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About time!!!

Been awhile...I dont come online much at all seem to be busy with other things...which im not quite sure lol!
Apologies to you all for the long absence, again.
I finally got my Pc sorted out after some stupid BT updated f'ed the thing up so hopefully things are all good now and I can start posting and looking at stuff again.
In the mean time iv been spending alot of time playing Rpg's, namely Phantasy Star universe (im addicted i swear!) Eternal Sonata which has to be one of the most gorgeous looking games iv seen and Mass efffect which is just...incredible fun to play.
Among my Rpg playing iv put sometime into Tomb Raider aniversary again but this time on the 360. Much MUCH better game on the 360 thanks to the 360's analog and better control layout and well i can now play it in proper HD. Along with Tomb Raider iv been playing Skate, Awesome game made even better as I can skateboard in realife so its a welcome break when its raining everyday like it does in England.
Anyways hope you guys are all doing well and I hope you all still post here lol i ntice most people have left for some reason im not clear on. Ah well laters!

The situation.



Hey it's been awhile since I posted a blog...almost 3 months! lol
Im going to keep this short for the time being but I just wanted to apologise for my lack of existence on here, namely my fellow forum friends of the Tomb Raider Union.
In the past 2 months I just havent been in the mood for going on the internet or even doing any art for that matter, at the moment its lucky for me to even come on the net for even 30 minutes a day.
Perhaps this will change in time but for now im happyy doing what I want to do and away from the internet...and some of the people on it.
So takecare guys ill try and post as much as I can in the times I do go on the net and hopefully ill become abit more active on here as time goes on :)

My best and worst games of 2006!


Happy new year guys!
In this blog post I am going to be looking back at the year 2006 and my favourite and not so favourite games of the year.
Feel free to comment on any of my views.

In no particular order here are my 5 most favourite games of 2006.

Gears of War (Xbox 360)

Well what can I say I was very dubious about this game due to the hype so decided to rent it first to see what all the hype was about. After popping the game in then jumping right into a co-op game I quickly darted for a nearby wall to take cover from the oncoming locust fire waiting for the time to jump out and fire rounds of rifle ammo into their heads, Catching them on the reload I jumped out and unloaded rounds into the locust watching as the thick red blood splattered all over the place then finally the locust drops to it knees and that’s the moment I finish it of with few more rounds to the head...
I was blown away! what id experienced within no more than 1 minute had completely changed my mind about this game!
Its a work of genius and no doubt a game everyone should experience once in their life.

Viva Pinata (Xbox 360)

Kiddie remarks aside this game really has some character and depth to it.
There’s just so much to this game that it can sometimes be overwhelming at times but it never feels like to much and when something goes wrong there’s always something good on the other side of it be it a new resident pinata or some new stuff to buy. This game has had me hooked for hours a day there’s just something so relaxing about kicking back making a garden and trying to attract all manner of paper animals into your garden.
Couple that with some of the most unique and charming graphics you have a wonderful game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Dreamfall The longest journey (Xbox/PC)

This is just a stunning game with one of the most immersive storylines iv ever come across and some of the most natural characters iv seen in a game to date.
There’s just something so likeable about the lead character Zoe which completely draws you in, maybe its just the down to earth natural voice acting making it feel like she could be in your room acting talking to you or it could be just her girl next door look.
Whatever it is this game was a joy to play through from start to finish. Admit ably the game play is somewhat limited but when you have such an interesting story to go along with it it doesn’t matter one bit.
Dreamfall is a stunning game and very overlooked so id recommend looking it up and buying a copy and then hopefully we can get the 3rd instalment to tie up the end of the story.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360/PC)

Well what can I say what hasn’t been said already.
This is one of the largest and immersive games iv ever played there is just so much to do be it horse riding, plundering tombs, searching forests for plants, buying and decorating homes, joining mages/fighters/thieves guilds and taking part in hitman missions.
This game has everything and more and its all done so well too everything has been gone over with a fine comb which results in one of the finest games of the year if not one of the finest games of gaming history.
This game deserves your time, a lot of your time! Oblivion has sucked 150+ hours out of me and I am still not done with all the quests I still haven’t maxed out my characters stats I still haven’t found every enchanted item but that’s the way this game is, it doesn’t finish it just keeps going and going there really is no end to this game at all.

Canis canem edit (Bully) (Ps2)

Canis canem edit has to be one of the most controversial games of the year, nobody really knew what it was about yet they still jumped at the conclusion that it was made by Rockstar and so it "should" be disgusting and violent...They were all proved wrong of course.
Canis canem edit is in fact a very light hearted game taking influences from films like Grease or TV shows like the Simpons.
There’s loads of charm to all the characters and not a swear word or gun in sight.
You can partake in school lessons which are essentially mini games you can go out to shops or the fun fair and play games but don’t forget to go to bed though or you will pass out from lack of sleep.
Canis canem edit turned out to be a fantastic game and well worth a look if your a fan of free roam action adventure games like Shenmue.

Worst game of 2006!

Sonic the hedgehog (Xbox 360)

That’s right Sonic the hedgehog rates as my worst game of 2006, I literally despise this game. I had such high hopes for it too I have always been a massive Sonic fan since Sonic 1 on the megadrive in 1991.
I've stuck with Sonic through the hard time during the Saturn years too and I loved Sonic adventure 1+2 on the dreamcast but after getting this game for Christmas I wanted Santa to take it back! This game is just terrible and pretty much unplayable most of the time due to random deaths or falling through floors or walls and the game also boasts one of the worst cameras iv ever experienced it simply refuses to give you a clear view of what you are doing and insists on getting lodged on scenery and spinning out of control at the worst possible times.
The level design is just hell to deal with as well with no clear instructions on where to go or what to do. I have given up on this game completely as its just to broken to even get any enjoyment out of it.
Because of this game I am no longer a Sonic fan and will definitely be thinking twice about buying the next Sonic game.

That’s it for my best and worst of 2006. Hope it was an interesting read.
Here is a small list of the almost but not quite for my top 5 games:-
Tony Hawks Project 8 (Xbox 360)
Saints Row (Xbox 360)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (Ps2)
Tomb Raider Legends (Xbox 360)
Loco Roco (PSP)
The Sims 2 Pets (PC)

Have a great new year!

Just as promised The Sims 2 skins downloads!



Music: From First to Last "Heroine"                    Mood: Festive

So been awhile since my last post and alots changed since. Im now an official officer of the Tomb Raider union, gone up afew levels still havent drawn any new pictures but iv'e brought loads of new games which are:

Dead Rising                                                           (Xbox 360)
Saints Row                                                            (Xbox 360)
Kingdom Hearts 2                                                           (PS2)
Canis Canem Edit Aka Bully                                           (PS2)
Disgaea 2 Cursed memories                                            (PS2)
The Sims 2 Pets                                                                (PC)
Tomb Raider AOD                                                           (PC)

Novembers a great months for games this year I have already put a Pre order down for Tony Hawks Project 8 and im waiting to buy Sonic the hedgehog, Viva Pinata nd Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 all for the Xbox 360.

Had a fun Halloween I dressed up as a zombie and so did Amy my girlfriend. We both took pics of eachother too.
Probably won't put up a new blog post until Christmas so to keep you guys happy!
Just as I promised in my last blog here are afew of the Sims 2 skins iv'e made myself. I only put up 5 for the time being but will upload more as time goes on.
These skins will work on any version of the Sims 2 and they are very small files as they only contain the skins and use the polygon meshes that are already in the game.
I have uploaded the files onto a free upload site which you do not need to register for so all you need to do is click on the link below the pictures and save the file into:

my documents > EA games > The sims 2 > Downloads

And there you go it should now show up in you're create a sim wardobe. Any problems feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help you out.

Just the gloves and top combo.

Whole bikini set as featured in Tomb Raider Legends.

Brown 3/4 jeans with studded belt & slip-ons.

Lace body outfit goes great with the brown jeans.

Basic mens black ribbed t-shirt.

Figure collection and 3 new games.


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Just recently picked up some new figures and games.
Figures I just got are Ryu Hayabusa and Racheal from Ninja Gaiden, There great figures so I uploaded afew pics of them for you guys to look at along with a new pic of my room cause Iv now got new furniture for them to go on :D

Also brought some new games too which are:

Dreamfall the longest journey (xbox)                                            
Red Ninja End of honor (xbox) which I found on ebay sealed for £2 
Prey (xbox 360)                                                                         

Iv not been gaming much over the past couple of weeks so I havent been very active on here recently. All iv been doing is just making and modding skins for The Sims 2.
Iv made some great items for it so in my next blog ill post up some pics of them.
Im also working on afew pieces of art so when there done ill post those up aswell...My art is going through a ninja phase at the moment.
Also my VCL artist page has now hit over 1 million views! so im pretty happy about that one of my pictures alone has around 8000 views. Which is odd as I never thought my art was that good anyways.

Looking forward to the rest of the year theres some great games I cant wait to get hold of which are Tony Hawks Project 8, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dead or alive Xtreme 2, Forza Motorsport 2.
Christmas is looking awesome this year! I just hope I have the money to buy the things I want.

Picture of me and my girlfriend.

Not much to say at the moment.
I just turned 23 on the 19th july and have been spending more time doing other things than playing games and posting on the GS forums.
I brought some new furniture for my room for all my game collections and figure collections.
Amy brought me a 1/6th Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden figure to go with my Ayane one (pic in first blog) looks awesome ill put a pic up in my next blog along with pics of my new gaming furniture setup cause I know all you lot are nosey and like seeing what everyone games on and just how disgusting our houses look.
Anyway until next time, im of going to put some time in on Prey for the 360...great game but far to easy.
Btw got some pictures of Lara Croft Iv drawn myself so ill put them up soon for you guys to see and comment/crit on.