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Infinitely Mind Boggling

Late last night I woke up and started bawling my eyes out.  Now as a thirty year old male, this is not easy for me to admit.


Like most gamers, I've played and beaten Bioshock Infinite within days of It's release.  I only just the other day began my second playthrough.  Anyone who knows me will attest that I cannot praise this game enough.  Everything about the game is so well crafted and honed to a razor edge and all the important pieces of the game fit together and complement each other in a way few games manage.  It also will forever make me associate the song God Only Knows by the Beach Boys (part of the games soundtrack) in a profound way that few who have beaten the game will understand.


What does this have to do with me crying like a small child in the middle of the night you ask?  I'm getting to that, patience is a virtue ya know.


I didn't wake up crying, it wasn't a bad dream or nightmare.  I wasn't sad or even mildly unhappy.  I just randomly woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep.  I started contemplating some of the overlaying themes of Bioshock Infinite.  The idea that even the most seemingly irrelevant choices, the most mundane decisions we make from day to day, things that on the surface don't appear to have any correlation to one another, that they effect and ultimately change the path our lives take forever.


Then I started applying this concept to my own life.  I had trouble wrapping my mind around it at first, then I looked over at the other side of the bed at my girlfriend, and I understood.  That's when I burst into tears.  We have only been together about a year, but in that short time she has changed the path my life has taken in so many important ways that I cannot wrap my mind around what my life would be like today if we had never met.  I thought of all the seemingly random chain of events and decisions that made it possible to have ever met her.


This is my thanks to Ken Levin and Irrational Games.  You have created a piece of media entertainment and art that has made me think deep about the nature of life, choice, and what it means to have both.  I honestly can't recall any other movie, video game, book, or piece of music that has ever done that to me in such a profound way.


Most importantly, I want to thank my girlfriend Nikki.  I love you, and well....god only knows what I'd be without you....