since I'm like at #82 on the leaderboards for that song, lol.

Just came back from Six Flags America!

Six Flags America

Just came back from Maryland today, and went to Six Flags America as well (being the 1st time i've ever been to that particular Six Flags park), it was a lot of fun. I'm from New Jersey, so my regular Six Flags theme park is Six Flags Great Adventure and the theme park and Hurricane Harbor are far apart from each other and have different entrance fees. Well at Six Flags America, it's all in the same park (like Dorney Park), which I didn't know and if I did, I would've brought my swimming trunks with me, oh well, I still went on every single water ride and rollercoaster in the theme park and did it all in 5 hours including Joker's Jinx and Batwing, which might I add, I was the very 1st group to go on those rides today (front row both rides as well) since I got there when the park opened. So thats a new record for me. Also they had a show in their Grand Theater about Survivor (the reality show), and since I'm a huge Survivor fan, I had to go. They chose 4 people from the crowd (it wasn't me though), then each person represented their tribe, and they did 3 challenges, 3 tribals, but instead of voting each other out, the person in last place was automatically voted out. Then they did the final tribal, and the people who worked there did the Jury voting (very funny might I add), and this 8 year old kid won (against 3 grown-ups) and won a Pass for the park for 1 ride to cut in line (which I think he most deserves it anyway). So overall I had a great time in Maryland, and now that covers 3 Six Flags theme parks I've been to; this one, Great Adventure, and Magic Mountain, hope to go to a different Six Flags theme park soon.

My Fat 40GB PS3 got the Red Light of Death!

Well my 40GB PS3 that I had for over 2 years just got a blinking red light on it which I normally play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on. I'm guessing it's not as bad as the YLOD (yellow light of death), but it's still bad nontheless. Well I'm going to buy parts soon and have my brother attempt to fix it using the Youtube walkthroughs rather than having to spend $150 to send it to Sony and that might not having it work. So, hopefully my brother can fix my PS3 and I can continue to play Rock Band again cause having to download over 200+ Rock Band song DLC again is something I do not wanna do. :(

I got an extra Gears of War 3 beta code!

So Microsoft gave me 1 extra beta code to give to a friend, but who should get one? If you want a beta code and are not on my friend list yet on X360, just add me killeband55, or just leave your Gamertag here, but I have a few things to ask of you before I give you the beta code:

-You must have a mic so we can chat during play

-You must play online with me throughout the beta (I'm not giving the code to someone just so they leave me in the dust and play with their other friends, that just isnt right, I will delete you off of my GS and X360 friend list if you do)

-Must be a good friend willing to play future X360 games with me

-Obviously, you must have a Gold membership or you can't play in the beta

If you think you qualify, leave your Gamertag here, or just add me, killerband55, and i'll decide on who will get it, remember I only have 1 code to give away, so please let me know ASAP

Whoever I pick to give the beta code to, I will invite you to my XBOX live party online, then give you the code there. I WILL NOT, PM the code or message it to you via XBOX live, you must be present online on X360 as the same time as me, and i'll read you off the code via chat.

Also, the beta ends next sunday, so you better hurry.

(I have a final on tuesday morning, but after that, i'm free to be online so thats when I'll choose the winner then, if you want to chat via IM, join, and add me on there, then we'll chat about the code)


Code has already been given out