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Sequal to "AXED" the Zombie nightmare film

Well it's time again for me to done the Evil Dead gear and my trusty "Kelly" brand axe and suit up for the sequal to the bloodiest film in the last decade. Yes AXED is back.

Some of you may know that i'm an actor down in Australia and 2 years ago i scored the lead in the most disturbing Zombie epic ever filmed down here -Axed ( originally named "Doomsday"). Well they've decided to make a sequal, only this is a prequel and sequal all in one, confused? so am i.

This means early morning call times, usually 4am only to rock up to set and have a bucket of blood, entrails and dirt poured over you, which is really fun in the middle of winter :cry: Then to spend around 12 hours running for your life while slaughtering the never ending undead. Many injuries happened last time - the 10 pound axe fell on my head splitting me open and another day i ran head on into a tree because my face was covered in blood and i couldn't see a thing. Shooting begins mid march so wish me luck.

The original trailer is linked below but be warned, it's not for the squeemish.

Interview with the director with some pretty wild pics.

AXED the movie 3AXED the movie 3AXED the movie 3

Quick Tekken artwork

Mishima family portrait

I just got sick of looking at my old blog so i decided to do some quick art of a true dysfunctional Family in honour of Tekken 6.

Kazuya, Jin & Heihachi.

Point reduction again!

GS just knocked me down a whole level because i told some troll to "stop breathing and using up valuable air that others need". Basically this moron was flaming Australia on a message board soi naturally i lept to the defence of the country i love.


Back down to 23 & 1/2. I don't know about you guys but GS is so hit and miss with their moderating it can be annoying sometimes.

End rant.

Mass Effect Dinner !!

Tough Choices

Well This month i have organised to meet with none other than the Evil one himself Mr Chris Priestly from BioWare totalk about MASS EFFECT. He's flying into Sydney to do a M.E. junket and then on to Sunny Queensland and will arrive in Brisbane on the 19th of october. For those interested in Bioware games, Mass Effect or any other bit of Bioware gossip come and join us Friday night for dinner ( you'll have to pay for yourself) and some Q & A from one of the developers and community Co-ordinators themselves.

One off event and i'd like to thank Chris for taking the time to leave his family and meet fans for some serious eating, laughing and insider scoop on the game of the year!

The weird things that are Tekken

Anything for a buck, well that seems to be the story here as Companies scramble in a bid to turn someone's favorite game into a disposable commoditity. This sort of thing happens almost daily now but we as a society have allowed our greed and want of all things useless to consume us until you no longer realise why it is you just bought the thing you did.

When my parents we're young money was tight and you bought only what you needed. These days money seems to be as disposable as the crap we buy yet we wonder why we never have any. If everyone took a second to ask themselves if they truly need what it is they're about to buy they would probably keep their cash and be better off for it. But without further delay here's some of the weird things that are TEKKEN.

TekkenTekken 5Tekken 3Tekken 2

Tekken 3The phone cardTekken 2Keychains

Road Rage up 70% ? !!

Ok so some people speed, some people drive well under the speed limit and some are just morons. Latest figures released in Oz suggest that road rage is up by 70% from last year. Myself i've noticed a huge decline in people obeying simple rules that make it safe for everyone. Example, within the last year people are either getting lazier or dumber becausemore and morepeeps aren't using their indicator... something that helps people know what you're doing on the road. Driving isn't hard, but it'sbecoming moredifficult withmongs who have no concern for anyone else driving.


1) I drive like my grandpa, safe, slow and all alone on the road

2) Indicate? I own the road, everyone else is in my way

3) I drive well under the speed limit, safety is the key 4 me

4) Speed? Hell yeh, only the cops can keep up

5) i like to accelerate as slow as possible off the lights, it's fun to annoy people

6) Car?! my mom drives me.

7) I do what needs to be done, i'm no saint but i'm not a moron either

Dragonball Update

Well to get into the spirit of the whole Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 being released in November i thought that i'd start sharing some images i have for you, these will be periodically updated with fresh images weekly so stay tuned. If you want a crap load sent to your door just PM me. Later dudes.

Bulma & Roshi

Muppets... Hang on, What ?!

This blog is brought to you be the letter M.... and the number 4. Actually i've been wearing a beanie to the gym as it's been cold here of late andone of my mates has started calling me slim shady becaus of it. I mean why not? He's retaliating for us calling him eggs as he's bald but no matter. He sent me a pic of Eminem in an email so i made some changes and sent it back saying that "now it represents me more". I'll admit it's pretty bodgy but made us laugh so i did a few more. If anyone wants to make some let me know.

Muppet interactive 5Muppet interactive 5Muppet interactive 5Muppet interactive 5Muppet interactive 5Muppet interactive 5Muppet interactive 3Muppet interactive

And here's a couple others that are floating on the net already.

Muppet interactive 2Muppet interactive 4

Saiyuuki: Kinkaku, Ginkaku no Inbou

Yes, it's finally happened. For all you old timers out there i've played the DS game based on a classic tv show called "Monkey Magic" or "Monkey". Many days after school when i was youngi'd grab a broom handle and swing it around smashing imaginary bad guys on my quest to recover the sacred scrolls from india as the invicible Monkey king.


Monkey 2 Monkey 4

Monkey 4Monkey 4Monkey 4

All in all, not a bad light hearted game, more a kin to the mario of old. I can't read japanese so i've no idea what the characters are saying but if you already know the story well like me, that's not really a concern. It's enjoyable but unless you're a fan, i'd say rent it first.

Intro to my Cyberpunk Thriller

Ok, so last week i said i'd have a little surprise for you, well i've taken a break from acting at the moment ( there' simply not that many good stories around that interest me) the last offer i had was to play the leader of a buch of canibals stuck out in a small town, see...being an actor in Australia sucks big time.

So i've been smashing the keyboard the last few weeks and this week I'm posting the intro to my thriller Novel based on the Cyberpunk genre. I'm still writting the first draft so i've got about another couple of months writting ahead of me but from what i've shown to a few people they seem rather interested in it so fingers crossed. Without further adu here's the intro :-

Hcaep slipped on the wet pavement, bullets whizzing past his head missing by a few millimetres and impacting with the buildings veneer . The shards of brick and concrete sprayed out in all directions in a symphony of debris. Pieces of the structure tore through the side of his face and down his arm, shredding it like a cheese grater while his blood and rock mixed with the falling rain. The ruddy water running into the gutter and disappearing into the sewer grate nearby. Letting out an all mighty roar he clenched the strips of dangling flesh that once made up his cheek. Crawling around the corner, the cold night air felt like white hot flames filling his lungs. Exhausted and tired he looked down, the earlier bullet wound to his leg had cauterized but somewhere inside blood continued to pump, beneath his three quarter flyer pants his leg was swollen and now had a purple hue too it. The Microfilament body armour he wore had shielded him from the initial onslaught and gave him enough time to react before the second wave had hit his leg.

"****, I just wanted to make a few extra creds" tears maturing in his eyes, this night was turning out a lot different than he had planned.
"Give it up Hcaep, we only want the data block back, give it up and you can still walk away. "the voice getting closer.
"Walk away! You******** shot me in the leg!"
"You stole Mr Trevors research, what did you expect" Said another voice circling around
breathing hard the tears rolled down his face and became one with the rain, Hcaep looked down at the stolen data block in his hand, this small storage device was going to be the death of him. The zing of an occasional bullet flew past, metres beside him. Charged by the Humanish Society to steal the data block he was going to sell it to the highest bidder, if the society wanted it that bad, they would have to up their price for the small gold coloured device. His greed was going to cost him and it was a mistake he learnt too late.
From the side alley a Jument merc approached in silence, the rain covering her heavy footsteps.
"Come on Hcaep, throw the device out and we'll let you go", the voices now coming from the other side of the street. How many were there? How many agents had the WFO sent? How important was the info on this data block? Hcaep's mind racing, trying to figure a way out of the nightmare, he edged closer to the crumbling buildings corner and darted a look as the occasional bullet raced by. Four dark figures were moving up, partially concealed by the downpour. The Jument merc had gone around from the back while the others kept him occupied and was now watching him from the side ally, drawing her gun she trained her dodger SII firearm on the back of his neck. Her fat calloused finger squeezed the trigger, the click of the round chambering alerted Hcaep of his impending death from behind. The zip of the weapon discharged and he cried out accepting his fate. Silence.
He opened his eyes, looking down at his torso in shock, searching for the leaking plasma, or guts but found nothing. The momentary joy of being alive gave way as he swung around to were his killer should have been.
Standing over the dead Jument was a short bald cyber agent his weapon aimed on the Jument body.

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